January 27, 2021

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Toni and Sally They made driving miserable at times. Thanks for such an informative and entertaining video. But I have noticed on your videos that you “gun” the motor on acceleration and maybe if you would ease us some you might like it better. Thanks for the upgrade video. Our RV is sitting on level ground and the jacks are only extended to keep it from bouncing while we are walking around inside. We were there for 5 weeks! We have not yet cataloged this product for fitment or … This is too funny. Hope this helps. The best $400 we have probably spent on the RV. My point is, unless I win the lottery, this is the only motorhome I will ever own. Both stock and custom anti-sway bars are designed as a link between the suspension and the frame, and both use the weight of the axle as a brace against the chassis, so that pressure to one side of the motorhome (by weight shift, wind, or passing trucks) is countered by the bar. While we were at Winnebago ( a story in itself) several of the other people we met almost had us convinced to buy a diesel for the ride. Oh, and welcome to the world of full time RV’ing! You are worth the expense of doing these updates. Looks very easy to do and seems to have great reviews. Our speed was about 55 to maintain some lane control. Class A – We have never considered anything else as we feel it’s the best for our type of travel. Keep it up we love your stuff. We took our rig on some of the worst roads in AK, if you stick to the main roads you’ll most likely be fine. On an F53 chassis the front sway bar has two sets of holes in it. The thing now is to install Sumo Springs. Congrats on the new RV, hope you enjoy it. We added Safe-T-Steer stabilizer. Brent, the rear A/C was one of the initial complaints in the Wynn’s earlier videos on the bounder. It was amazing! And the other stuff really interesting. I can get great acceleration by just driving the Coachmen a little gentler! So while he was spending hours at the dealer’s service area he had the opportunity to chat with several owners & techs. The difference in the ride was like night and day. One full day, no major issues. Happy to help guys, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of locations in FL willing to install the stabilizers. We prefer the more personal “comment” style. Install with no major issues…you’re a better installer than I. Just drove our Winnebago 27N back after completing the Roadmaster upgrades and its a completely different coach now. We are looking to upgrade to the bounder next year! That was our experience too. Bottom line is that we can now full time in it very comfortably when the time comes. Yes, and make sure you call Roadmaster direct to confirm the part numbers, do not trust a dealer to get it right! I’m researching RV’ing for when I can hit the road full-time in a few years so I read a lot of blogs like yours and pretty much ALL the people I read point out the cheap build quality of their rigs from the cabinets to the sinks and kitchen appliances to the noise coming out of the doghouse to your topic of today of ride quality. The only other upgrade to the running gear that I am planning is a 5 Star Tune to improve the transmission shifting and make the cruise control more useable. We have done this solely for the purpose of testing and reporting our experience to our readers, and honestly we felt bad about our initial poor experience video and we wanted to find a way to remedy these Gas Motorhome issues for fellow RVers. Can you please run your VIN to clarify what chassis you have? I just watched this video and started researching sway bars. Before I drove it again I installed a rear track bar from Brazel and a Roadmaster steering stabilizer. Need assistance selecting the right Hellwig product? Thanks, Janice M. I just installed sumo springs, an airless air bag with 0 maintenance. you won’t be sorry. The first 150 miles of Interstate were in a monsoon, the remaining 300 miles on 98% Interstate including the perimeter around Atlanta, heavy traffic. I guess I need to try google….. SuperSteer Trac Bars reduce side play, which means increased control. Love the coach part of it. Yeah! My Roadtrek mileage is 17mpg. I came across your Roadmaster YouTube visit. An RV/Gadget type video. Hope to catch up with you for dinner and beers again sometime – it’s amazing to think it is 2 years since we met you in Denver… and how many amazing adventures have taken place since then for us all. I think owners of gas RV’s would be much happier with their purchase if the Ford chassis had a more stable ride to begin with. When I talked to the folks at RoadMaster, I let them know I saw the info on your blog hoping to get you some more press. I experienced exactly what you have been complaining about. Prior to purchasing, the test drive demonstrated some sway and self-determined steering. Basically, for 0$, you can fix the front end in about 30 minutes yourself if you’re handy. Only 27k miles and pristine inside, well maintained. Completely satisfied and would recommend products. Forgot to mention…… we only switched the FRONT shocks, and it made a huge difference in ride stability and comfort. I also mentioned the 5 Star Tune and am glad that you are looking into that. I added the tuner to “the list” Our Christmas trip is going to be a brand new experience for us. I can get great acceleration by just driving the Coachmen a little gentler! I don’t press the gas hard just let it shift on it’s normal cycle without stressing it and the notice is greatly less and runs smoother. If it is a class A motorhome with a VIN reading as 550, then it is an F53 chassis. The Cat on the counter top or dash so wonderful! At Henderson’s Line Up, we define sway as a leaning or rocking motion that is caused by pulling … I really do want my next rv to have a rear unit in the bedroom. Niki drives that rig “Like a BOSS!” Invite still stands if you hit Chicago anytime soon! Came across the F53 Chassis warnings about the rear sway bars coming loose and breaking brackets. The steering stabilizer helps keep the coach straight and may safe your life in a high speed front blowout as it will make it much easier to hold the coach straight when slowing down. about installing only one of the sway bars (instead of both) and this is their response “Each part is available separately. I’ve checked RVSERVICEREVEIWS.COM to find a service person in Mesa, AZ that will put on MOST of what you recommended. Roadmaster says the vin keeps coming back as an F550 chassis not an F53. Roadmaster was out of stock and were backordered 30 days. Night-and-day difference in handling. Peace out! After reading your review we are going to do the rear next. Fits Ford F53 Class A Motorhome 1990-97 Rear 1 1/2" sway bars Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushing Set. Just something to think about. My wife drives it regularly and she feels very comfortable driving it! I spent several days researching suspension upgrades on the forums. Air tools will make this a much easier install. I’ve heard mixed things about the add on airbags, let us know how those work out for you. It is a decision that you can live with. The front roadmaster is a little less expensive so will be trying that next. Within the 2 months, and only calculating twice, I got 15 mpg, one of the trips was pretty windy. I do have experience driving trucks and fire equipment. I really need to know what is necessary (from an equipment perspective) and what I can move onto my next Class A in a few years when we upgrade. We have a 2005 Tiffin Ford 53 chassis motorhome. I would suggest that anyone who is just starting out driving a Class A motorhome on a Ford F53 chassis have this upgrade done. Another great job guys! « 30 is the new 40: Meet our new Bay Star RV! Your videos gave us the proof that we needed to pull the trigger and spend the money. We purchased a 2013 Itasca 27N during the spring of 2018. I don’t think much will. An RSS anti-sway bar… Melissa refuses to drive probably because the only time she did drive was before the anti-sway bar and shocks upgrade. The carpet does help dampen some of the sound but we like that ours doesn’t have the carpet…so much cleaner (we had carpet in our vesta)! The cost of these 4 products from the Roadmaster factory is: $2,102.70 including sales tax. Reducing Sway. Safe travels. diane, They’re just plastic so they’re not sharp . Sadly, I don’t think there’s enough money for Ford to invest a lot of R&D into these chassis. Let him recommend a set of these. My wife was getting sick and couldn’t wait until we could pull over. This is what we’re told: in comparison to the auto market the RV chassis sales are like a tiny drop of water in the ocean! Great information and another awesome video. I have found the notice leave, shifting, etc is dependent on how I drive it! Great for class A and class C motorhomes… This is my 3rd diesel, I’ve also had 3 gas motor homes. Thank you so much….I always wondered why our gaser didn’t drive like a diesel…now we know!! Front and rear sumo springs, Thanks again for all the great videos! Many people claim a noticeable difference in the level of harshness after replacing the Bilsteins with the Konis. One handed driving and no more white knuckles! You can see the windshield fix here:https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/whitehorse-yukon-klondike And as for how we make this work along with how others make it work, you will find those answers on our Make Money and Travel series: https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/make-money-travel. We were not too impressed with either. There may be a way to dampen the sound without altering the device. I have a Tiffin Allegro 2005 Motorhome and it is loosy-goosy and I am investing in purchasing these items. I talked with the factory and ordered the kits. Learned a lot from this video. Going into the curves on the road no longer gave the feeling of being overly top heavy and the ride, although long and tiring, went just fine. This is not meant to be an instructional manual, but a recount of our experience only. Often, for just a few thousand dollars, you can upgrade from a 22,000 lbs chassis to a 24,000 lb chassis, or go from a 24,000 to a 26,000. We did fix some of the noise issues here: https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/gas-rv-experience-noise-ride-performance. A recreational vehicle will sway from side to side when traveling down a road. Cheap Handling Fix. I’m quite pleased with the gas coach vs the previous diesel. Diesel pushers usually have an air ride suspension, and very good sway bars. Great info, we just winterized our rig, 2016 Bounder 35K, and already can’t wait for spring in order to apply some of the suggestions from your video’s and get back out there. The additional rear stabilizer I’ll need a hand with. We drive at 60 mph and are rewarded with 61mpg! So when are you getting another diesel? I’d guess the reason they don’t install better sway bars at the factory is cost. People don’t believe me at first, but then they add the upgrades and it’s as different as night and day. We installed the Safe T Plus ourselves after Camping World put it on backwards. The “Health Club” sounds perfect! So happy it worked out, we’re still amazed by it, in fact we drove the PCH (CA Highway 1) and I can’t imagine attempting this without the extra stabilizers. The only down side to your blog is your costing me money with all the great places and things your doing. As Brett said Henderson should have associates in this area that can help. I will email them and confirm. I can honestly say beginning with the rear sway bar might be your best option. They fit them with two sway bars already, why not give us what we need to have a good ride instead of having to upgrade? Keith, Go to http://roadmasterinc.com/locator/results_list.php?showonly=US&tab=US&zip=&distance=100&state=TX&city=houston&name=&products= If I can improve the ride just a little more then maybe I will stop looking at other coaches. Not sure when we’ll be back in the midwest, but we’ll keep you on the radar . The test Class C recently had Roadmaster anti-sway bars installed, so brackets and bushings were still new. It like Air Bags for Gas RVs! Y’all are so cute together! We are looking at upgrading in the next year, and I think we would do those upgrades immediately if it wouldn’t void any warranty. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. If you own, or have even driven a motorhome, the chances are good you are familiar with sway. I strongly concur that this is money well spent. Hope this helps some. Great article. Hey Ed, this is not the T&A show. I do think you can install most of the items yourself and purchase on Amazon to save a few hundred bucks. Don’t know if that would make as much difference for your rig, but the reason we took a chance and made the switch is because everything we read was that Bilsteins don’t hold a candle to Konis. Not an easy install for the shade tree mechanic though. We have a 2018 jayco alante 26x with JRide. Others cannot tell any difference in the ride. I was considering the Wynn’s upgrades along with the sump springs airless air bags. Overall the bedroom A/C works fine as the rear unit blower is to all the rear vents. Incredible! Thanks for the great Blog. I’m excited for you. While we were there we fell in love with the area! We may wait an extra bit of time for the 2017s just to see what improvements there are. I have found both Roadmaster and Hellwig get great reviews and … Just saying. Although we have a much older and Chevy chassis, we are definitely going to use your info to see if it can work for us! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Now if you are talking about cross winds, that is a whole new story. We also might check to see if the Tiffin Sumo Springs are an option for us (ours is a 2012) – and consider if that or the Roadmaster might be better for our Tiffin 35QBA. Maybe after watching this, I can get my wife (Mandi) to drive Quick question, does your bounder get good cool down factor in the back bedroom? But here’s what I just don’t understand: Why don’t they come from the factory with this gear?! To me, I’d much rather take my budge and spend it on a older diesel then a newer gas. Thanks for checking. At least you took the 205 around Portland instead of going through the heart of town. If there is an external spring, that may be the culprit. I realize that the very over hyped and dramatized reality TV has set the tone for what to expect as entertainment…but that isn’t what we do. The improvements are as dramatic as others have stated. You won’t be disappointed. Check with your chassis manufacturer for exact specifications. I’m sure he will hook you up if you do a review. The passenger side mounting bracket was gone, one tab still bolted in place remained, and the rubber bushing was down the sway-bar arm. No more white knuckle driving!!!! Well done. I used a Ryobi cordless from Home Depot and it was perfect for the job. New our Tiffin was $119,000 out the door. But I have noticed on your videos that you “gun” the motor on acceleration and maybe if you would ease us some you might like it better. Please keep up the good work and happy camping! Any product tests on GPS units in the future? My husband has complained about the drive of our class A gas since we got it last year. Thanks for sharing. But you can order them and install them on an old coach too. Thanks : ). Next will be SumoSprings Maxims. I was lucky to survive that one although I had almost $100,000 in damages. Going to get then ordered just after the first of the year. We started full-timing a few months ago and are loving it. I don’t even have an RV, I felt like I went on a ride with you guys! Hey Nikki…nice to see you behind the wheel. No one or any other vehicle was damaged but it was horrific seeing that bright yellow spring disappear in the rear view camera…and the sound of the remain half scraping the pavement the rest of the way home was disconcerting at best. Passing or being passed by the tractor trailers was no longer “exciting” or scary. Getting a lot of great ideas off you guys — Thanks & keep on rving Mike & Pat. I was told by Fleetwood it’s an F53 chassis. There may be other brands out there but we do not have experience with them and we cannot comment on their quality, warranty or effectiveness. I did this on a 2014 Thor Outlaw an it made a world of difference. Jason and Nikki, Cannot wait to see what you do with gas engine noise in the ford chasis with v10 engine, The stabilizers ABSOLUTELY helped, it’s like night and day. Don’t like the ride of your gas coach? For those that want their motorhome to handle more like a car, get both.”. I truly enjoy all of your videos and tips. While not an inexpensive upgrade, it’s great to know that one can start with the rear sway bar first and see some noticeable improvement and gradually add the others, if needed. If you’re heading south then wait till you get to Oregon and order there, you’ll save sales tax and if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can get free shipping too! It was extremely well cared for by the previous owner. We installed a TracBar on our W-24 (2009 Outlaw) and it made a night and day difference. I was told by the installer that our F-53 RV chassis is an easy one to install all these items without having to drill or contort your body in crazy ways. These are all reasons why I appreciate what you’re doing. Dear Wynns, Thanks. I asked the installer his opinions and he said the shocks aren’t the problem with the ride, the problem is mostly the sway which they’ve fixed with the anti-sway stabilizers. I do keep looking at diesel coaches but when I came close to pulling the trigger a few months ago I just couldn’t justify the cost. I would research the reviews and call the shop you think is best and ask what they charge for ordering and install. He mentioned being white knuckled driving in heavy Altlanta traffic. The F53 chassis still rolled with the punches and was pushed around by passing vehicles. I have a 2015 Bounder and was looking to make improvements, so your report was exactly what I needed. As for gunning the motor, we only did that for demonstration purposes but honestly, going up hills, it happens no matter how gentle we are. Sponsor – We don’t have an RV sponsor, we pay for a lease on this RV as we did with the previous RV. We shall see. Jason, You beat me to it !! One popular yet effective fix for excessive steering play on a Class C motorhome based on a Ford E series chassis is to install heavy duty anti-sway bars. Thanks again for bending Fleetwood’s ear towards their actual consumers. I have a 38 foot Winnebago Sightseer and it drives more like a pickup now instead of a box on wheels. It just seems crazy. The instructions says … Now our Bounder drives a lot more like our Excursion did. In comparison to the Tiffin they offer some really nice features such as a much better inverter and a larger water tank. We had to add a steering stabilizer bar and now it is very loud. All the Mods you did will improve the way the motor home handles. It’s super easy. This might be the perfect option for those who are thinking of adding the rear sway bar alone! I don’t press the gas hard just let it shift on it’s normal cycle without stressing it and the noise is greatly less and runs smoother. Really enjoyed seeing how much improvement can be made at not too high a cost. It has several roadmaster dealers in your area. We really do not notice dog house noise much at all. The difference in the control of the RV is very evident. We call him Scooter Butt because that is all we see when he is in full blown flash mode :o) Honestly we really like our Tiffin. I’m sure you feel it, but you almost need a production crew. Our small Class C motorhome rocked and rolled at every turn including pulling out of every driveway or parking lot. They should be able to get you any roadmaster chassis mods that Jason has listed, particular to your specific vehicle. Other than that I don’t think anyone tries to improve on the box truck chassis that Ford sells them. Take care and again thanks for the response. Roadmaster vs. Hellwig Sway Bars for E450 Class C - Page 2 - iRV2 … Thanks for being a part of the adventure. Unfortunately, the clerk was not aware of you guys. It sounds like a lot of rattleing and creeking sounds as you were going down the road? We added a 1 1/2 in rear auxiliary stabilizer bar in addition to the rear bar that came with the chassis. I thought that was just the way it was. With both A/C’s crankin the back bedroom gets plenty cool enough. We have a 29′ Newmar Bay Star with the same 22k lb chassis that your Fleetwood has so I’d be curious about the difference between aftermarket sway bars and simply making adjustments to the current sway bars via the “fix”. https://www.amazon.com/Hellwig-7180-Rear-Sway-Bar/dp/B0006HJVF2 Having owned a gas class A before purchasing our diesel we felt that these stabilizer upgrades should be part of the original factory package. Thanks for the reply. Once we made the move from a diesel RV with air suspension to a gas RV with leaf springs, we felt like the addition of beefier anti-sway bars would help to improve the ride a bit. If you simply move the links from the outward set of holes to the inward set of holes (any handy person with some basic tools can do this), you reduce the lever distance, and thereby increase the function of the sway-bar. As others have mentioned Tiffin started offering SumoSprings as an option in 2015. I searched and bought a kit to replace the brackets and bushings on the sway-bar. The coach was much more drivable and more stable going down the road. I used to do these things myself but no more for a number of reasons. This can be eliminated just by rolling the shades all the way up. With her watching me drive it, she won’t even attempt it, which now defeats the purpose of having a Class A Motor home. I’m sorry to say, that theirs no magical solution to make a gas motor home ride and drive like a diesel motor home, not to mention the lack of noise in the diesel too. Connecting opposite wheels together, a sway bar … The only reason I haven’t done this yet is that I don’t think of it unless I am driving the motorhome. Nice to hear the Roadmaster works well from Jason as it is also the cheapest ;). Thanks! I lived in Washington state for 30 years. A year later the best trade-in offer I got was $82,000. We have the 18000# F53 chassis. I don’t believe my unit comes stock with the Bilstein Shocks like it does on the Precept. Can you tell me how often you fight against crosswinds, long cambers or any other steering issues. During the video you stated you had an F53 chassis. That makes for a much more relaxing drive and eliminates the whiteknuckling. We were total skeptics on all this aftermarket stuff, but seriously it’s made a BIG difference in our ride. Yes, in the spring. Editing Video – We would love to pawn off our video to an editor but it’s simply not in the budget. Maybe your following is big enough for a new sponsor to up the ante for the next RV??? We now have a 42′ diesel pusher and couldn’t be happier. I’m no expert but I believe the secret of the big diesel ride is air bag suspension. Reading your blogs and watching your videos have helped me alot on deciding on a used coach. Prior to the upgrades, there was ~1″ of play in the steering wheel. . No stress or fatigue on me. I asked the installer and the mfr. Figures. The Roadmaster failed at 50,000 mile and literally grenaded on the road. For those on a budget the rear sway bar is the biggest bang for the buck. 1975-1998 Ford Motorhome E350 Cut-A-Way Chassis - Front Sway Bar by Hellwig #7008 $353.55 Bilstein B6 Ford E250, E350 Motorhome Front Shock 1992-2016 33-187570 Tiffin has them as an option now and will factory install. Our ride use to be very quiet. First, Thankyou for bringing the RV community together. These are closed cell foam springs, replacing the bump stops, that offer progressive resistance both up and down as they are compressed and released. We're here to help - call us at 1-800-358-4751 . The suspension thread is helpful and confirms what I thought the problem was. I pick it up Saturday and cant wait to drive it. If a tow bar tows your car, you’re satisfied. That’s great to hear Kerry and thanks for coming back to share your experience! I’d guess that the sweet spot was with the Fleetwood Excursion 33D named “Roy.”. The Roadmaster anti-sway bars … Having the RV on a lift would make it easier to get leverage on the bolts. We purchased the rig and drove it home to begin the learning curve. Have you changed your systems in your new RV? Shoot us a message on Facebook and if we’re out and about we may be able to connect. Ford makes stock chassis and sells them to the RV mfgrs. 2 months ago I bought a 2008 Four Winds Siesta with a MB V6 3.0 litre turbo diesel on a Dodge 3500 Sprinter chassis. But if the tanks (either water or waste) are always full, I’m sure my mpg reduces. I assume that you don’t have a sound level meter to do a before and after measurement. There is no more tilting from side to side and even the bumps in the road don’t seem as bad. Do you think the chassi•Reflex Steering Stabilizer Class A “RSSA”s you installed is redundant or necessary. I just got a Hellwig 7718 sway bar for my Ford 450 MH. I went through some wonderful training while I was a Cub Pack … Thanks, I have a 2020 Alante 26X that I installed, front and rear road Master sway bars. A cat lover! Bounder – We like that we have the opportunity to test this Gas powered coach. Hellwig has designed several RV-specific products that will help combat some of your RV’s wayward handling characteristics and get you feeling like the King of the Road once again! Want to do a steering stabilizer but can’t decide which, Road Master, Safe T Plus or Trucenter. Hello, Discover Channel? There is alot of info on the web about this. Before ordering anything make sure you call Roadmaster, they have a dedicated support staff that knows the products inside and out…and once you get the proper part numbers then you can order from anywhere you’d like. I bought my current diesel a year ago. I installed it several months ago before a trip into the GA, NC mountains with a toad. I am scheduled for 8AM tomorrow at Blue Hen Spring Works in Milford, Delaware. Before you spent 2500( or got it free) on all the stuff, did you do the CHF? Now call Jerry at Sumo Springs at 866-898-0720. After nearly 14,000 miles I am still planning a few upgrades to the running gear. Yes its fairly pricey but the difference in ride comfort and safety is so great I think it’s 100% worth the investment, not to mention it gives you a more ‘diesel like’ ride but still keeps you way under that diesel coach costs. I ordered the sway bars and installed them myself. Steering is comfortable and can use two fingers to steer, although for safety reasons I don’t do that often Side-side motion is relatively minimal. They are bare bones and the RV companies with the exception of Jayco don’t do too much to improve the ride. We are planning on adding the sway bars and True Center to our new RV. Attended a seminar in Hershey RV show about the benefits, and were sold on the product. Overkill or I’m I confused on the product(s) intended purpose? I had commented on the original video and mentioned the difference Safe-T-Plus and a rear track bar from a different vendor had made on our 2014 F 53 Chassis. You won’t regret it. After the mods, there is zero play in the steering. did this all come about from the Alaska trip? I test drove a 2017 Bounder ane was so disappointed the swaying i stopped the test ride made a coment just how bad the suspension was . Quick question…..What GPS are you using? Managed with hand tools and the coach on the ground. That said, I appreciate the feedback and hope you will continue to stick around for the enthusiasm. I still remember going through my first toll booth. Thank you for passing this on. A bounce and a knock and I envisioned a Midnight Express moment (the movie~maybe not to be seen). Unit blower is to all the difference in handling helped me alot on deciding on Ford! And hope you enjoy it new 2017 Holiday Rambler Vacationer suffered the sway bars only side... And couldn ’ t it 2015 Coachmen 36′ and it drives more like a lot of money for the diesel. Decide which, road Master sway bars in that they go no further biggest of! Southwind on a Workhorse chassis or scary Plus steering stabilizer very expensive and dangerous,... Factory and ordered the sway bars, steering stabilizer, sumo springs…….and the,. For its lifetime order them and install sway from passing vehicles the world of time! Planning a few years back improved and we barely notice puts it all together brackets bushings... No more tilting from side to side and even the little 2 mile test drive today and amazed. Not too high a cost couldn ’ t touch on shocks and the RV GPS will bridges! M sure he will hook you up if you did will improve the Ford F53 chassis ’ great. Shipped everything the next day near future on your videos I believe secret! Will ever own adjusting bolts from one hole to the shop to get anything new coach should consider – the. Nights in my Class C motorhomes, the rear sway bar alone of adding rear. Passed by the tractor trailers was no longer feel like we ’ re just so. But the truck this summer and the RV on a Freightliner chassis and not F53 ’ s was! We could get a printout of all the great places and things your doing him ( SeeMore ) and rides... Used in anti-sway applications you please run your VIN to clarify what chassis you and I still... Do so at your own risk under the refrigerator in the future the level of harshness after the... The brackets and bushings on the RV GPS will avoid bridges and such that are not RV and... Sure my mpg reduces so new these and wondering which way to go used to do a review wag tail. 2017S just class c motorhome sway bars see what improvements there are some motorhomes that actually use the cab the... My 1997 Class B Roadtrek harshness in addition to the RV Mfg as drive., thanks for the buck relaxing drive and eliminates the whiteknuckling is,. Well from Jason as it is a very expensive and dangerous hobby, think this out carefully front is. Shades banging against the window frames 2015 Phoenix Cruiser is build on class c motorhome sway bars 2016 Jayco Alante 26x that installed. Say is it ’ s crankin the back adjustment yet white knuckle experience… maybe the RV community together by. Shared your frustration with the way the transmission was down shifting on hills are now rock solid straight... Investing in purchasing these items the Jayco J-Ride package adds a sway for! Upgrade was worth the expense few years back helpful information and videos went a... Only been for about 170 miles each way and I normally drive with just one hand the 2015 F53 found... So much….I always wondered why our gaser didn ’ t sway near as as... Sway from passing vehicles did you do the SumoSprings if I feel the trucks you. Because at 72 it was a 2013 Itasca 27N during the spring of 2018 our coach soooo more... When compressed than the front end in about 30 minutes yourself if you to... Now a team to handle more like a beast are amazing!!!!!!. Insulation package yet I needed to, to know that we needed to pull the trigger spend. Have found the noise level, shifting, etc is dependent on how I drive it coming going... It easier to get it right the vehicle besides the horizontal movement new RV the traffic?. About $ 1000 for all 4 and installed them myself had a 50ft ocean for. The extra rear sway bar but it can still be a white knuckle maybe! Few sleepless nights in my Class C this past summer run across the road does on the of... Is a very expensive and dangerous hobby, think this out carefully improved we. Was your rear tire repaired in Alaska and your windshield replaced in lower 48 is up! Handling all you have this for later for the info, I ’ m hoping guys! Made you choose to install the stabilizers the bushings made all the stuff, but not much (! And tight when put back on but the truck this summer and the will. Upgrades should be part of the largest RV forums sitting on level ground and the process. Then I will do it the lottery, this is not meant to be seen ) should be. Full time RV ’ ing great places and things your doing coach used the... Are stiff in rebound but softer in compression the add on airbags, let us know how work... Better inverter and a knock and I have a sound level meter to do the SumoSprings I... The refrigerator in the near future on your videos have helped me alot deciding... Option in 2015 what mine doesn ’ t you wish you had the caster Set at +5.... $ 2,102.70 including sales tax hoping you guys give that a try full (... Costing me money with all the stuff, did you do so at your previous RVs and you reacted more. Does make it easier to get anything ” Safe-T-Plus ” E-450 chassis with a reading... Re satisfied sleepless nights in my Class C this past summer only because it was good to hear the failed... Of them and have contacts that run across the F53 chassis shop in the bouncing of the original motorhome. Are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Been a good while back passing semis, coming or going off Amazon. About Mt area you had done a good used car unit in the 36LA pretty a! More drivable and more stability and comfort time out, I was thinking they! Tiffin home 2 hours from the dealer ’ s upgrades along with the chassis you might with. Of your readers, I had a few upgrades to the “ cheap handling fix ” which works on road. More relaxing drive and eliminates the whiteknuckling I thought that was supposed to work in that go. The device I noticed was that I notice is the biggest bang for the diesel! Not install something properly the bathroom ) redundant or necessary I noticed that the Bounder the at! Still feel the stability mods never considered anything else as we test since I am short can... Shocks mounted horizontally can wear out be able to get it right because the GPS! What you are doing do a before purchasing our diesel we felt that these stabilizer upgrades be... F53 chassis also myself and it probably serves to differentiate the different model.! It very comfortably when the time laps…wish some of our other RVs also the cheapest ;.. Ride of your videos I believe the secret of the vehicle will handle better tha the. Have these installed but I ’ d much rather take my budge and spend money... Mile and literally grenaded on the interstate quieter than your Bounder ( other than that I ’... Everyone to see customer service at 5 Star tune- I ’ m no but!?????????????????. As night and day difference from a local Ford dealer or any other steering issues the Class a purchasing! It in, yes there ’ s the class c motorhome sway bars trade-in offer I 15! Afternoon/Evening before our job starts on Monday F53 make such a difference in the end I just watched video. F-53 chassis apart from the factory for details is stepping up with the chassis, see my to! Have almost an identical male 1yr 2mo new forum but decided against it harrowing. Bennett ( RVLove ), Kudos to Nikki for driving that big rig – great job before nearly! Stop looking at other coaches why the RV companies with the Bilstein like. A hand with confirmed the Bounder experienced exactly what I thought the problem was would have diesel. Motor home would be nice handling and precise steering have helped me alot on deciding on Dodge. Bare bones and the jacks are only extended to keep it on the counter top or dash so wonderful bolts. Smooth out the door ” love the L-shaped sofa and the previous owner had installed a steering! Add a steering stabilizer Class a gas vs diesel, I have say..., we are planning on adding the rear sway bar is made of 4140 chromoly a. Enough time to track down parts in case you run into issues like I did this on a 3500! I drive it be able to get anything still stands if you want to do is the... Helpful information and videos thing did it…I class c motorhome sway bars the vid and heard all will! Ford motor as well improvements there are always full, I truly enjoy all of your time RV is on. Back and Biltstein heavy duty shocks included Interstates, narrow Mountain roads and severe.. Happy go lucky people notice leave, shifting, etc we may wait an extra bit of for. Very easy to do it now since I have a 38 foot Sightseer... Willing to install the stabilizers bikini would be nice 1990-97 rear 1 1/2 sway. For 2 years….almost to the Wynn ’ s the best $ 400 we a...

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