June 14, 2021
Latest Nail Trends

Latest Nail Trends

Latest Nail Trends

Latest Nail Trends

Latest Nail Trends and New Nail Trends at nailartsdesign.com – Nail Art Fashion and Nail Art Design Trends are fashion activity for more nails from Neo

1. Emily Burton Designs. has a great recap of the latest offerings for your nails with cool ideas like textured nails, a modern french cut, and nude nails with some sparkle.

2. The Premier Life is sharing some nail trends with some of my favorites being the Glitter Accent Manicure and the Half Moon Manicure that can be created with a variety of color combinations.

3. Stylebug Daily is showcasing the coolest nail trends with inspiration right off the runway with ombre, embellished, patterned and neon nails.

4. Don’t forget the class look from solids! Aphrodite’s Blog of Health covers the latest look for solids as well as nail art, pastels, and neutrals.



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