May 13, 2021

8 Ultimate Tips for Flat Belly Fast

8 Ultimate Tips for Flat Belly Fast

We know that having a perfect flat belly is not so easy and maintaining that is not either. Lot of things should be done to have flat belly like maintaining on diet, exercising, changes in the regular life style etc. The most important point to be noted and remembered is that it has to be maintained that has been gained after a lot of struggle. Let us see some of the tips that can ultimately keep it on forever and some of workouts that will ultimately make it possible. Abs are the best way to make your belly look flat. If you really wish to have such a gorgeous shape of your body, better to select Washboard abs. Nutrition plays a vital role in this and make sure that this will not ruin all your strain.

 Fat Burners

This is the exercise that starts with fat burners. Use a heavy weight that you can manage and move straight forward in a circuit style. Once a set of exercise is completed take a break for 30-45 seconds and then start up once again. Now we go on to the belly toners. Beginners better not to do much and as the day increases, you can increase the count of exercising. It also consists of several exercises within it. They are

  • Press-up burpee: Crouch down to the floor so that you can place your hands on floor by your feet. Move your feet back so that you can bring your body into plank position. Bend your arm to lower your chest keeping your body straight. Move your feet to the crouching position. Jump up as high as you can.

Press-up burpee for Flat Belly

  • Kettlebell jump: Take a kettlebell and keep it in front of you on the floor and bend near hips and knees to hold that bell. Now jump high, extending body and softly land up bending knees and hips.

Kettlebell jump for Flat Belly

  • Squat and press: Hold a dumbbell by each shoulder and then bend your knees and hips to lower bottom. Extend to the beginning and press dumbbells. Repeat it slowly.

Squat and press For Flat Belly

  • Dead lift: Bend your legs by pushing your hips back and hold a barbell on the floor. Extend your legs and hips lower and lower and try to repeat it.

Dead lift For Belly Fat



Belly toners will be

  • Reverse crunch leg raise: Lie down on the floor in a supine position and raise your legs towards ceiling straight forward and place your hand by your side. Now slowly raise your waist away from the floor. Slowly lower your legs to ground level.

•	Reverse crunch leg raise for flat Belly Fat

  • Stability ball knee tuck: Keep your feet on a stability ball and keep your hand in a plank position. Roll the ball on your hands, using your legs. Move your legs to the starting position and repeat the same.

Stability ball knee tuck for Belly Fat

  • Side plank with rotation: Resting on the forearm, extend the other arm to the ceiling and stretched your feet on either sides of the body. By rotating your body, extend the arm and try to reach the gap between your side and the floor. Rotate back to the beginning position and repeat once again.

Side plank with rotation for Flat Belly

  • Stability ball crunch: Placing your back on stability ball and holding feet flat on the floor and hands by your temples.       Raise your back up as far as possible, without raising your hips. Repeat once again coming to the resting position.

Stability ball crunch for Belly fat

These abs exercises will surely work out to make your belly flat. But don’t be hurry and it is better to do all of these in guidance. To get more toning with classic crunches better to use a stability ball. This will really help 40% of the topmost abdominal regions and 47% of side abs. Then other moves that could help in targeting the deeper layers of fat will help in reducing the innermost belly fat.


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