May 13, 2021
Best Android Launcher 2015

Best Android Launcher 2015

Best Android Launcher 2015

Best Android Launcher 2015

Using an Android launcher is an incredible approach to customise  your Android experience without the need of rooting your gadget. Android launchers by and large change the look and feel of your Android gadget. You have the capacity to change graphics and animations, install custom gadgets or give the application drawer an entire new look. A percentage of the more up to date launchers like Aviate additionally go one step  ahead, changing the client interface in a way that your Android gadget looks and feels totally changed. These days we have launchers for telephones and tablets, as well as Android Wear gadgets like the Moto 360. Adaptability is an extraordinary focal point of Android over iOS: You can change the look and feel of your gadget utilizing custom ROMs, Android launchers and/or gadgets.

This article will provide for you an essential comprehension of Android launchers, how to introduce them and a choice of the best Android launchers available. It will likewise provide for you an understanding into committed Android Wear launchers. In the event that you would prefer not to peruse the entire article, don’t hesitate to explore using the brisk connections characteristic.

How Do Android Launchers Work?

Android launchers are, basically said, applications that you introduce on your Android gadget which speak to the client interface you’re collaborating with. When you get to the home screen of your telephone, tablet or wearable, Android uses an application to show the client interface. In the wake of introducing an Android launcher, the standard interface application is supplanted and the new one deals with showing your home screen and other UI components. This is likewise the motivation behind why Android launchers are at times called home substitution launchers. On the off chance that you have more than one launcher introduced, Android will typically ask you which one to utilize. Just select “Dependably” to define your new standard launcher.

Did you ever ask why Android looks changed on Samsung telephones contrasted with, for instance, HTC ones? It’s truly basic: Some producers preinstall their own launchers and altered renditions of Android on their gadgets. Introducing a custom ROM or utilizing an alternate launcher can give your gadget the (product) peculiarities and client interface that you need to have.

Contrast Between Android Launchers and Custom ROM

While you have to root your Android gadget for a custom ROM, home screen launchers can be introduced from Google Play, whatever other Android store or by using an APK record. Since numerous clients are apprehensive about breaking their telephone or tablet when establishing it, introducing an Android launcher can be an incredible first venture to customize your Android gadget.

Android launchers features:

  • Themes
  • Customized widgets
  • Gesture-controlled actions
  • Altering graphics and icons
  • various app drawer layout

Custom ROMs and parts regularly go above and beyond, including deeper framework changes, for example,

  • Enhanced pace, steadiness and battery life
  • Plausibility to introduce custom bits (which help under/overclocking)
  • Running avant-garde renditions of Android OS
  • An assortment of applications that oblige root access (like AdAway)

In the event that you need to, you can introduce a custom ROM and a custom launcher. To take in more about custom ROMs and Android attaching, make a point to look at our aide on Android establishing, custom ROMs and applications.

Best Android 4.0+ Launchers

Google Play offers an assortment of distinctive Android launchers, some of them offer really essential gimmicks while others like Themer totally change the look and feel of your Android gadget. Here’s a choice of the most mainstream Android launchers for gadgets running Android 4.0 or higher. These additionally apply to Android 6.0 Lollipop.

Google Experience Launcher (GEL)

Google Experience Launcher is the authority launcher that accompanies the Nexus 5 and intensely incorporates Google Now into the Android UI. It incorporates a clean and shortsighted client interface with Google Now being stand out swipe away. It backs Moto X-like voice charges which can be activated by saying “alright, Google”. Really cool! In case you’re running Android 4.1 or higher you essentially need to introduce the launcher APK and ought to be ready! On the off chance that the voice charges are not meeting expectations, you need to set the Google Search dialect to English (U.S.).

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is especially used by Android 4.0 or higher forms, which is particularly intended for execution driven home launcher for Android devices. It’s exceptionally like Android’s understood launcher yet offers various additional characteristics, known as ,  scroll effects, , themes, widget overlapping and placing widgets in your dock. The standard interpretation is available free of charge. The $4.00 premium adjustment incorporates, gestures, drawer groups and unread counts .

I use Nova Launcher Prime on my Nexus 4 for truly quite a while yet as of late changed to Aviate. For clients who need the fantastic Android experience, Nova Launcher Prime is the best custom launcher around – at any rate as I would see it. Strength, signals and warnings for unread messages or calls are certainly justified regardless of the little charge for the premium variant.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is the second enormous Android 4.0+ launcher accessible. Both Apex and Nova launcher offer an extraordinary experience and incorporate the same changes. Zenith Launcher offers customization gimmicks like having up to 9 homescreens, gestures and themes. The fundamental rendition aims to get free while the premium form is accessible on Google Play for $3.99. The paid variant includes a few things like the likelihood to show the quantity of unread messages, two-finger signals and covering gadgets.

Picking Apex or Nova launcher comes down to individual inclination. As I said above, they basically offer the same features . Since both home screen substitutions aim to get free in their fundamental adaptation I would propose to simply test them yourself.

Action Launcher

Much the same as alternate launchers said above, Action Launcher uses the Android 4.0+ UI yet is intended to get you to your objective “quicker”. The launcher accompanies a sliding quickdrawer that demonstrates all your applications and gadgets – one after another in order sorted. The other unique peculiarities are called “Covers” and “shutters”. With “covers”, you can “hide” an organizer behind an application, making it open by twofold tapping the symbol to demonstrate the envelope as opposed to beginning the application. The “shutters” gimmick will show the gadgets related to the application when rapidly swiping over the symbol. All things considered, Action Launcher looks very pleasant. Tragically you can’t test it for nothing in light of the fact that just a paid ace form is accessible for $3.99 on Google Play.


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