May 13, 2021

How to Fake Good Sleep of Nine Hours

How to Fake Good Sleep of Nine Hours


Doctors are saying that it is minimum to have a sleep for at least 8 hours for adults and for children it is above 8 hours. Sleeping reduces so many problem and improves your skin glow. We will face so many disorders for not having better sleep in future. There are so many for not having at least 8 hours sleep like work pressure, dealing with children some people having the disorder off not having sleep regularly , over duties if they will spend some  on other activities due to that effect you can go easy sleep of nine hours.


  1. Have a regular exercise.
  2. Exercises which circulates blood and feel you energy gaining and freshness feeling at all the time but you will sleep at proper time.
  3. Take yoga prefer better to take it than meditations in yoga will do physical exercise your body will feel tired and not your mind.
  4. Regular follow up of sit-ups, pushups will make your circulation of blood and improves your skin effects.

Doctor’s request is to take at least 8 hrs. Of sleep but it is better to take sleep mostly at night times than to take at any hrs. Your mind will feel relaxed at night times you don’t feel no more disturbances and you will fresh maintain a habit of sleeping early and wakeup is early and follow your regular exercises. IF you want you can consult a doctor for having better results but, several dermatologist already declared about these and gave suggestion by M.D., a New York City dermatologist. One of the tip he had given is splash cold water on your face. Without perfect sleep you can’t it more but, try to look over look bright and radiant even if you don’t have a 8 hrs sleep.


  1. Take a hot water for drinking and cold water for washing your face.
  2. Follow exercise that effects on your moreover not on your body.
  3. Yoga keeps you healthy and shiny effects on your face.
  4. At night times don’t apply any make up instead rub your face with ice and leave it as it.
  5. Maintain a balance in your food that improves your skin glow.
  6. Take a habit of eating food regularly.
  7. Fruits makes our skin good in complexion and looks good attractive in our presence.


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