March 6, 2021
Daily Dozen For Women

Daily Dozen For Women

Daily Dozen For Women

Daily Dozen For Women

These days women are no less than men in any field. Not even in working out in gyms. As women are busy with their household works, they don’t get much time to serve their body.  But along with getting modern, we are designing our own gyms in our house.  Our home gym includes treadmill, elliptical, weight lifting etc. But even then we are not getting time to give our full attention to the gym equipment in our house. It is not that easy to maintain our mind stick onto one thing. We may do the treadmill today and  may skip it the other day. The results we get from exercising unevenly will be none to slim. Not to worry. We are here with wonderful tips of how to be fit in the gym at your favoring time.

Now you people no need to spend your time on treadmill by spilling liters of sweat out. You just follow our simple tips which will make you look absolutely fit and fine.

1. Tabata

No matter how much time we spend our day working out in a gym, all that matters is what we gained by spending our time on that.  What I mean  is, let our workout be half an hour or 4 hours what we did in that time and how we utilized that time to burn our fat is all that matters. High-intensity exercises are one of the best ways to throw out unnecessary fat from your body. The fastest way is Tabata. No exercise will bring instant results. All you need to do is to make sure you do your workout perfectly by keeping all your energy on it. That is the only formula that works.  Before starting any exercise or workout do start your session with a warm-up.  After you are done with the warm-up, cool-down your body. Tabata is a simple and less time consuming workout that only takes four minutes includes the rest time.  There is no foul plan in it or cons that will effect your body. This is a super-speedy high-intense workout that will show you excellent results in not much time.

Perform resistance exercise for about 20 seconds such as squats, kettlebell swings or medicine ball slams. Make sure you take 10 seconds rest after each repetition. Repeat it for 8 times.

2. Circuits

It’s time for you to clean the dust on your gym equipment. It’s time for  you to make exact use of your equipment. There are wonderful equipments available in the gyms now-a-days. Different equipments are designed for different parts of our body. A good gym consists of ViPRs, kettlebells and stabilityballs etc. If you make proper use of them, you would be the one who will be benefited by it the most. The gym trainers present  in the gym will train you in using the new equipment available in the gym. Like we work all the day and rest in nights,  our body while working out vomits all it’s fat content out ,which requires some mandatory rest time to do cope up with this intense workout regime again.

3. Cardio

Doing cardio is a little fun at it incorporates all the machines in its workout format like treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, stair climbers and rowers. You can just select any one of them and can ride on them for your slim and fit body. You can start your cardio at a low intensity or speed and slowly day-by-day increase the speed of your workout and also time of your workout.  If you want to do it differently, then try doing it.Get on treadmill for 15 minutes, another 15 minutes on bike and one more 15minutes o the rowing machine. Ride on the cardio machines to your heart’s content and you will notice a great change in your body. Women who crossed the line of 40, will see natural decrease of bone density due the hormonal imbalance and changes. It would be good for them to incorporate these cardio machines that involve being on their feet in their daily routine so that they will help to increase the bone growth. Limit your first day workout to just 15- minutes and slowly increase the time and intensity day –by-day.

These daily dozens for women will not only help them to stay fit, but also helps them to stay absolutely healthy. So, don’t waste your time and start riding on the gym equipment for better and a fit body.


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