May 13, 2021
Foods That Prevent Hair Fall

Foods To Prevent Hair Fall

Foods To Prevent Hair Fall

Foods That Prevent Hair Fall


  • It is one of the source which contain somany protienswhich is useful for prevention of hair loss.
  • It contains vitamin A and C, iron and other protiens which is useful for hairfall control.
  • Mainly hair loss occurs due to low availabilty of iron content in the body.
  • Spinach provides you more iron,potassium,magnesium, omega-3 acid, calcium and iron.This will provide the lustrous hair and healthy scalp .

Carrots and Sweet Potatoes:

  • As we know that “carrots are good for eyes” and it also usefull for controlling hair fall.It contains vitamin A which is usful for hair growth.
  • Sweet Potatoes are also useful for hair fall control it contains beta-carotene which can be converted in to vitamin A which is useful to reduse dry and itchy scalp.

Eggs and Dairy Products:

  • Products like eggs,cheese,Milk, yogurt are also useful for hair fall control. It contains so many protiens,vitamins like B12,zinc, iron and so many fatty acids like Omega 6.
  • Mainly “biotin” which is also known as “Vitamin B7” which is used as a agent for fighting against hair fall.


  • Oats are mainly useful for hair growth¬† it contains acids like omega-6 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids and also they contain fiber, zinc, iron.
  • Taking oats as your breakfast will helps you to reduse hair fall’


These are used for nourishing the scalp and strengthening the hair cuticles and it also controls the hair fall.

it contains vitamins like B1, B6, B9 and E.


  • Red blood cells are useful for providing oxygen to the skin and scalp. such that we should have a healthy red blood cells. This lentils contain folic acid¬† which is useful for providinga healthy red blood cells.
  • lentils contain proteins, iron, zinc, and biotin which is useful for hair fall control.


  • Meat is useful for redusing hair breakage and it strengthens fragile hair. It contains good quality protiens which is useful for your healthy hair.


  • It is useful for getting high strength hair speed growth. It contains silica which is useful for this purpose.Rice,oats ,cabbage, onion,cauliflower and cucumber are also rich in silica which also useful fo this purpose.


  • Yogurt provides a good health to the hair.It contains vitamin B5 and D.

Foods rich in Vitamin-C:

  • As we already know that low availability of iron leads to hair loss. vitamin C is useful for absorbing more iron,and it also reduses brittle and weak hair. It also strenghten the blood vessels bye producing the protien called “collagen”.


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