May 6, 2021

Easy Nail Art Designs Step by Step

Deep Blue Nail Art :


It is very easy nail art. Apply glitter to starting of your nail like shown below. Apply color to remaining nail.


Multi Color Nail Art


First Apply white color to your nail. Take Sponge and cote with colors you like and put sponge on your nail, remove extra color.


White and red color nail art


Apply white color to your nails. Take some stripes and put it on your nails how you want. Paint your nails with red color. Finally remove the stripes.


Rainbow Color Nail Art


Rainbow color nails are very attractive and catching. By Following below steps you can easily paint your nails.


Yellow Nail Art

It is very easy and stylish nail art. Like White and red color nail art you can easily apply this nail art.


Love Nail art

It is easy and special nail art for girls. When you meet your fiancé you can apply this special nail art.



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