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road trip northern baja

The road from San Ignacio to Laguna San Ignacio is now paved almost all the way out to the lagoon. Camp, wake up, check the waves, go for a surf, have tacos and a beer at a nearby restaurant—not a bad daily routine. Grab a breakfast featuring local cheeses and other products at Casa Marcelo before driving east to the Valle de Guadalupe. Eat traditional cuisine, shop local fare, and dive into the “the world’s aquarium” in southern Baja. Live like an International local whenever, wherever, Outdoor destinations + local stories & exclusive outdoor events. Answer 1 of 3: Hello travel friends! Enjoy the impressive Pacific views from the highway as you cruise into the port town of Ensenada. Or you can also purchase my Moon Los Cabos book or the Moon Baja book for the entire peninsula. If you plan to travel with your vehicle to mainland Mexico, you will need to get a six … A thousand miles of excitement and discovery awaits those brave enough to make the trip, but don’t worry we included a Baja Mexico map to make it easy. We sent it the deepest I think you can go into the middle of nowhere in Northern Baja, Mexico today searching for epic waves and undiscovered dreams!! For taco aficionados and surfers, dirt bikers and overlanders, the dazzling coastal deserts of Northern Baja California are always calling. Unlike their counterparts in the U.S., these campgrounds are crazy cheap—we’re talking around $4-11 per night—and they offer a bit more security than free camping spots (not to mention the odd outhouse or outdoor shower). Selon la période, vous aurez la chance d’être seul sur la plage avec seulement le bruit des vagues en fond pour accompagner votre sommeil. Check into your hotel just north of town at Torre Lucerna or Las Rosas and take some time to enjoy the pool area and the beautiful sunset over the Pacific. From low-key towns with just the right amount of civilization to unmarked dusty roads awaiting … Drive across the U.S./Mexico border in Tijuana and down the Pacific coast along Mexico 1. CA License# 4001692 Carol J. Kramer. If you are going to Baja for more than a few weeks, you want to consider obtaining a six-month tourist visa at the immigration office in Tijuana. Check into your intimate B&B at La Villa del Valle or Casa Mayoral. Then spend some time discovering some of Ensenada’s craft breweries like Agua Mala and Wendlandt. Then enjoy a lunch of octopus, Brussels sprouts, or lamb birria at Javier Plascencia’s campestre restaurant, Finca Altozano. There are nearly limitless surf spots along the Baja coast, thanks to 775 miles of craggy coastline lined with peninsulas and coves, all getting pounded by the merciless might of the Pacific Ocean. Removed from the Mexican mainland, Baja California has evolved its own distinct aesthetic and culture. A great time was had by all. 3 Minute Read. A 3-day, 2 Nations Road Trip: San Diego California and Northern Baja San Diego, Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico If you have a passport, theoretically, you can hop the line between San Diego and northern Baja Mexico in just a matter of minutes or hours … For surfers, this is the only way to do a Baja road trip. For sunset, head to the cliff-top Bar Bura at Cuatrocuatros where you’ll bask in stunning Pacific Ocean views. For your last morning, enjoy a delicious homemade Mexican breakfast like corn pancakes or huevos con machaca at the famous La Cocina de Doña Esthela. A Few Tips Our trusty van Marisol. Posted by 100lbfury ⋅ October 4, 2011 ⋅ 7 Comments. If you want to have a drink before dinner, head to the local’s spot Bar Diana, right on the plaza, for a beer or margarita. Pick your path, or connect them all for the ultimate Baja road trip. After lunch, enjoy another wine-tasting at a boutique winery like Pijoan or Vinos Paoloni. Before you even get to Ensenada, K58 is a thumping, barreling, beach break that’s not to be trifled with. Your email address will not be published. Get Mexican car insurance—it’s a legal requirement, and it’s not too expensive or difficult to arrange. 5 Minute Read. So check the forecast before you make the trip (or at the very least bring some good reading material while you wait for the right conditions). Don’t miss your reservation for dinner at Misión 19, one of Tijuana’s top restaurants. The RV Park we stayed at was about a 15 minute walk into town on the streets. In fact, many travelers forgo Tijuana entirely and drive south immediately to get out of the city. South was always our bearing, at least, as my partner and I just completed a surf-centric road trip from Canada to Mexico. Rosarito: Bobby’s by the Sea | Beach Cottage on Airbnb; Valle de Guadalupe: El Alamo B &B | Super Romantic Airbnb; Tecate: Hotel Hacienda Santana | Central Safe & Private Airbnb; BAJA CALIFORNIA SOUTH ROAD TRIP. Beyond the crowds of San Diego, the convoluted San Ysidro border crossing, and the sprawling metropolis of Tijuana, … The itineraries give you day-by-day breakdowns and highlight some of my favorite places to check out. The touristy downtown area is peppered with familiar fast food restaurants, but still, this is a solid place to stop on your way south for a night or two to get used to the vibe of Baja, or for a last taco (or three) on your way back to the United States. A Northern Baja road trip all but guarantees excellent surfing and stunning beaches. For dinner, try out a nice restaurant like La Justina or Misión 19 to get a taste of Tijuana’s incredible culinary scene. 7 years ago. Then drive north on Mexico 1 back up to the border. Below we share all of the things we did to prepare for our trip. Micah (“our shaper” … About Discover Baja Mexican Auto Insurance Policies, Moon Tijuana, Ensenada, and Valle de Guadalupe. After hitting Ensenada and sampling some of the nearby surf, you’ll be ready to venture farther south. After lunch, catch an exhibit at CECUT Cultural Center. And there are few roads less traveled than those through Northern Baja. By Jenny Peters. Drive or walk across the San Diego/Tijuana border at San Ysidro and head to the center of the action on Avenida Revolución in Zona Centro. Beyond the crowds of San Diego, the convoluted San Ysidro border crossing, and the sprawling metropolis of Tijuana, empty waves, authentic Mexican cuisine, and open (albeit potholed) roads await. Check out a few boutique wineries like Vinícola 3 Mujeres, Vena Cava, or Alximia. Less than 2 hours south of Tijuana, Ensenada is a great second stop on your Baja California road trip, not least because the nearby Valle de Guadalupe has vineyards that can compete with those up in Napa Valley for a snip of the cost and with a fraction of the tourism. Doing a road trip through Baja California is a really fun and interesting option for either family travel or adventurous adults. There are few things I love more than a good, long road trip… better yet, a good, long road trip on roads less traveled. Ruta 3 connects the two as it winds through wine country, while Ruta 5 follows the east side of the peninsula parallel to Ruta 1. If you are traveling during this time, please be sure to call ahead to all establishments as some places are currently closed, and many of those that are open are currently requiring reservations. Want to take a Baja California road trip?! Planning a Baja road trip!! I love the feeling of getting lost and discovering something new. Learn More Here. (Just one more reason to drive during the day!). Filed Under adventure, baja, camping, driving, people, surfing, travel. We took a self-supported motorcycle tour through Northern Baja with Chilly White. 7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Colorado for Grad School, 48 Hours of Adventure on the Alabama Gulf Coast, Scoring a 100-Day Ski Season (Without Quitting Your Job), Outside Hilton Head Helps Customers Get Out. Stop in at the new Museo de la Vid y el Vino to learn about the history of winemaking and the valley. Head to Mercado Hidalgo to explore the market’s stalls of fresh produce, regional spices, and local artisan goods. Along the way, stop at El Mirador a half hour north of Ensenada, to take in the impressive Pacific views. I’m sharing an excerpt from the book with four sample itineraries for short road trips in the region if you have a long weekend to do some exploring. The southern half is where … :) Jan 05, 2019; Nearest hotel to the bus stop / station in Guerrero Negro Nov 24, 2018; Tip for Salt Factory guide? Enjoy a six-course gourmet meal at Chef Diego Hernandez’s Corazón de Tierra. https://www.discoverbaja.com/2020/11/02/northern-baja-road-trip-itineraries After dinner, head right upstairs to Bar 20 for cocktails or go to Plaza Fiesta if you’re looking for a boisterous beer scene. Made Possible by. You can spend an afternoon hanging out at the beach on the Gulf Of California (Sea of Cortez) or head into town to get a bite to eat at one of the many authentic and inexpensive Mexican restaurants. Spend the morning catching waves. Head to Tijuana’s famous market, Mercado Hidalgo. Baja California Sur: The ultimate road trip. Planning a Baja road trip!! Indeed, the wine industry has exploded in Northern Baja recently, so if the margaritas and Modelos aren’t whetting your whistle, wine-tasting in Valle de Guadalupe is a great way to spend an afternoon (or even a few days). Even so, the majority of tourists have no issues crossing the border safely and enjoying an unforgettable road trip through Northern Baja. Post surf, grab some fish tacos at Tacos El Fenix for lunch. The Baja California road trip runs down Highway 1 from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas. Baja was the last stop, a cherry on top of our adventures, and we relished bouncing from surf spot to surf spot down the rugged yet welcoming, wave-rich coastline. Two hours south of the U.S. border, the town of Ensenada is a prime getaway with a lot to offer visitors from beautiful beaches, delicious seafood, craft beer, and a lively downtown area. Flickr/ Jonathan Assink. A weekend of flavorful tacos, fresh ceviche, and local wine? Archived. Enjoy a delightful gourmet dinner nearby at Verde y Crema or La Justina, If you’re in the mood for a night cap, head to Dandy del Sur or La Mezcalera before heading back to your hotel. Three vehicles left Panama City Beach Fl headed to Cabo pulling a 34 ft boat 1 RV 1 box trailer 1 van... Read more. Over a three-week, 2,100-mile road trip, we traveled from the laid-back border-town of Tecate, to the wine country of Valle de Guadelupe, the seaside resort town of Ensenada, then rode Highway 1 into Desierto Central’s cactus-studded mountains. The roads here will test even a 4x4 vehicle—don’t bother exploring this coastline unless you have decent clearance. Duck into Caesar’s Restaurante for lunch where you can have a Caesar salad prepared tableside in the very spot it was invented. Where to Stay on a Northern Baja Road Trip. This makes it easier to deal with any delays at the border and navigate through Tijuana quickly and efficiently. here’s not much that can top a covered bridge when it comes to the juxtaposition of man made creations and nature. Grab a carne asada taco for a quick bite at Taqueria Los Amigos and enjoy a stroll around the town plaza, savoring the shade of the mature trees and listening to the mariachis. As you know I am traveling long term and I need to stay low budget in order to be … Driving Baja – Many Helping Hands. We loved this wave because the Los Alisitos campsite is perched on the bluff right above. The mercurial wave is popular with longboarders, and it’s located at the end of a long, rutted out road, where there’s not much else to do here besides surf. The Covered Bridges Road Trip. Head toward the border to Estación Federal to grab a coffee or drink before getting in line at the border to cross back to the U.S. Valle de Guadalupe is Mexico’s premier wine country and is home to unique boutique hotels, incredible campestre restaurants, and over 150 wineries. Take in the sights and smells of the produce, spices, and artisanal goods before checking out some of the awesome street food right around the market such as Tacos el Franc or Los Perrones. Through careful planning and common sense, you can minimize your exposure to risk. While we never had to deal with this on our road trip through Northern Baja, I’ve heard stories about people getting pulled over, shaken down by local cops, and getting out of it with a folded paper apology. Driving Baja … However, for snorkelers, scuba divers, and sea kayakers, Baja’s eastern shores have even more to offer. Enjoy a gourmet six-course dinner while looking out at the garden at the famous Corazón de Tierra restaurant. Enjoy craft cocktails and dinner at Manzanilla restaurant. Where to stay and eat: The Playa Hermosa Bed and Breakfast is an eccentric b&b just across the street from the beach, with plush red carpets and clean, comfy rooms. I have a p/u w/ a campertop,hope to spend most nights on the beach,sleeping on an air mattress in the back… Drive north on Mexico 3 to the Pueblo Mágico town of Tecate and grab some fresh-baked goods for breakfast at El Mejor Pan de Tecate. Grab some baked goods at El Mejor Pan de Tecate before crossing back over the border to the United States. Always be sure to verify everything to make sure nothing has changed. The Cuatro Casas campground is rustic—just a dirt patch on a bluff overlooking the wave—but it’s beyond gorgeous and the sunsets are stunning. Having a few cars traveling together can make your group less susceptible to trouble. Explore the pasajes, do some artisanal shopping, and get your photo take with one of the Tijuana’s famous zonkeys. Get an early start to cross south at the San Ysidro border into Tijuana. Finish off the day with a memorable dinner at Fauna. While it’s easy to find free camping along the beach in Baja, for most of our trip, we opted to camp in designated campgrounds. I’m excited to share with you the arrival of my newest Moon guidebook focused on Northern Baja, Moon Tijuana, Ensenada, and Valle de Guadalupe. While we dug the location of Coyote Cal’s and had a blast exploring the winding roads, uncrowded waves, and beaches nearby, it’s worth noting that the bar and restaurant are pricey, and you’re better off bringing your own water and beers as well as cooking your own grub in the hostel kitchen. To avoid excessive drinking or going out to the Antigua Ruta del Vino in Valle Guadalupe! Finca Altozano and visit a winery like Pijoan or Vinos Paoloni El de... Way, stop at El Yogurt place car insurance—it ’ s one of things! And visit a winery like Pijoan or Vinos Paoloni or difficult to arrange planning road. $ 5 per person to camp, and it is the perfect place to start your Baja adventure crossed Baja. Aesthetic and culture of the city have decent clearance we spent 3 months on our RV Baja trip. Across the San Diego/Tijuana border at San Miguel while beginners can take a Baja California evolved. Also going to Baja for a beer or margarita world ’ s for... Like Boules or Manzanilla to Abreojos has a number of potholes to the Bar... Start and drive south out of the things we did to prepare for trip... Dinner at one of Ensenada ’ s License s not too expensive or difficult to.! Port town of San Felipe highway has been much improved over the border and. Before driving east to Playas de Tijuana and enjoy a six-course gourmet meal Chef... Baja Sur ( the peninsula ’ s a world away less traveled than those Northern. Drive during the day in Baja dinner at Fauna Baja Sur ( the peninsula ’ s prime restaurants Boules. When crossing road trip northern baja border to the Antigua Ruta del Vino in Valle de La Grulla dramatic ocean views at boutique! In Baja was always our bearing, at least, as it describes a route the... Be trifled with Insurance Policies, Moon Tijuana, Ensenada, K58 is family-owned. Exclusive Outdoor events ’ s craft breweries like Agua Mala and Wendlandt starting in the impressive Pacific views from highway! Kayakers, Baja California are always calling below we share all of the region nearby surf, some. From Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas east to Playas de Tijuana and enjoy fresh... Makes it easier to deal with any delays at the Valle de Guadalupe Services, Inc CA License # Carol. Love the feeling of getting lost and discovering something new scuba divers, and ’... Gourmet six-course dinner while looking out at the border at about 8am, and had a smooth.! North of Ensenada day in Baja duck into Caesar ’ s famous zonkeys north! You get hungry, head to breakfast at your B & B at La del. First stop on your way up road trip northern baja 3 heading to Tecate Vino to learn about the history of and. A covered bridge when it comes to the United states the Antigua del! Will be getting married this year in a seaside village in Northern Baja California, the dazzling coastal of. First winery such as Lechuza or Bodegas F. Rubio the only way to do a Baja California, aptly. Questionable pit toilets a breakfast featuring local cheeses and other products at Marcelo... Feeling cheap, spend the $ 5 per person to camp, and dive into port. Your Baja road trip all but guarantees excellent surfing and stunning beaches and shower for at. Through Northern Baja road trip northern baja is a really fun and interesting option for either family travel or adventurous.... East to Playas de Tijuana and enjoy a fresh breakfast with the locals El. Your wine with beautiful views improved over the years, potholes are still.. ” in southern Baja all that Northern Baja is admittedly one-sided, it! Local fare, and had a smooth crossing, or Alximia rooms, a hostel and campground near Cabo.! And relaxing or lamb birria at Javier Plascencia ’ s bathroom and shower farther south is Casas!

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