May 6, 2021
7 Tips For Looking Great Without Makeup

7 Tips For Looking Great Without Makeup

7 Tips For Looking Great Without Makeup

7 Tips For Looking Great Without Makeup

Who doesn’t want to look ugly, everyone wants to look beautiful and handsome now –a-days. Good fair looking doesn’t come only with makeup. You can look more beautiful without using any make up. Make up and its products make our skin dry and if it is not suitable to our body, it may give rashes that destroy our skin texture. Make up in front of the mirror is a time consuming and have spent a lot of money on beautiful parlors and products. You will look more beautiful, having a good skin texture even without applying mascara, eye shadow, foundation. Here, I am providing you essential tips to look more beautiful without using any make up. Follow the tips which I am providing you below and get attractive result in your face.

1. Clean your face Day and Night.

Clean your face Day and Night.

Cleaning your face daily is essential in order to remove dust particles on your face. Wash your face in morning and in evening must and should. If, you still have patience whenever you will feel your face is oily clean your face with plain water. Avoid soap for washing your face. Soap makes your skin dry. If you want use face wash which is having mild in nature. Whenever you will come from outside, try to wash your wash immediately in order to remove tan. This makes your skin more radiant by following these tips.

2. Use Natural cleanser

In order to open skin pores cleanser is the best for acting on skin. Cleanser makes your skin glow and smooth. But, using harsh cleanser makes your skin rough and dry. Milk acts as a natural cleanser. Apply milk on your face which acts as a best cleanser that removes tan from your face. Mix milk with any of other product like turmeric or honey for getting good results.

3. Apply Moisturizer

Apply Moisturizer

Moisturizer plays a vital role in order to make skin smooth. Apply moisturizer regularly after doing cleansing as, cleanser removes tan and moisturizer makes your skin smooth and to live as long lasting. Select a moisturizer that is having ph 7 and SPF 30 to protect your skin from dryness and sun rays. When you will go outside use moisturizer having SPF 30 protects you from x-rays.

4. Replace Vaseline instead of mascara

Generally we will use mascara to make our eyelids stiff and for glowing. It is hard to listen and follow using Vaseline instead of mascara for your eyelids. Sometimes mascara spread and it will take time washing your face. Totally your make up will disturb. In hurry times it is impossible to best looking without mascara. Instead of these types of problems once try Vaseline. Apply Vaseline on your lids to make it stiff and glow.

5. Use coconut oil instead of lip balm

Coconut oil is a natural product and we can use it in so many ways. Lips generally dry without applying any balms but all people use only outside lip balms. Use coconut oil instead of lip balm. Coconut oil makes your lips smooth and healthy. Coconut oil also acts as a healing agent in order to get rid from cracks on your lips.

6. Don’t pluck your eyebrows too much

Don’t pluck your eyebrows too much instead of use turmeric which applying on your face shape your eyebrows with turmeric paste a little. Don’t add too much on your eyebrow. Just give a shape so that you will lose your hair which is extra grown under your eyebrow.

7. Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Our food habits play a vital role in getting clear and effective skin texture. Avoid oil food items and instead of that try to eat fruits which are available in seasonal. Fruits make your skin glow and add moisture to your face.


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