January 27, 2021

makua beach kauai

To get to Tunnels Beach, make your way to Highway 560 until you reach the 8 mile marker for beach … I told her it is highly unlikely but that I would resesrch. J, aloha! North shore is close to the Kalalau Trail and East side hikes. Mahaulepu and Polihale are also quite spectacular. You might be able to snorkel at this time of year, but the chances are low. We love yummy healthy food--not greasy spoon, but fresh fish and meat are great. The bike from Hanalei is about 6 hilly miles. My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon in Kapa'a, Kauai! I have no questions for you right now because I skimmed through answers given to others. Where (area) is best to stay this time of year? We are headed to Kauai in august 2011 and feel better prepared because of all your tips. Yes, the South shore may be sunnier and have more snorkel options in October, but you won't know for sure until you're here. Aloha Alysia. There is a normally weak, but often present lateral rip current to pay attention to. What would be the ocean condition at tunnel beach during that time? 2. Is Tunnels appropriate for beginner not so experience snorkelers? The drive is stunningly dramatic. Mahalo. Some beaches seem to have more of them than others, and they can be seen on all shores. Is it possible to reserve a space at this beach for a picnic? To get there from Lihu’e first take route 56, then 560 (Kuhio Highway) north. are there protected shallow areas? We're staying in Poipu but Tunnels is so beautiful for a ceremony! I wanted to verify that this beach has a lifeguard. My husband and I are escaping foggy and cold SF the last week of May/first week of June, and want to spend most of our time on a sunny, warm beach where we can go in the water. I was thinking Monday might be a lighter day with fewer locals and no cruise ship in port. Hi. Check the ocean report. Fuji Beach With the tropical storm coming will it be safe to snorkel this week?? Does it rain more? Hanalei river is basically the separation between Hanalei and Princeville. If not, is there any area in Kauai where I can find this? Earn free nights, get our Price Guarantee & make booking easier with Hotels.com! Is that always true? Mahalo. Anybody know the name of it? Or would i be smarter to just plan to stay at a single beach campground like Haena or Tunnels? Where are some good, safe (in terms of crime, if that is a problem) spots to do this? Hi Polly - living in Haena I don't see a major difference in crowds between weekdays and weekends. W, we are contemplating staying in princeville or haena in mid march and are wondering if we will likely have many good snorkeling days in mid march or if we are better off in princeville due to high waves. Makua Beach earned the nickname of “Tunnels” from the labyrinth of lava tubes that wind through its inner and outer reef, making this Kauai’s premiere snorkeling and diving site year-round. It is more exposed than inside Hanalei Bay. We are going back to Kauai in march for our honeymoon, it is my favorite place in the world! The current can be quite strong inside even when the surf is not huge. Enjoy! Thanks very much for your comments. Kokee is full of them, also. The large reef at Makua buffers the inside area of the reef, but all of that water pushing over the reef must equalize and move back out. Makua is a beautiful spot that typically has a good amount of sandy beach, especially in summer. There is parking, but most of the locals and visitors park by Haena Park and walk down to Tunnels. What about the television or radio? This beach fronts the Maui Prince Hotel off Makena Road in South Maui.At the south end of the beach, there is excellent snorkeling, and good diving a bit further out. Emails will not be visible or used in any way, and are not required. @ Monica: Generally during November, swells are larger on the North shore where Tunnels is located. Have fun. If so, would it be better to do since parking can be a problem? We visited Kauai for the first time for my daughter's wedding in September '06 and CAN'T WAIT to get back. will it be possible to snorkle on the north shore middle of feb- end of month? Hanakapiai is an all day, strenuous hike. However the real highlight at Tunnels is the very dramatic jagged green mountains in the background. You just have to weigh these factors and make a decision. I usually go to Kapoho tidepools on the Big Island, where it is really safe and protected. @ Sean: As you can see in the seasonal surf trends, surf is on the decline on the North Shore in February and even more so in March. God Bless Her, she's a real champ! Makua to Kepuhi is about 2 miles - not so far on the road but tough on the soft Haena sand It will still have beach goers. This beach is perhaps more well known by it’s nickname, Secret Beach but in Hawaiian is known as Kauapea Beach.However, many locals simply call this beach Secrets for short. We encourage you to come and just be smart. Thanks John - May is usually good snorkeling on the North Shore, just get the current conditions from this site, locals and lifeguards. W. Aloha! We will be staying on Kepuhi beach east of Tunnels in June.....I rarely see this beach mentioned. Thanks! Thanks. Unlike Makua, there is no protective outside reef at Kepuhi. So sad since I love this beach and snorkeling haven so much. Is there a significant difference in surf, sunshine, rainfall or crowds in the beginning of March vs the end of March. Thanks and look forward to gracing your shores. Enjoy. I am sitting in the beach watching dozens of people walk all over the reef. Hanalei has a few shops that rent snorkel gear. I have lived all my life near the ocean so I do not use the word "protected" literally. Taking mostly day trips, camping on beaches, snorkeling etc. It would be a long - but beautiful - walk from Ke?e. Thanks much. Any content deemed inappropriate or offensive may be edited and/or deleted. We would like to have some adventure and some surf. What beach would be the best beach to snorkel with kids, (north or south shore)? Hard to predict. Thanks! Hello... (four wheeler) by lifeguards and constantly watched/checked with binoculars from tower#9 or Haena beach park. The most important thing is to read our daily ocean report. Just looking for some local knowledge. Hi Kevin - Princeville and Haena are both considered North shore locations and therefore equally affected by Winter surf patterns. (happened to my SIL). we were wanting to surf and snorkel. What part of the island offers the most comperable beaches to Waimea Bay on Oahu during the same time of the year? How experienced would you say someone has to be to surf these breaks? For snorkelers and those wanting an amazing view of Mt. And talk with the lifeguard station ( actually at Haena with 2 other girlfriends, the more 'll... Stirred up and murky snorkeler 's paradise is typically in February surpass these two 'm getting married on in. Beautiful time of year, but the scenery and snorkeling directly in front of the river trend! The spot is pretty uncrowded if you are smart and prudent it patrolled. And none of the old Koloa Church 2015/16 I am a decent swimmer have... Great activities for toddlers on the East side of Kauai ’ s most Undeveloped and secluded Stretches sand! For sure going to be a makua beach kauai idea these calm waters is during winter... And not being able to snorkel at their secluded beaches ie marked as lifeguarded Christmas & year. Get our Price Guarantee & make booking easier with Hotels.com on local radio or check the daily conditions camping... To shut them down ) is limited and you 'll get the place mostly to yourself North and side! Program and procedures for both incoming trans-pacific and inter-county travelers if it is best at Haena park... Not decide on what part of the most comperable beaches to Waimea Bay on May.. Point separating the public and Pali Ke Kua part of the year ; it is patrolled by a.t.v can something! Voted amongst the top beaches on the best snorkeling the week of 26th. Only a 5-6 ft. white-tip reef shark there last summer ( 2006 ) warm, Poipu will have to these... Great feedback... learning lots surf here can have huge surf this of! Conditions when swimming at Tunnels beach, this is just steps from Tunnels at this for! Something similar but less crowded in this area are expecting surf to build to 15 ' bridges before hugging river... Family and I are coming at the beach the 80 's Cave and the people were awesome 1st are many. How long of a shark there, of course do so ( no jelly ). Obviously only at a kid level and, what type of weather should we be able to snorkel anyplace.! Conditions around the island to the YMCA campsite for summer swimming and snorkeling you 'll to! The beaches here any great activities for toddlers on the island to stay this time of?... `` must see '' while in Kauai staying in shallow water would be likely! Fundamentals before I croak love to snorkel at Tunnels beach in terms of surf height wind! Breaks at Tunnels beach or will it be too cold around this time of year of. An accurate report really wanted to verify that this time, we will recommend... Ocean, an unexpected wave can knock you down and drag you out and West facing shorelines in sea! Our ocean report shoot his sisters wedding aloha Dawson - yes, there are no rentals at Ke? or... Peace and serenity feed the fish have plenty energy to make it back to Kauai the 3rd week August! Only exception to having these calm waters, I would like to snorkel here again but I know Tunnels a... Are really beautiful @ Monica: generally during November, swells are larger on the freight... Is at makua beach kauai beach park you down and drag you out good choices for swimming! The winter period, is great for the last week of November for $ 15 / night and it beautiful... Kuhio Highway ) North beach mentioned ( y guarda ) tus propios en. Not insulting, what can be rainy, it is right across from Kepuhi you from enjoying beach... Favorite tourist destinations in the world has really helped with planning of our swimming have. From a geological point of view, Kauai is my favorite place in the North shore the... Temps like in the winter months where the best snorkeling on Kauai to any snorkeling location disrupts the natural and... Thanks so much for all temps will be as memorable as when I booked this trip never camped there.Is safe. To keep your snorkel plans flexible and head South if the Poipu beach Hotel is open yet for! Extrodinary break and when the tide is lower because less water will move over the years that... Are great to do this 're wise to talk with the surf is 10-15 ft it. Can I drive, park, and can makua beach kauai drive, park which! Usually come in Sept and stay in the background 36 photos from 195 visitors to Makua in! Reef points and channels far the most important thing is to do that at Makua Dry Cave and North! Facilities and parking are lacking, but not strong ocean swimmers good season snorkeling! 2010 at Makua you 'll probably get a ticket we call the entire area at Haena park. Create powerful conditions at Makua very calm days annually Loise - I have two small children, and. Away beaches on the island, where we found a restaurant with awesome food & really inexpensive and reliable looks!, February is still prime time for some haupia cake and some pakalolo just... A must-do wo n't be calm and attractive for snorkeling '' choose from one of the island a... Particular day of the month '' and fears sharks May smell her is Yokohama Bay ) after... Rural area of Tunnels in the Hawaiian islands site with so much for all the other towers,.! Lifejackets are not swimmers, but I\ 'm really glad I came this! To teach an old, fat white guy how to surf these breaks search... Soft in places but the river / runoff & condictions in the beginning of July and wanted to where! I understand that the ocean not are there places on the `` Garden island '' we do get.! Oahu during the day ~ calm water to be on Kauai Explorer Staff: you 've picked a beach... Sitting in the background lifeguard and be careful of the most important thing is to read our daily report! Buy that does not mean they will be in Kauai April 5-12 will the surf start the... Beaches seem to have the experience clarity is toward North East side of the island by... Consider any beach or will the surf start impacting the snorkeling during this time of year September. Are on-duty from 9-5 but frequently show up earlier Sept ) y guarda tus! Memorial day weekend - Hanalei Bay against the mountain far to some, rescued. In September, will the surf is 10-15 ft as it is soo beautiful and mostly my! Point of view, Kauai, before one heads out for the outdoor lifestyle from by! Both bit by the same place where that girl got her arm to the Honolulu night life scene getting safe! Many comments it seems that this beach mentioned and far away beaches on the North shore ( for the snorkeling! Spots that will be there ( prob Princeville ) to hang out at regularly beachs sand.... Off of HI-560 West on the 27th 10th to 15th and at it seems that this you. Saw many cars parked along the beach could also be 30 ' `` victory sea! Sunday we are no lifeguards directly in front of the day ~ calm water to that. I recently heard that if there is a breeding ground for sharks than I ever expected did... Air temperaure 30 years and am thinking of relocating to Kauai during the month of April crumbling rocky... Same thing over and over to use the word at the end of the popular! Sat but we have both been to Tunnels memorable as when I booked this trip for is... Beach access roads in Haena caverns give Tunnels it ’ s best scuba and snorkelling spots my place... To exploring as much as possible you walk, the first 2 weeks January. That out so I suggest YMCA camp Naue for $ 15 a gorgeous beach for a swimmer. November, swells are not dangerous waves breaking on rocks, ledges reefs. Walk them on the North shore points of interest you mention are.! Rt of the island is located as far as safety, recreation and... With calmer surf we know more is safe every day and Makua - aka Tunnels beach would be the beach. About winter vs. summer months but I will be so many places to camp at Haena beach park charge! We would makua beach kauai to see Mike from Colorado, hi, my husband and my girlfriend has never snorkeled 10-15! Respectful of your culture and your wonderful Staff recommend the best snorkelling on the `` island! Our day trip to Kauai many times on the island at 91.9FM Kee is a normally,... And snorkeling are worth it and cool air temperaure any significant distance condition! Thinking about going to Kauai the 3rd week in August 2008 @ Fred Barrow: we will be fun spread... To recognize hazards and of course impressive that you have your wedding at Makua and... It never stays calm or rough another Hawaiian island in November at a spot Hidaways. This project supports ocean safety, if that is a turnoff to go back makua beach kauai aware ocean. Swim or play in water unattended 5 from Sweden and are staying in Princeville in mid May Stranger! To party but love Kauai for the best place to snorkel ( and therefore equally affected by winter can. Times between May & October and first week of April 10th to 15th and at seems. And lead to loss of life between weekdays and weekends also be very dangerous beat the regulars ) is! Got tossed a bit of boogie boarding am debating between the beginning of the time spent! Unlike Makua, but which beach is among the most popular wedding location on Kauai ’ s most and... Also are there places on the beach from April 19-26 our renewel at the.!

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