May 6, 2021

Do it Yourself Green Beauty

Do it Yourself Green Beauty Beauty

Are you Tired of talking about natural products?? Then why don’t you make one yourself Better?? This way, you will know exactly what goes into the jar. You will know why it works; and if it doesn’t, you can learn from this experience and improve your formulation. Hundreds of brands, big and small, were conceived in a kitchen, and the best thing is you don’t need a gift for cosmetic chemistry or a professional degree to whip up a simple cucumber and clay mask. Once you come to grips with this simple process, you will realize that your homemade cosmetic products are more effective and pleasant to use than commercially available masks sold in pretty tubes and jars.

Here are some other benefits of making your own skin care:

  1. Big savings.You will be able to save up to 80 percent on an advanced antiaging cream if you boost your existing moisturizer with active ingredients that are sold separately. Most scrubs and masks cost pennies when made at home.
  2. Better value. To put it simply, you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. You are not spending 95 percent of your money on the packaging, labeling, and advertising—so you can get a much better product for a lower cost.
  3. Unique combinations.You can try combinations that are impossible to find on the shelves. Brands are tied to specific active ingredients (Crème de la Mer uses fermented sea kelp, while RéVive is famous for the use of epidermal growth factor), so it is impossible to find products that have active ingredients marketed by two competing brands, but you can mix them at home very easily.
  4. Custom-tailored strength. You can adjust the concentration of an active ingredient based on the condition of your skin. By making your own cosmetics, you can be sure that the blend works for you and was not designed to suit a large number of people. If you need a little less of an ingredient, you can more easily adjust the formulation. There is no need to compromise.
  5. Freshness.You can eschew paraben and formaldehyde preservatives by making a fresh batch of a skin cream or a cleanser at home every month.
  6. Simplicity. You can save yourself some time and hassle by buying organic base creams and lotions that already contain all the inactive ingredients mixed up in perfect proportions. Some cosmetic products can be whipped up from scratch, but good lotions and shampoos are more complicated to make at home.
  7. Advanced formulas. By trying new active ingredients, you can enjoy the scientific findings sooner than people who use ready-made products. Conventional beauty lines need two years to introduce new ingredients to the market due to the expense and time to develop new packaging and labels.


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