May 13, 2021
Benefits of Walking

Health Benefits of Walking After Dinner

Health Benefits of Walking After Dinner

Benefits of Walking

Going to sleep immediately after you dinner makes you fatter. Having a walk for 15 minutes after your meals makes you healthy and prevents from various healthy complications. Head for the door instead of the couch improves digestion, burns calories and can help you to lose weight.

Lowers blood sugar for people with pre-diabetics

Having a walk after you meals especially after dinner will reduces the blood pressure for sugar people. About 79 million Americans were having prediabetes. So people with excessive weight should walk for 15 minutes daily after their meals and a morning walk for 45 minutes helping them to improve blood sugar levels to higher extent.

Speeds Digestion

Yes it true, having a walk for 15 minutes after your meals or after dinner will speeds up your digestion. Eating less at dinner is one of the good ideas to be followed to improve your digestion.

Burns calories

Walk after dinner plays a key role in burning calories which results to weight loss. It is one of the most effective an simple ways to maintain a healthy weight as walking not only burns calories but also improves your overall health. Walking for 15 minutes a 140 pound person will burn 60 calories 180 pound person will burn 84 calories.

Improves blood circulation

A 15- minute walk after your dinner or after meals improves the oxygen levels in body resulting improved blood circulation. Improved blood circulation leads to pumping blood to different parts of the body which lowers the fat.

Boosts metabolism

Intake of food as with less calories leads to happy life and increases metabolism too. So people should walk after having their dinner which boosts the metabolism and makes the body parts to function properly and in a better way

It lowers disease risk

This will help you to reduce diabetes, asthma and some cancers. A study in the British Medical Journal showed taking more steps every day can help ward off diabetes.

Improved Mood

Are feeling so tired after a long day then go for a walk. Walking releases happy hormones called endorphins which decreases stress and elevate your mood.

Tips to motivate yourself to walk after dinner

  • Try to make your friends or your partner to go for walk after dinner who always asks you to have outside food or to make new dishes.
  • Take your dog for walk after dinner which will help you.
  • Stick your test results of bloods sugar and blood pressure on your fridge door which will remind you to go for walk after dinner
  • Walk to your home after having a meal / dinner at restaurant instead of having a cab/ auto/ bus.

Benefits of Walking


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