May 13, 2021
90 Days Weight Loss Challenge

90 Days Weight Loss Challenge

90 Days Weight Loss Challenge

90 Days Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lifting” have you ever gave a thought to it? If not, it’s not too late, just give it a try. There are numerous ways to lose weight.  You can lose weight through gym, diet, cardio, walking etc. But it’s time to wrap them all up in a bundle and keep aside. Because, it’s time for us to change our fitness mantra. Our new fitness mantra is weight lifting. If you want to have a great body with attractive looks you have to follow the weight training regime that we are going to suggest you. You can call it as a resistance training which helps in improving the strength of our muscles, helps in toning them and also provides long-term health benefits. You can subsume it into your daily fitness routine.

Weight training program will help you increase the metabolism rate and also helps in burning the calories throughout the day. Weight lifting helps in the release of epinephrine into the blood stream, which improves metabolism. 1 kg of muscle can burn 50 to 100 calories a day at rest. Our habit of sitting continuously for ages dragged us into the unhealthy roads. Inactivity and aging lead to the decrease in bone density which can be compensated by regular strength training. Muscles are directly proportional to metabolism.  Metabolism decreases with the loss in muscles. So, our aim is to perform perfect muscle strengthening exercises with dumbbells, tubing, stability ball, medicine ball, weighted arm and leg straps. We have to perform best muscle strengthening exercises that they should improve our muscle power to their best.

Strength Training Tips:

  1. If you are a BP patient, make sure to consult a physician before starting weight training.
  2. Before starting your exercise routine make certain to warm-up your body with cardio session.
  3. You can perform strength training 2-3 times a week to mark various muscle groups.
  4. You should not perform the same strengthening exercise on same muscle two days continuously because muscle develop microscopic tears and it need 48 hours time to rebuild itself.
  5. Lift the weights slowly and steadily.
  6. Don’t hold your breath while lifting weights. It is dangerous to do so.
  7. Contract our abs throughout the exercise to protect your lower back.
  8. Don’t do the weight training in a hurry. Make sure you do it slowly and smoothly.
  9. Don’t lock your knees or elbows while lifting weights.
  10. You should not perform all types of routine for different muscles on the same day. Perform 1-3 sets with 10-12 repetitions.
  11. Muscles work in pair to avoid asymmetrical muscular formation.
  12. Perform same number of repetitions on both sides.
  13. Stretch out your muscles after the muscular activity to reduce muscular soreness.

Strength Training Exercises:

1. Bicep Curls

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart, keep your knees soft.
  • Hold weights or water bottles in hands with palms facing out, elbow slightly bent.
  • Let your abs contract
  • Holding the weights start moving elbows up and down. Bring the weights towards the shoulders (make sure they won’t touch your shoulders).  Only your elbow has to move for this routine.
  • Slowly take the weights away from your shoulders
  • Don’t bring your elbow near your waist. Keep it aside.

2. Bicep Stretch

  • Lean your arm against the wall, you palm should face the wall.
  • Slowly turn your body away from it, keeping the arm in contact with the wall, hold for 20/30 seconds and repeat on other side.

3. Triceps Extension:

  • Rest on a mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground.
  • Hold weights with your hands with your arms straight up and shoulder width apart.
  • Palms should face each other.
  • Bring the weights down by slowly bending your elbows at 90 degrees and return to start position.
  • Repeat if for 10-12 times.

4. Triceps Stretch:

  • Stand straight and place your arm behind your head and try to bend it behind such that it reaches the spine.
  • Use your other hand to slowly push down on the elbow joint, and pull it to the opposite side for a deeper stretch.
  • Stay in that position for at least 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the same routine on the other side.

Continue to do these exercise routines for 4-6 weeks and start adding some other type of workouts to your to-do list.


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