May 6, 2021
Apple iOS 8 vs Google Android 5.0 Lollipop

Apple iOS 8 vs Google Android 5.0 Lollipop: A Quick Review

Apple iOS 8 vs Google Android 5.0 Lollipop: A Quick Review

Apple iOS 8 vs Google Android 5.0 Lollipop

The Apple iOS 8 versus Google Android 5.0 Lollipop war has been boiling over for as far back as we can recall. Both the OS’ have their own remarkable arrangement of rings and ringers and have ended up being more than dependable throughout the years.

Apple dispatched a modified and changed iOS 8 last year in September. This redesign is the 8th significant upgrade to be discharged in iOS’s eight year history and expands upon the real outline changes embraced in iOS 7. Detracting iOS further from skeuomorphism, iOS 8 conveyed some great changes to the way the framework meets expectations.

Apple has dependably been known for its plans. The organization had an awesome visionary in Steve Occupations and an incredible fashioner in Jony Ive. The primary iPhone changed how the world saw cell phones and turned the business on its head. Nokia, then the business pioneer and by a tremendous edge, did not see this nearing and paid the cost by offering its gadgets and administrations business to Microsoft for pennies (not actually).

Google’s Android, then again, had so far been on a 6-month hyper quick discharge plan. Google continued conveying a really real upgrade to Android at regular intervals. That is, until Android 5.0 Lollipop. Google discharged the last significant upgrade, KitKat, more than a year back in October 2013. Lollipop took more than a year, however it was the greatest redesign to Android since its dispatch in 2008. It not just changed the whole client interface of Android, however Google additionally changed how Android functioned.

With that brief history of iOS and Android off the beaten path, let us get down to contrasting the two noteworthy cell phone working frameworks. We will separate the correlation in diverse segments.


One of the greatest differentiators between the two working frameworks, configuration has been an enormous center for Apple since its commencement. Google, then again, has been embraced a gigantic change in its outline endeavours by selecting Matias Duarte. This rewards for all the hard work might not have been genuinely unmistakable some time recently, but rather that progressions with Lollipop.

Thus, we have Apple’s Ive on one hand and Google’s Duarte on the other. While the previous inclines toward level plan, the recent favours layered configuration. While the greater part of the level outline work was embraced by Ive and Co. in 2013 with iOS 7, Lollipop is really Duarte’s first real update. With iOS 8, Apple is on the second form of its new outline course. Lollipop is the first form of Google’s new Material Configuration bearing.

Apple has enhanced iconography and signals bolster in iOS 8, adjusting for the missing route catches in a vastly improved manner than anytime recently. Swipe from the left edge to come back to the past screen or twofold tap the single Home fasten to bring a review.

Google’s Material Outline is significantly more than a minor new layer of paint, in any case. The rationality of Duarte and Google with Material Configuration is to enhance the client encounter by acquiring level outline, as well as making clients see precisely what is occurring with the assistance of livelinesss and more profundity in client interface components.


Android is an amazingly include rich working framework, regardless of the possibility that you consider the barebones type of stock Android. iOS 8, then again, expected to get up to speed to Google and Apple has attempted to do as much as it could without overpowering its clients.

Apple extended iOS 8’s highlight equality with the presentation of backing for outsider console applications, significant and attentive warnings, gadgets bolster in the Notice Center and an enhanced, extended imparting backing for applications. While these ranges see Apple getting up to speed to Google, though in its own particular manner, Apple has additionally sprinted route in front of Google with Apple Pay and its open source HealthKit.

Google has attempted a refinement of the current highlights in Android. You will locate another lockscreen, an enhanced Late Applications perspective and a superior, simpler to get to Snappy Settings board in stock Android 5.0 Candy, all loaded with movements.

Google likewise included a Don’t Bother sound mode, support for various clients and a visitor client mode. As far as security, iOS has TouchID while Google has Trusted Face, Place and Voice capacities.

iOS 8 and Android 5.0 Candy demonstrate that both Apple and Google are attempted a huge change in their cell phone working frameworks. Apple demonstrated the valor to dump its old configuration dialect for another one, and with iOS 8, the organization is not as disinclined to including new, mainstream highlights as it was some time recently. Google, then again, had numerous highlights as of now however a configuration dialect that was dull and getting stale. Candy demonstrates that the organization is not against going out on a limb to get more cheer and shading to its portable OS.

My most loved OS for the minute is Android Candy, not only in light of the fact that I’ve been a Nexus client for quite a while, but since Material Configuration is really all the more fascinating to me at this time. What’s your top choice?


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