June 14, 2021
Zebra Nail Art

Amazing Zebra Nail Art Tutorials

Zebra Nail Art Tutorials

Animal print nail art looks really cool and fabulous! If you want to sport a trendy nail art without much effort, then you can go for these exciting prints. You don’t have to be a nail art expert to create some animal patterns on your nails. Zebra, leopard or cheetah patterns are really easy to create. Today, I will show you two easy-to-do zebra pattern nail arts which you can try at home. The first one is for girls who want a full zebra pattern and the second for those who like designer French tips. Now, let’s see how we can create these nail arts. Follow the step by step tutorial below to create these wonderful nail art designs.

Zebra Nail Art Tutorials

1. Red Metallic Zebra Nails:

This specific nail art will cover your entire nail with a chosen base color. You can use any base color of your choice. You can also alternate the base color and the fore color used for drawing the zebra pattern. You can wear this for parties and other social dos.

Things Required:

Base coat (optional)
Skin colored nail polish
Red nail polish
A metallic magenta nail polish
A thin nail art brush
White striper or white acrylic color
A transparent top coat

Step 1:

Zebra Nail Art

Use a base coat because it will protect your nails from harmful effects of an acrylic paint. Base coat provides protection if your nails are prone to chipping or breaking. After it dries up, use one layer of skin colored nail polish. This will make the base more opaque and provide more strength to the nails.

Step 2:

Zebra Nail Art

Use the 2 nail polishes on alternate finger nails. Let it dry and apply another coat if required.

Step 3:

Zebra Nail Art

Take your nail art brush and white acrylic color. There are two methods of drawing a zebra pattern. A more easy way is to draw tree branch style ‘Y’ patterns coming from both sides or extending diagonally. This is another method where we are following a specific pattern to draw up the zebra design. For all the nails, we will follow the similar pattern technique. Follow the design shown below starting from the tip of your nails.

Step 4:

Zebra Nail Art

Draw up more curved lines in the manner I have drawn. Refer to the picture below. Cover up the whole of nail with the zebra pattern.

Step 5:

Zebra Nail Art

Similarly, cover up all the rest of the nails with the similar zebra pattern. Now, let your acrylic paint dry completely.

Step 6:

Zebra Nail Art

Follow up with a layer or two of a good transparent top coat to seal in this beautiful design. You can also use a matte top coat. In that case, this will not look so metallic in appearance but you will get a different look to the nails. This is how your design should look like when complete.


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