May 12, 2021
Beautiful Eye Makeup Ideas

Beautiful Eye Makeup Ideas

Beautiful Eye Makeup Ideas

Signature smoky eyes couldn’t be more stunning, but sometimes you don’t want such a severe look. That’s when it’s time to switch it up for a more bronzed bombshell vibe. Our Makeup artist tells Cosmo just how to get this gorgeous face

Beautiful Eye Makeup Ideas

Step by step Tutorials:

Step 1:

Lay out the look. “Use three cream shadows or liners to map out and lay the groundwork for the look, regarding the shades you want to use,” Cosenza says. “Apply the darkest over your entire eyelid, the medium-colored one in the crease, and the lightest shade along your brow bone.” The model used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in “Black Bean, Gold, and Cashmere.”

Step 2:

Buff the shades. “Blend the cream shadows using a fluffy brush until they’re fully diffused where each meet, giving your makeup that gorgeous gradated effect,” she says.
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Step 3:

Guard your skin and layer on some eyeshadow. Use an eyeshadow guard, holding it directly underneath your lower lashline, to catch any powder eyeshadow particles that might fall onto your skin as you layer similar shades over each cream shadow or liner. The shadows used here were E.L.F. Cosmetics Mascara & Shadow Shield and MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow in “Carbon,” “Smut,” and “Bronze.” If you don’t have a shadow shield handy, you can always use a tissue in its place — this will prevent you from having to do your foundation over again.

Step 4:

Blend the powder eyeshadows. With the same eye brush that you used in step two, blend the powder shadows to eliminate any harsh lines.

Step 5:

Accentuate your lower lashline. “Swipe a contour brush over each eyeshadow that you used in step three, and then run the mixed colors under your lower lashline to create a smudged look for a sooty and sultry effect,” Cosenza says.

Step 6:

Trace your upper lashline and inner rim with black liner. For added definition, use L’Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Pro Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in “Black,” like the model did here.

Step 7:

Line the inner lower rim of your lashes to create an even more dramatic look.

Step 8:

Coat your upper and lower lashes with mascara. Try Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara.


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