May 13, 2021
Nail Art

Amazing Hand Painted Nail Art Tutorials

Amazing Hand Painted Nail Art Tutorials

Nail Art

Nail art is an art of decorating nails with nail paints. Nail arts can be done by professionals as well as non-professionals. Non-professionals can make a professional nail art with nail paints just by following simple tips. Today, we are here with amazing hand painted nail art tutorials. All you need to do is to follow us blindly. We will guide you as guiding stars to attain professional skills in this art of work. As we all know, every work has to be done in a proper way. Likewise, even nail art has a process and procedure to follow only through which you can paint a professional art on your nails. Anyway, let’s get into the action. We will ensure you to provide a creative license in this art work of nails.

Things Required:

  • Basecoat
  • White nail paint
  • Any dark color nail paint of your choice
  • Another color which is a contrast to the color you choose earlier
  • A silver or gold nail paint for highlighting
  • Acrylic paints in different colors of your choice.
  • A glitter nail paint
  • Nail color nail paint

Step 1:

Base coat can be compared to the basement of a house. If the basement is laid strongly then we need not worry about the house constructed on it. In the same way, if the base coat is perfect then we need not worry about the remaining part. So, make sure to base coat your nails perfectly.

Step 2:

After the base coast has dried, start painting your nails with white nail paint.

Step 3:

Let the white nail paint dry, and now paint your nail with any dark color nail paint you choose.  Let it be red.  Paint the red color nail paint on your nails twice.  It is painted twice because it looks more attractive than the single coat.  Maintain at least 5 min gap between the two coats.

Step 4:

Take another contrast color of your choice.  Here I prefer black color nail paint as it is the best contrast color of red.  Take a nail paint tool or toothpick to draw the design.  Choose your own design to paint.  Here I choose to draw a triangle in reverse direction.  Draw it neatly without hurry.  It is a bit easy for free hand painters.  But don’t you worry you are professional in your own way.  Keep your full attention on it while drawing. It is more than enough to become a nail art professional.

Step 5:

Let the above coat on the nail dry perfectly.  Now, take a silver or gold color nail paint for highlighting the border of the triangle and the shape of the nail.  Make sure to use a thin material while drawing the outline of the art so that it won’t spread out of the line.

Step 6:

Now take the acrylic paint of another contrast color.  Take a think nail art brush and dip it in the nail paint slightly.  Draw little bubbles and branches like structures on the empty spaces of the nail and inside the triangle.

Step 7:

Glittering is optional.  It depends on the design you choose to make on your nail.  If you want it to be more shining add some glitter to the nail art you have done.

Step 8:

Finally, use the nail color to nail paint on the design you have made.  It will make the entire nail art attractive as it give shine to the nails.

That’s it.  You are a nail art professional now.  Don’t forget to try more designs on your nails.  Hope you enjoyed our company in this tutorial of nail art.  Please feel free to comment in our comment section below.


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