May 13, 2021
How to Quit Sugar

How to Quit Sugar in 5 days

How to Quit Sugar in 5 days

How to Quit Sugar

Though we carve for sugar by having lots of chocolates, sweets, soft drinks as a part of our daily life, we have to restrict ourselves and abstain from sugar for some a small period because of these few compelling reasons –

  • Sugar spikes blood sugar gives us more energy in a short period of time but at the same time it reduces down drastically causing us to have more, creating a cycle of hunger.
  • Sugar makes body to make more fat as it starts creating insulin which in turn tells body to store fat
  • Inflammation is caused by sugar which causes pain.

We don’t have to struggle for years or months to reduce the desire of having sugar. You can control this in just 5 days and loose around 3 kg. Keep having the below foods during this 5 days and by the end of 5 days you would have already developed eradicated sugar carving.

Protein, Fat & Fibre:

The foods rich in protein, fat and fibre make your stomach feel full for a longer period and you do not feel hungry. The Omega 3S fat is good for health as it help in reducing cholesterol. Whatever, whenever you eat make sure these are present in them. Few options you can have are eggs, nuts, olive oil, fish, chicken etc.


You have to drink water as much as possible as it removes all the excess sugar present in the body and also fills you stomach so that you have to eat a lot. Not only water satisfies you thirst it also helps you in reducing you weight.

Leafy green vegetables:

The vegetables contain complex carbohydrates which take time to digest and thereby keeping you stuffed for quite an amount of time. The breads and other products which are high in refined carbohydrates can quickly digest and convert to sugar which again spoils your momentum in abstaining sugar.

Sour foods:

Sour foods contain Vitamin C which is good for health. They also help in reducing sugar carving.

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate helps in releasing hormones called endorphins which make you feel happy, moody without any increase in sugar levels. Now a days we are having many chocolates in the market which sell exclusively dark chocolate made of pure 100% cacao. It is also a source of antioxidants. It takes better even though with no or very little sugar.

You don’t have to force yourself to quit sugar and just keep away from it thinking it is bad. Try to experiment and see how it works for you. Do not try to avoid sugar completely feeling it is bad for your health as it might have adverse affect on you. Healthy and balanced levels should always be maintained.


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