May 13, 2021
Mehendi Designs for Bride

Mehendi Designs for Bride

Mehendi Designs for Bride

Mehendi Designs for Bride

Mehndi or Henna is a paste that is purchased in a cone formed tube and is made into designs for men and ladies. It is likewise gotten from the Sanskrit word mendhika. The utilization of mehndi and turmeric is explained in the soonest Hindu Vedic custom books. It was initially used for just ladies’ palms and some of the time for men, yet as time advanced, it is more regular for men to wear it.

Indian Wedding is mainly famous in all over the world for a numerous rituals and customs. Indian brides must compulsory apply henna for the occasion of wedding. The henna will gives a perfect red shade for the hands and feet with extreme attractive look. In India especially one event will be laid for Henna applying most commonly known as ” Mehandi Night ” In this event bride, all the ladies associated to bride will apply henna colourfully for hands and feet. This ritual  is a most popular and compulsory one in Indian Marriage. Not only in India in many places of the world this custom will be fallowed.

Mehendi Designs for Bride

Mehndi is a stylized work of art which began in aged Subcontinent of India which is presently Pakistan and India. Multifaceted examples of mehndi are regularly connected to ladies before wedding functions.  In Rajasthan, the bride grooms  are given outlines that are frequently as fancy as those for spouses. In Assam, separated from marriage, it is extensively used by unmarried girls in the occasion of  Rongali bihu, however there are no confinements on its use  by married women.

Henna is presently used as a part of some Gulf States, where the prior night the wedding night is devoted to adorning the lady with henna, and called “Henna night”. And also, as an option to a ‘hen party’ in the Western nations, a few families have “Mehndi nights”, or “henna nights”, like the ones in the Gulf States. The bride and also her  close friends will  have  their hands, arms and even feet embellished with henna. In the Middle East and Africa, it is basic for ladies to apply henna to their fingernails and toenails and to their hands.

Types of Mehandi Designs

  • Traditional Mehndi Designs
  • Mehndi Designs for Bride
  • Modern Mehndi Designs
  • Gujarathi Mehandi Designs
  • Arabic Mehandi Designs for Full hands
  • Marwari Mehndi Design
  • Mehandi Arabic Design
  • Pakistani Henna Designs
  • Rajasthani Mehndi Designs For Hands
  • Mehandi Designs for legs
  • Mehndi designs for full hand

How to prepare Henna Paste


  • henna leaves (dried)
  • water
  • coffee
  • lemon oil
  • clove oil and eucalyptus oil
  • sugar syrup
  • tamarind paste
  • plastic spoon
  • plastic wrap


  • The method will give mehndi to prepare 3,4 cones.
  • Grind the dry henna leaves thoroughly to prepare powder
  • Add 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice to the powder
  • Lemon is used to improve the colour in henna as part of chemical reaction.
  • Add some coffee/tea decoction to make it fine paste.
  • Mix the henna powder thoroughly without lumps.
  • And also add 1 part of sugar syrup to 5 parts of henna , this often helps to give a smooth texture to henna and henna sticks properly without cracking by doing like this.
  • And also add the oils like eucayptus/clove to it. Mix it well and fill it in a tight cover without reach of air , that is you can put it in the form of cone. Rest it for approximately 24 hours to give perfect colour. The Henna must be in a hot place , that is it must be in between 75 to 85 F Heat to produce a fine colour.

Mehendi Designs for Bride


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