May 13, 2021
iPhone 8.3

iPhone 8.3 Hidden Features That Makes Excellence

iPhone 8.3 Hidden Features That Makes Excellence

iPhone 8.3

Recently released iOS 8.3 offers three great hidden features that makes you more comfortable to stay with the iPhone. No iOS discharge comes without contention and iOS 8.3 is no exemption. Dispatched a week ago, the overhaul altered one major issue yet brought about another and left numerous uncertain whether to redesign. The uplifting news for those still undecided is there are three shrouded diamonds in iOS 8.3 that may simply induce you to take the dive.

Free Calls

Clients of Sprint in the US and EE in the UK are in for a regard here as iOS 8.3 includes support for ‘WiFi calls’. As the name recommends, this implies consistent phone brings can be set over any remote system to which you are joined – an extraordinary alternative for those living in regions with frail telephone signal.  However here is the best bit: brings over WiFi don’t include against minutes your arrangement. They can likewise be utilized abroad to abstain from meandering charges.


  • Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calls
  • Select ‘Allow Wi-Fi Calls’

In case you’re on EE or Sprint another profile will be pinged to your telephone and you’re prepared to go.

Interestingly T-Mobile US as of now backings WiFi calling (which has been accessible since iOS 8) and AT&T T -0.58% and Verizon affirmed they will bounce on board not long from now. Expect different systems far and wide to likewise take action accordingly.

The Phantom Fix

This one has flown under the radar,  iOS 8.3 fixes the “Phantom” defect. At the point when executed Phantom reasons applications to crash promptly when begun and even a hard reset (hold the slumber/wake catch and home catch for give or take 10 seconds) brings about the telephone hanging.

Photon  was a moderately extreme hack to execute. It obliged the client being deceived to enter new intermediary settings into their telephone (frequently through pernicious ‘technical support’ destinations), yet the results are still especially disagreeable.

Thankfully Phantom is currently no all the more after iOS 8.3 which alludes to it as a “memory defilement issue in libnetcore” in the authority iOS 8.3 change log.

The Spock Emoji

In a pleasant touch taking after the dismal going of Leonard Nimoy, iOS 8.3 incorporates an Easter egg to convey a grin to your face: a Vulcan salute emoji. Here’s the manner by which to get it in the wake of introducing iOS 8.3.

  • Open this Tweet from Cult of Mac on your iPhone or iPad
  • Copy the Vulcan salute emoji
  • Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > +
  • Paste the Vulcan salute emoji into the Phrase section
  • Type a shortcut you want (‘llap’ is a popular choice for obvious reasons)
  • Tap Save

Now at whatever point you write your picked easy route on either an iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.3 the Vulcan Salute emoji will show up. For the courageous there are even distinctive shading Spock emoji that can be included from this tweet from CNet manager Dan Graziano using the same method.


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