May 13, 2021
Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Proper diet and workout routine is extremely important to lose weight in a healthy way. Check out this diet plan to ensure you remain healthy and lose unwanted fat. The amount of food you eat and the time you take food, plays a vital role in deciding the outcome.

Lemon, Honey, Warm Water

Start your day with a glass of Lemon Juice with warm water and honey. It is a brilliant start. It keeps your body ready to burn fat. The reason this drink works is it increases your tendency to go to bathroom more number of times and thereby helps you lose weight.


Eat any amount of fruits. Exclude grapes, litchi, mangoes and banana. If you can, stay on fruits for a day and realize how gorgeous your skin is. Fruits bring out the beauty of your skin. Otherwise, have fruits for breakfast with a glass of skimmed milk. This is the best way you can start your day.


After a couple of hours have sprouts seasoned with raw onions, tomatoes, green chilli, a pinch of salt and lemon. This is yummy and keeps you full for longer time. Have a bowl of sprouts whenever you feel hungry as it is rich in fibre and less in calories.


For lunch, have a cup of rice with 2 chapathis. Include more vegetables in curry. This is the best way to reduce the calorie intake without cutting the intake of food.


For snacks, you can have a cup of sprouts or oat meal. Oatmeal is also rich in fibre content. Add a glass of green tea now or later. Green tea is rich in oxidants. It works brilliantly well for skin and weight loss.


Keep dinner as light as possible and have dinner atleast 2 hours before you go to bed. A couple of chapathis with vegetables rich curries is the best option for dinner.

The key to losing weight is to avoid junk food, oil and rely more on fruits and vegetables.


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