May 7, 2021
How to Apply Eye Makeup in Just 8 Steps

How to Apply Eye Makeup in Just 8 Steps

How to Apply Eye Makeup in Just 8 Steps

How to Apply Eye Makeup in Just 8 Steps

Always women whishes to get attractive eyes to look differrent among all. Are you whishing the same one so try the method of applying eye makeup in just 8 steps.

These are the fllowing 8 steps to get gorgeous eye makeup.


  • Add the concealer to your eyes which is used to cover the under eye circles.
  • Apply this concealer of 3 dots on each eye such that it covers the dark under eye cirles.
  • Initially apply at the corner where skin looks darker,then apply under the pupil and then on the outer edge.


  • In this step apply the eyeshadow to your eye lid which is used to keep your shadow in correct place.
  • Use correct brush for most easiest and attractive eye shadow.
  • Such that it cannot be vanished while working and during sleeping.


  • In this step apply eyeliner like liquidliners or eye pencils.
  • But more preferance was given to dark eyeshadows.
  • Initially the brush should be in wet condition and then it is dipped in eyeshadows.
  • Then apply to the eyes carefully.


  • In this step you have to apply 3 toned shadow, blend them like a rainbow on each other.
  • Initially start with light color and in the middle apply medium color and end with dark color and blend it.


  • This step is used for only inside part of the eye.initially bright your eyes with a highlighter.
  • Then apply a little bit light coloured eyeshadow in to the inner corner of your eye such that it will brighten.


  • In this step you have to highlight your brow.
  • Initially apply the same eyeshadow to the brow and blend it with your finger.


  • In this step you have to concentrate on your eyelashes such that you may look more gourgeous.
  • In this step you have to curl your eyelashes.for more effectiveness heat it with blowdrier.
  • But carefull while using drier.


  • In this step you have apply mascara. Apply it with a brush at the bottom of the lashes.


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