May 13, 2021
Craft Ideas For Christmas

Craft Ideas For Christmas

Craft Ideas For Christmas

Craft Ideas For Christmas

Christmas” the most awaited festive eve for the entire world.  It is celebrated commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.  Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December.  The world comes together to celebrate this eve.  A star is decorated in front of all the houses before one month of Christmas day.  Many people love to decorate their houses with decorative items and crafts for the Christmas eve.  The crafts can be made with different types of materials like craft paper, recycled items like bottles, lights, shells etc., They can be used to decorate your home which will totally give a new look your house.  We have a great collection of new craft items for this Christmas eve.

Let’s get started with our Christmas crafts.

1. Advent Calender

Advent Calender

Take an old frame and color it with your favorite color.  Take some craft papers of different colors and cut them into equal squares or circles or any other shape you like.  If you are done with the pieces, then start numbering them from 1 to 29 or 30 or 31(as per the month).  Attach these papers to different ornaments and attach them on the frame your have colored before.  That’s it.  You got a new, innovative calendar without much effort.

2. Bow Wreath

Bow Wreath

This is a simple craft which will make your house look grand.  Make some bows using craft paper of three different colors.  Start gluing those colorful bows into a wreath.  It won’t take much time complete the wreath.  Decorate your door with that beautiful wreath on the Christmas eve.

3. Candy Cane Vase

Candy Cane Vase

Vases look beautiful in whatever form they take.  Here, we are using candy canes to decorate our vase.  Take a can and glue the candy canes to the can.  Tie the vase with a red ribbon at the center and place some artificial or original flowers to complete the vase.

4. Starlight


Take a Styrofoam ball.  Take battery-powered serial lights and roll them around the ball.  Take a strong thread and tie it to the ball.  Hang it to the ceiling or curtain rod.  You can also use three or four balls of different sizes together to make it looks more beautiful.

5. Pretty Pinecones

Pretty Pinecones

Take Pinecones and paint them in gold.  Use some glitter over the paint to highlight the gold paint.  Place them on side tables or in baskets as decoratives.

6. Snowman ornament

Snowman ornament

Take a baby food jar and paint with acrylic paint of white color.  Decorate it like Snowman with black and orange acrylic paints.  Take a ribbon and hang it like an ornament.

7. Christmas cards

Christmas cards

Do you feel bad while throwing away old greeting cards? If so, then don’t.  Because instead of throwing  them, we can just use them as door decors by making slight changes.  Trim to fit just a single card and attach multiple cards on your room’s door.

8. Magazine Decorations

Magazine Decorations

If you have old magazines and you are thinking of selling them, then forget it.  We can just turn it into a craft for decoration  Just fold the book page over page and you can turn it into a magazine craft.  Make some more decorations to it by attaching some tinsels     or ornaments to it.

9. Paper Angels

Paper Angels

Do you love angles.  I do.  If you want an angle to be on your side, then just by following our simple technique you can have an angle in not more than 5 minutes.  All you need are paper plates or white cardstock.  Cut them into the form of angelic little statues and add wings to it.

10. Make Mini Trees

Make Mini Trees

Time to use your dry branches from your yard.  Take silver or gold color paint and paint those dried branches with those paints.  Make them as a tree and place that mini tree in front of our door.  Add some ornaments if you want to make it look more attractive.

11. Glam up Your Glasses

Glam up Your Glasses

There will be no house without glasses.  Take a beautiful glass among all the glasses and cut the candy into pieces and place them into the glass.  You can just place that glass on your dining table as a docoration.


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