June 14, 2021
Pink Velvet Nails

Hot Pink Velvet Nails

Pink Velvet Nails

Pink Velvet Nails

Last week I got a package from Born Pretty Store and I couldn’t wait to try this neon pink flocking powder. The container is huge, I expected it to be smaller but at least I won’t run out of it anytime soon.

easy steps you need to follow to do fuzzy nails:
1st step (optional): Apply base coat.
2nd step: Apply similar base color.
3rd step: Sprinkle flocking powder on your nail when the polish is still wet.
4th step: Dab the powder gently with your finger.
5st step: Sweep away the excess with a brush.

Pink Velvet Nails

I got tweezers, flocking powder in the the shade Hot Pink and that little brush, which I don’t recommend, because it sheds like crazy. Use a fluffy brush you don’t need, or those fan brushes you get in a nail art brush set. I used this brush but all the bristles ended in the flocking powder so I couldn’t put it back to use it later. I really don’t want them on my nails next time.

I wish you could touch them!! So funny!

Pink Velvet Nails

Nail Tek Foundation II
CH Nail #14 / 1 coat
Neon Pink Flocking Powder

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