May 13, 2021
Christmas Nail Art Step by Step

Christmas Nail Art Step by Step

Christmas Nail Art Step by Step

Christmas Nail Art Step by Step

Christmas nail art step by step method shown bellow fallow the bellow steps and get Christmas tree nail art. thank you.

Step 1:

Start off with filed nails painted in a nude hue as this will provide a plain background to show off your final design.

Step 2:

Take two pieces of sticky tape per nail and remove some of the stickiness by pressing them into your palm. Stick them to your nail in a triangle shape and paint the space underneath with a green nail polish such as ulta 3 nail colour in frog prince.

Step 3:

Leave the green polish to try for about three minutes and carefully remove the tape. You will be left with a Christmas tree shape. Then pour out some small amounts of gold and red nail polish on to some paper and take a bobby pin as your dotting tool.

Step 4:

Carefully dip your bobby pin first into the gold polish and put a dot at the top of each tree. Then dip it into the red polish and make several ‘baubles’ on your trees. Once all your baubles are in place, finish with a top coat.


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