June 14, 2021
Formal Hairstyles

Formal Hairstyles For Girls

4 Formal Hairstyles For Girls

Whether we have short hair, medium length hair or long hair, one thing we all have in common is trying to figure out what to do with our hair in case of a formal do. So without much further ado, here are 4 different hair styles to help you out with those formal occasions:

Formal Hairstyles for Girls:

1. Short Formal Bob hairstyle:

Formal Hairstyles

Right now, this is one of the most sought-after, classiest, chic and stylish hairstyles on the international circuit. With fashionistas and style gurus applauding this look everywhere, this formal hairstyle for girls is one look that will rock the formal do as well as glam up a fun event.

  • Dampen your hair and use a texturizing cream to create more depth
  • You can choose to blow-dry hair using a styling brush
  • Else use a styling rod to create a straight sleek look
  • Make sure you use it for the bangs as well
  • Comb out the front and side bangs to the front, to highlight them
  • You may or may not choose to cover your eye, depending on how formal the event is
  • This will look great on hair that’s cut symmetrical as well as asymmetrical
  • Apply a lightweight hairspray to keep the hair in place

2. Formal Wavy Medium Length Hairstyle:

Formal Hairstyles

A great style that will go well with medium to long hair length.

  • Dampen hair and add some texturizing cream to add volume and texture (optional)
  • Using a fine toothed comb, create a fine side part
  • Apply some shine serum
  • Using a curling iron, curl your hair starting at the eye level
  • Using a brush, lightly brush through the curls once done
  • Apply some hairspray to hold the curls in place
  • Put one side of the curls onto the shoulder and let the rest fall back

3. Formal Short Curly Hairstyle:

Formal Hairstyles

This is a great look for all those of you who have very short hair. And whether you have curly or straight hair, this is an achievable look.

  • Apply some texturizing or volumising cream through your hair
  • Blow dry your hair to make it look a bit straight, and if it’s not, don’t worry
  • Using a curling iron, start curling all the hair
  • Remember to spray some hair mist on each section before and after you curl it
  • Once you’ve finished curling all the hair, run your fingers through your hair to help fluff them out – remember to do it lightly though
  • Part your hair using the fine handle of a comb
  • Use some holding spray to hold the curls for long

4. Partially Pulled Back Formal Straight Hairstyle:

Formal Hairstyles

This is the most simple formal hairstyle for girls.

  • To get this look, first you need to nicely blow dry your hair
  • Take each strand separately and blow dry
  • You can also use a straightening iron to flatten hair out a bit if it looks too frizzy
  • Back comb the hair at the crown of your hair and take it back
  • Pin it at the back
  • You can let the pins show, or use a hair accessory to cover up the pins
  • Use a hairspray

Which is your favorite pick out of these formal hairstyles for Indian girls especially?


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