May 9, 2021
Fast Way of Burning Fat

Fast Way of Burning Fat

Fast Way of Burning Fat

Fast Way of Burning Fat

BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) is the one which everyone has to notice, which indeed means that Metabolic rate is the amount of metabolism taken place in our body which will burn the fats from your body. Have the calculations of how much metabolism is taking place with your daily routine work.  If this routine work is not helping you increase your metabolic rate and burn the unnecessary fat from your body parts which are stored because excess of carbohydrates and sugars that take more time to digest and sufficient physical work is not done which will burn all these excess calories, will in turn deposit in the form of fat and cholesterol in your body. It also depends of the height, weight, sex and your age.

Fats can be burned with some sort of exercises and diet management.  Let us see how this is done in a step wise manner:

  • Early morning exercises and yoga that should be for your body and soul to regain new energy levels both physically and mentally performed activities throughout the day. While walking just don’t want as regularly instead try long distance steps which will raise your metabolism and yoga will rejuvenate your soul. Healthy Soul Rests in Healthy Body. While exercising try to mix up both the lower half and upper half body will be exercised so that in less time more metabolism can take place.
  • Prefer to take a glass of water with half of lemon mixed in it and mix honey. Lemon mixed with warm water will produce heat in your body which indeed will burn it and vitamin C, automatically help in reducing cholesterol.
  • After half an hour you automatically think of having some tea or coffee that will make you feel good. But instead of having tea or coffee, it is better to replace them with Green Tea, Lemon Tea, or Honey Tea etc., which will help in producing anti-oxidants that will reduce fat.
  • Then have some bath, because having bath with warm water will make your body fresh and also it is said that water treatment is a good idea which will also reduce many diseases and also they will burn fat. During this time prefer swimming or water running that will make our body to go under stress which will be created by water force and it raises metabolism.
  • In breakfast instead of some oily items like dosa, idly, and puri etc., prefer some oatmeal and protein food could be gained from egg white. Proteins will require 30-40% of metabolism rate increase when compared with carbohydrates that will require only 3-4%, is the better way to reduce fat.  Proteins are the muscle builders and will raise metabolism to digest.
  • In between breakfast, lunch, and dinner better to have some fresh fruits and vegetables that will help in providing necessary nutrition which is necessary to keep body active throughout the day and during snacks time prefer some biscuits that will easily digest as now-a-days many manufacturers are trying to provide products like ragi, barley, oats keeping in mind the health.
  • In food add proteins, fibre, and less carbohydrate foods. Completely avoid potatoes and pastas which will consist of high carbohydrate foods.  Coming to the chips and other eatable things available in markets, check whether the product consists of baked, oven-fried, and sugar free.
  • Drink more and more water because being idle always misinterpret you that you are hungry. At such times, instead of having something to eat better to take water.  Keep water with you every time and when you feel hungry at the times which should not be, then try to have water.
  • Avoid processed food which consists of completely saturated fats like burgers, pizzas, and artificial preservatives that are preserved for more time.
  • Some people will have sandwiches and bread related foods as snacks or breakfasts. This will be a good idea but prefer brown bread instead of milk bread because brown bread consists of fibres and will digest food quickly.
  • Some people unintentionally eat more when they are emotional and they find anything cooking according to their taste and while watching T.V. At such delicate times itself everyone should have control on themselves and make themselves control from eating more than you used to.
  • Maintain timings of your diet because when you eat at irregular intervals the body may not be able to produce the digestive enzymes to digest food and digestion will take more time which undoubtedly is the reason for increasing fat storage. So avoid irregular eating habits.
  • Try to take a good sleep. Sleep more if you have leisure time and you are idle because sleep will divert your thought of eating anything continuously.
  • In your daily life try to have the habit of gardening which will make you to exercise your body indirectly.


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