May 13, 2021
Fast Weight Loss Tips

Fast Weight Loss Tips

Fast Weight Loss Tips

Fast Weight Loss Tips

Over Weight or Obesity is the major health problem that is taking the peace and health of many of the people. Some of the people will get it through the jeans and some might experience with irregular diet, irregular sleep and other effecting factors. Over weight will causes to many of the diseases like BP, Suger, Hear Attack and many more. The side effects of heavy weight will not let ones peacefully.

People those who really wants to reduce their weight must focus on it seriously and have to make a goal to reach certain weight and also must work accordingly. Eating excess food, eating oily food, eating junk food , sleeping for less hours , drinking less liquids are some of the known reasons of obesity.

The most major thing to achieve anything is focusing on it. Don’t get depressed or don’t under estimate yourself. If you dedicatedly work on anything you will get succeeded in it.

Fast Weight Loss Tips

  • Make a workout for 30 min to 1 hour regularly.
  • Eat fibre foods in place of carbohydrate foods. Minimise the consumption of oil.
  • Eat more vegetables which are having fibre.
  • Don’t skip the food. That is breakfast, lunch, dinner anything. Take the food but make a change in type of the food. Replace the breakfast with oats, salads, sprouts, whole wheat bread. Replace the lunch with Pulkas, Brown rice with more rich fibre foods like green leaves, raw vegetables/semi cooked vegetables with less salt and spices. And replace your dinner with only pulkas and finish your dinner early in the evening.
  • Drink 6 to litres of water every day. Don’t sleep immediately after taking food.
  • Evening finish your dinner by 6.30 to 7 O’clock.
  • Take only light food in the evening.
  • Morning after you woke up eat breakfast within 30 min to 1 hour. If you delayed most there is a chance of formation of acidic acids.
  • Take fresh fruits in the snacks time
  • Avoid Tea/ Coffee / Sweets /Any Sugar Containing foods.
  • Consume more protein foods.
  • Seep for atleast hours a day
  • Practice Yoga / Meditation to get rid of stress
  • Listen to good music to feel yourself relaxed.
  • Motivate yourself by watching the videos of experts on internet.
  • Don’t give-up until you reach your goal.
  • Make some time for you for exercising.
  • Cycling/Swimming/Aerobics can help to burn fat
  • Don’t rely on any supplements. Try to reduce naturally.
  • Maximise intake of leafy vegetables, salads by replacing junk foods.
  • Don’t check the weight day after day. You can make certain period like a week, two weeks like that and you can check your weight for that period. Any weight change will not appear on mission immediately soon after you start exercising.

 Foods for Weight Loss

The fallowing foods can help you to attain your goal. Try them for a certain period of time and notice the change in you.

  • Honey with lemon with Luke warm water in the morning
  • Green Tea – Increases metabolic rate
  • Sea food – Reduces the fat levels.
  • Fruits – will be helpful to increase the fibre level
  • Egg Wight – A high protein content.
  • Raw vegetables & Vegetable Juice
  • Leafy Vegetables- Improves digestion
  • Sprouts
  • Milk/ Curd ( without fat)
  • Honey
  • Leman
  • Water
  • Cinnamon
  • Whole wheat bread, oats
  • Raw rice, wheat contents ( polkas)
  • Whole meal bread

 10 things to stop when setting a goal to weight loss

  • Stop Choosing wrong diet.
  • Stop setting unrealistic goals.
  • Stop using ‘ Lack of time’ as an exercise.
  • Stop isolating yourself.
  • Stop underestimating your food intake.
  • Stop sitting all the day.
  • Stop over estimating your Exercise activity.
  • Stop compensating for exercise by eating more.
  • Stop expecting major results from minimal change.
  • Stop illusion that ‘healthy foods’ will cause weight loss.


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