May 7, 2021
Nail Art

How To Do Nail Art At Home

How To Do Nail Art At Home

Nail Art

Nail art is a creative way to decorate our nails. Girls always love to set and follow the trends. Nail art is the best selling trend in present time. Girls hands are beautiful work of art by the God. The nails at the end of the hands make that work of art more beautiful to look at. Adding nail art to those beautiful nails makes them more attractive. Almost every girl is preferring a nail art as per their taste.  Nail arts can be as simple as dots or as big as Taj Mahal. Nail arts are used to be done in parlors by professionals. But people of 21st century have high grasping power that everyone is a professional in his or her own way. Isn’t it so? So let’s start with our own nail art at home. I have some easy tips that makes you professionals in nail art just by sitting at home.

Process: How To Do Nail Art At Home

  1. Clean up your nails
  2. File your nails
  3. Apply a base coat
  4. Minimum two different colors of nail paints
  5. Apply a top coat.
  6. A white color nail paint.
  7. A tool to draw designs or a toothpick. Here I have a wonderful tip. Take a nail paint which is dried. Take out the nail paint brush and cut out some hair to make it thin. You can use it as a brush to draw designs on your nail. Or else you can use a old paint brush instead of nail paint brush.


1. Clean up your nails:

Use a nail polish remover to remove the old nail polish on your nails.

2. File your nails:

File your nails into any shape you like. Make sure they suit you well. Don’t cut out all the nail. Remember we need enough space to paint a beautiful design on it.

3. Apply a base coat:

Base coat is nothing but the nail color. They helps in protecting your nails from getting damaged by different types of nail paints.  Apply one layer of base coat and let it dry for sometime. (Tip: If you want your nail paint to dry faster, take a bowl full of cold water and dip your nail painted nails into the water for 5 minutes and see).

4. Minimum two different colors of nail paints:

Make sure to keep two different colors of nail paints with you. It would be better if the two colors are contract colors. They look even more beautiful that way.

5. Apply a top coat:

Paint your nails with the color you have chosen. Make sure you use the above tip I have mentioned. While applying a top coat remember to apply it twice. Applying it twice will give a attractive look to it.

6. A white color nail paint:

White color nail paint would go well with any other color. If you have another contrast color, you can use it to paint on your nail.  Select a design you would like to paint on your nail. Like bubbles, stars, shapes, flowers etc. If you are well versed with rangolis then it is a very easy task for you to do.

If you are done with it then you are in the climax. Now apply nail color on the top of the nail art you made. It gives more shine to the nails and the art. Let it dry for some time. That’s it. You are done with your nail art just by sitting at home without any extra purchase of tools or nail paints.


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