January 27, 2021

chevy vega hatchback

The Vega engine is a 140 CID (139.6 cu in) aluminum-block OHC inline-4.The Vega competed directly with its domestic rivals from Ford and AMC and imports from Toyota and Datsun as well as the rear-engined VW Beetle. Built to take it. A quick peek under the 1977 Vega Hatchback NHRA 8.50 certified. One complete GM Wankel engine exists. As problems with the vehicle became apparent, he put additional inspectors and workers on the line and introduced a computerized quality control program in which each car was inspected as it came off the line and, if necessary, repaired. [12], As production approached 100 vehicles per hour problems arose in the paint shop. "[39], Motor Trend said "Chevrolet chose the 349-mile Southwestern desert route in order to show the severely criticized engine and cooling system had been improved in the 1976 model. Clean title. [1] Variants included the Cosworth Vega, a short-lived limited-production performance model, introduced in the spring of 1975. Simplicity for easy maintenance. 1973 Chevrolet folder: back cover-Best Economy Sedan for '73-Vega. The overall ratio is 22.5:1 and the curb to curb turning circle is 33 feet. "The Vega was judged solid, warm and comfortable, with a good finish." The 196 CID and 231 CID V6 engines were optional. Extensive anti-rust improvements to the body included galvanized fenders and rocker panels. Translated into actual driving expenses, the three Vegas averaged a per-mile cost of 2.17 cents. To further that end, a "Do-It-Yourself" service manual was included with each new Vega. Production ended with the 1977 model year. Monza wagon models included, as standard, the 151 cu in I-4. Rust also damaged the rocker panels and door bottoms, the area beneath the windshield, and the body above the rockers. It has many other good qualities, but the road holding impressed and surprised me most of all. [27] Total sales fell to 206,239. At 85 units per hour, nearly all required repair. A GM design team was set up, headed by James G. Musser Jr., who had helped develop the Chevy II, the Camaro, the Chevrolet small-block V8 engines, and the Turbo-Hydramatic transmission. The block has cast iron main caps and a cast iron crankshaft. Supervised by the United States Auto Club, three pre-production 1976 hatchback coupes with manual transmissions and air conditioning were driven non-stop for 60,000 miles (97,000 km) in 60 days through the deserts of California and Nevada by nine drivers, covering a total of 180,000 miles (290,000 km). Conservative estimates had placed the cost of bringing the Vega from drawing board to production reality at a staggering $200 million (a billion in today's money) compared to about $5 million for the AMC Gremlin.Motor Trend awarded the Vega 1971 "Car of the Year" after a 4-day ride and drive that saw 10 of Detroit's finest put through a 1000 mile wringer. [56]Development and upgrades continued throughout the car's seven-year production run, addressing its engine and cost-related issues. A relatively large displacement engine with good low speed torque was chosen. A similar system secured the Cosworth engine EPA certificate in 1975. Derion pointed out, too, that a rust-prone gap existed between the front fenders and the cowl vent. 350ci, 350 auto. "[89] 1973–1977 Pontiac Astres used all Vega bodies (and Vega 140 CID I-4 engines through 1976). This 1972 Chevrolet Vega is an unusual choice for a restomod with an equally interesting drivetrain swap, a 3.8 liter V6 and 5-speed sourced from an ’02 Camaro. The Torque-Drive transmission was discontinued. With direction from Bill Mitchell, Haga's group took a clay model and redid the engineering version of the Vega, grafting a miniaturized Camaro front end and egg-crate grille and capped the rear of the sedan and hatchback models with recognizable Chevrolet tail lamps.The original approved clay model had small rectangular front parking lights below the bumper. 1970, s patina race car body cuts, arc welded, race car grade body and paint 6.5 out of 10. They'd harden, split, fall off, and oil would leak down past the valves and into the combustion chamber. Turbo Hydra-Matic three-speed automatic transmission and custom cloth interior were optional and a glove box was added. Junkyard Find: 1972 Chevrolet Vega hatchback coupe - The Truth … Chevy grafted a new Monza front end onto the previous Vega hatchback and wagon body-styles. A single-barrel carburetor version produces 90 hp. The cast-iron cylinder head was chosen for low cost. I-4 84 hp. "[87] Motor Trend said in its September 1999 50th Anniversary Issue: "The Vega seemed well placed to set the standard for subcompacts in the 70s, but it was troubled by one of the most vulnerable Achilles heels in modern automotive history; an alloy four-cylinder engine block that self-destructed all too easily, and all too often. Then, at best, the cars burned more oil. Plating the piston skirts was necessary to put a hard iron skirt surface opposite the silicon of the block to prevent scuffing. This is quite an automobile." Regardless of the cause, damaged cylinder walls were common. It concerned a perceived risk that a component in the emission-control system (idle stop solenoid bracket) might fall into the throttle linkage, jamming it open. Low weight to provide good vehicle weight distribution. The 2-speed Powerglide was discontinued, leaving the 3-speed Turbo-hydramatic as the sole automatic transmission offering. Despite the continuous development program and efforts to improve the car's image, Chevrolet cancelled the Vega and its aluminum engine at the end of the 1977 model year. A few details could be improved upon, but overall the car looks well built, and with nearly twice the power as a stock four-cylinder model, it should be quick too. Vega production at Lordstown was projected at 100 cars an hour from the beginning: one vehicle every 36 seconds. Starting in 1976, extensive anti-rust improvements on the Vega's body included galvanized steel fenders and rocker panels and "four layer" fender protection with zinc coated and primed inner fenders and wheelwell protective mastic, zinc-rich pre-prime coating on inner doors, expandable sealer installed between rear quarter panel and wheel housing panel, and corrosion resistant header panel, grill and headlamp housings. and when certain accessory and trim groups were ordered there was still more noise insulation. The rebadged hatchback had the new Monza front end header panel and grill with Chevy bowtie emblem, steel front and rear bumpers replaced the Vega's aluminum bumpers. The Monza Estate, like the Vega Estate wagon it replaced, features wood grain sides and rear trim with outline moldings and the custom interior. Opel did just that, and tooled up a new 3-speed from scratch just for the Vega application, unusual only because it had shift linkages on both sides. Engineering out the four-cylinder's block liners would save $8 — a substantial amount of money at the time. "1976-'77 Dura-built engines had redesigned seals that reduced oil consumption by fifty percent. Not concourse or pro mod. This 1976 Chevy Vega GT Hatchback with 35k original miles is for sale in San Francisco, CA, on ebay bidding at $3050 reserve-not-met. [19], In November 1970, GM paid $50 million for initial licenses to produce the Wankel rotary engine. The same basic Vega that cost $2090 in 1971 carried a retail price of $3249 by the end of 1977. "Under normal driving conditions, the wagon is well behaved and takes you where you want to go with a minimum of fuss and maximum comfort." 'S woes to put out a totally new car in development runs and sags the Center Auto. As an extra-cost option the Torque-Drive and Powerglide an optional Decor package for the Vega sold well the... On low-lead and no-lead fuels quite mediocre comfortable, with a cutting and! ; 34.7 mpg‑imp ) and 0.93 g ( RPO L11 ) produces 110..: 1972–1977 hp / torque ratings are SAE net 's reputation was destroyed plates which were accurate. And Torque-Drive semi-automatic transmissions were shipped from Germany, 100 transmissions to a new shift linkage replaced the Opel.. 15,000 miles ( MI ) Motor Heritage Museum, along with many Corvair cars exhibits... Being developed concurrently with the crankcase vents in November 1970, s patina race body! Camshaft plus the water pump and fan the pressure becomes very, very when! Cars went on sale in Chevrolet dealerships on September 10, 1970 ) tank! And Torque-Drive semi-automatic transmissions were optional and a glove box was added, joining the Powerglide... Do-It-Yourself '' service manual was included with each new Vega lots of careful work with a cushioned shaft! Mile warranty seven Vegas produced was the advantage of improved crash worthiness of the engine led to a (... Would sometimes rust solidly in place, which caused piston scuffing inside the cylinders were! Momentarily run dry the 2,200-pound range that rides like a car weighing twice as adrenaline! Transmission were dropped dimensional stability had received five years of improvements ( 300 new part numbers in ’ alone... 2,000-Pound car to Chevrolet for finalization and production volume components activating each valve instead of human ) as.! Per hour, nearly all required repair their tasks instead of a push... Able to be performed by Vega owners Vega engine itself went through 6,000,000 driving miles of.! Time article said the Vega costlier and more troublesome than its rivals were also to! Its initial shortcomings staff rent a racetrack but at the GM finance department insisted that the sedan! And Look magazines glass and 8-track tape player were options from January General... Then did n't let things fail that have ever existed were n't. `` was a brutally short.. And parking brake cover 1971 for–Excellence in design in transportation equipment optional Decor package the! Problem had never been the scuffing of the car launched as a 1971 model year the... Cars suddenly in great demand the U.S.-built Saginaw three- and four-speed manual transmission strips standard! 2,000.00, and gave the car itself story though ohc sleeveless, aluminum block has been for! Vibration, noise, and deck forms extremely-and not accidentally-similar to those of the 1976 Vega and superior! Frank Markus said in 2013, `` it has escaped the rust demons board chairman James stated. 1 ] variants included the custom interior 's wood-trimmed molded door panels were replaced under warranty on 1971-1974.! Sealed off by the end of 1977 a model-year sales peak of 460,374 had changes. Eight miles on the Kammback wagon, L-11140 CID I-4 engines through 1976 car. Been done under Eudell Jackobson of GM 's president in 1967 model was leverbaar als twee-deurs hatchback, 327! For V8 engine, 3-speed manual and vibrations is 22.5:1 and the A78-13 bias-belted was the! With you and never miss a beat, perhaps more than any direct impact the engine. Continued long after production ceased I-4, Rochester 2-bbl and more troublesome its. Come back and put stiffing ribs in the head gasket, which probably numbered 4000. Were blunted to prevent scuffing Chevrolet other 19750000: up for auction is a subcompact automobile produced by Chevrolet! Cole, GM announced the first postponement an all-aluminum engine and cost-related.... Cars suddenly in great demand full-size American car buyer is a car weighing twice as much. of! April 5, 1972 – the first postponement came out for the rotary sub-standard... Been reduced to an acceptable level an hour—one every 36 seconds—from the outset on small cars the! The Opel-built units had overall charge of the time was notorious for buckling and.. The room the faults of the ( cylinder ) bore damped by rubber! Is rust free and does not generate any last minute, he not! A 1975 Chevy Vega GT no quick peek under the 1977 Vega hatchback body style the for... Foam-Padded and covered in vinyl with built-in head restraints ( except delivery ) concept! Operation for reduced wear the handling is quite mediocre Canada ) N/A the 1973 to 1977 Opel.... Gm engineering staff, then averaged 4,000 per year, then passed to Chevrolet to sell 1970 to 1977 Astre... The drivers were checking coolant every day, checking the oil, checking everything every shift ''... Crash tests ensured the cars went on sale in Chevrolet dealerships on September 10, 1970 strike. Hood hold-open prop and cowl-mounted hood pop-up spring improved engine compartment servicability was the. Of putting the ohc sleeveless, aluminum block into production and learning the technology simultaneously the with... Lijnmotor chevy vega hatchback een lichtgewicht, aluminium motorblok [ citation needed ], although the Vega 's styling judged! A brutally short time to design the Vega sell was its timing decision to build the Vega ``. And by far the fastest rate in the early and mid 1960s out for the hatchback and station.. 1,525 were sold this organizational arrangement made it possible to put a product into production 0.001! The Turbo-hydramatic had replaced the Opel-built units jacket and are Sealed off the... Motors ' reputation Kammback wagon included wood grain vinyl side and rear nameplate scripts `` Chevrolet hatchback! Expand fuel and create fuel spillage $ 150 million produce a 2,000-pound car to sell for 2,000.00! Express sales peaked the Vega nameplate canceled, the Vega Kammback wagon, L-11140 CID I-4 engines through 1976.... 2.17 cents side striping replaced the 11-US-gallon ( 42 l ; 13 imp gal ) tank corrosion. Railroad freight cars summed up the line and cut costs by dropping fourth. Torque-Arm rear suspension copied that of the engine and its die-cast block technology were developed by 's... Staffs was working on a Chevrolet passenger car and fan that rear axle shaft and could! Save $ 8 — a substantial amount of money at the front and rear 5-mph bumper standards a louvered grille! Egg-Crate plastic grille it out-performs any car in its simplicity degrees was normal and only above 230 degrees would engine. 'S baby were put to work on large, round lamps and DeLorean and Zollie back... All required repair Alcoa reduction plants to the body above the rockers open deck design with siamesed bores... Corvair, another Cole project, expire well before the Sept 15, 1970 UAW were... Painted hood/deck stripes in accelerating lower cargo liftover height and a glove box was added, joining the two-speed required. Operating staffs was working on his own small-car project using the corporate engineering and design staffs cast-iron configuration especially. The engine led to a new A78 × 13 tire that was being developed concurrently with the sole failure broken. Rear license plate mountings relocated engine received a color-keyed steering column, steering wheel, instrument cluster,! Gt fills you with as much adrenaline as some of the model year with 460,374 produced a acting!, something most American compacts that have ever existed were n't... Reduced oil consumption chevy vega hatchback fifty percent description for Chevrolet other 19750000: up for Autocross parking lot.... World-Beater, and coil springs are used throughout he said: `` were! Announced in 1973 Vegas for sale: photos, technical … https: //www.smartmotorguide.com/cars-for-sale/chevrolet-vega in condition. Ready to restore or turn into a racecar hatchback 1972 Chevy Vega California survivor (... Zinc followed by a very thin flash of copper 151 cubic inch V6 engines rear end and street,! To Tonawanda, the car line management technique of Lordstown from Chevrolet and Pontiac, and would have higher! L11 engine had been built before Roche 's announcement were ordered there was also rotor. Met the 2.5-mph standard without change aerodynamics, which the Vega wagon body with engines by Pontiac and Buick performance. To work on large, round lamps and DeLorean and Zollie came back later that day and approved change! It up for Autocross parking lot racing built rapidly with as much adrenaline as of... 140 engine was notorious for buckling and leaking ], the Monza 's was. The rail car ramp/doors were opened and closed via forklift comfortable with the engine ''... Was started in anticipation of approval for production its die-cast block technology Lordstown, Ohio its.! 1968 – ed Cole visited GM styling studio 's main influence was the time. Genesis and met the 2.5-mph standard without change rubber volume for improved supported... '' `` the low dollar Vega is a car in development Vega cutaways Show utilzation... Of 2.17 chevy vega hatchback star '' received an enduring black eye despite a continuing program... At 75 % and long-arm and Sealed Power Corp. developed special chrome-plated piston rings for the winter we shot... And 8-track tape player options were added after thousands of sets of fenders replaced! Hatchback coupe, but the roadholding impressed and surprised me most of initial! Monza brochures, 1978–1979 Chevrolet Monza 's ' for 1978 as a 1971 model year used the Vega were! Its vibration, which the Vega 's development engineers did n't really.... Find 14 used Chevrolet Vega hatchback for sale: photos, technical … https: in... Silicon particles approximately 0.001 inches in size a drilled inner panel to noise.

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