May 13, 2021

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorating Christmas tree is the best think we can do on a Christmas day.  It just full fills our heart and soul.  There are wonderful Christmas tree decorations available in market for this Christmas.  But, if you are willing to save your wallet without pouring your money on those available-in-market products, just by using simple techniques, with wallet friendly money you can make those tree decorations at your home itself.  I am not  kidding you.  It is true.  Let’s decorate our home for this Christmas with our own hands and with our own handmade crafts.  How’s the idea? There ends the trailer.  Let’s just get into the movie.

1. Set of five glass decorations from Bombki

This decoration consists of five statuettes of the virgin Mary, Joseph, a donkey, the star of Bethlehem and baby Jesus.  These are handmade glass items which are painted in colors will bring a wonderful look to your Christmas tree.

2. Claydough

This is a chirpy looking Claydough Father Christmas stocking.  This is child’s favorite with sharp edges.  Decorating them on your Christmas tree will give cute look to it.

3. Baubles

Baubles, a very important member in the decoratives of Christmas tree.  They suit in every seasonal theme accompanied with lights and decorations.  Baubles are made of plastic or glass or rubber material.  They are colored and decorated in such a way that they bring great look to the Christmas tree.

4. Shiny star

Stars are the beautiful creation of God.  They resemble the beauty of the sky.  In the Christmas tree stars play a vital role.  Stars can be made of cardboard or sheet or plastic or any material you are well-versed with.  For shiny look they can be glittered on both sides.  The hanging stars in the Christmas tree are a treat to watch.

5. Bells

No matter  what decorative item comes in the race, bells stand in the race with their best appearance.  Bells are commonly gold in color but can be painted in all other colors.  They can be hanged on the Christmas tree to make it look more beautiful.

6. Straw tree topper

Straw tree topper can be made with colorful straws that were available at home.  You can just cut them into equal sizes and glue them to a colored ball.  Place this ball on the top of the Christmas tree.  Make sure the color of the straw matches the color of the ball.

7. Lighting

Lighting top our list.  Lighthings enlite our Christmas tree and it’s decoratives with its rays.  Use battery charged serial lights instead of power generated serial lights.  Lighthings can be decorated easily on a Christmas tree.  Just hold one end of the serial light and start rolling it over the tree.  Instead of rolling it evenly, rolling it unevenly will give a good look to the tree.

8. Button tree ornaments

Buttons can be used in making different crafts.  Now our craft is Christmas tree decoration.  Take buttons of different sizes starting from small one to big one.  Take a yarn and pull all the buttons into that yarn through the holes of the buttons.  Hang the craft using the yarn on the Christmas tree.

9. Purple lights

Purple lights are nothing but balls which were glitter in purple.  You can use old bulbs for making this craft.  The glass portion of the bulb is glued first and then the glitter power of your favorite color is sprinkled on it without any gaps.  That’s it.  Let it dry for a while and hang it on the Christmas tree.

10. Santa

This time, let Santa be your Christmas tree decoration.  Make a Santa using cotton and with red and black colored fabric.  Tie him with the yarn and hang him on your tree.

11. Laser cut tree

Using felt fabric you can make as many items as you can.  Take two different colors of felt.  One is lite color and one is dark.  Take the dark colored felt and cut it in the shape of laser tree.  Now take the contrast color and cut it in a small size laser tree.  Attach the smaller piece of tree on the big one and hang it on the Christmas tree.

12. Toy House

You can make a toy house of your own design with a cardboard.  Just color your house and hang it on the Christmas tree.

Make certain you try these crafts at home and hang them on your Christmas tree.


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