May 13, 2021
Christmas Nail Art

Nail Art For Christmas 2015

Nail Art For Christmas 2015

Christmas Nail Art

Nail art is a creativity which you can design on your own depends on functions or depending your mood. No need to follow any rules for its application simply if you have to know the procedure of doing art and be patience. We can have so many designs which we can come across you try it on your own or either you can follow just like guidenss for making. Lighten up your Christmas with your nail art which are available in a different manner. Nails are true in life an adding lightenings to nails during festive seasons is just festival bringing lightening in our life.

Christmas Nail Art

Let’s see Christmas nail art what are in new trend and mostly which type of design follows during Christmas.  Not only making Arts on  nail you have to give a name for your creativity Let’s see art design for Christmas with their elevent names.

Christmas Nail Art Designs

1. Silent -Night –owl Design

 Design name itself showing there are lightening’s in art. Add a bright coloured polishing at first and make a shiny finish coating after drying it apply a design of your choice on that like trees or stars. This total design have to draw on a dark coloured nail  polish.

2. That venetian- moon

We can see Christmas celebration during nights only like that this art can elevated in the night with which lightings added up on the design. Apply a maroon colour nail polish as a base coating or mix up glitter with the nail polish and apply on your nails you can add up a design to this to elevate.

3. Fandom posts and books

These type designs looks very simple and look very descent. It is mixture of balck and white combination just like paper and ink combination. Apply a coating a white colour nail polish as a base then apply a apply a glitter which is light in colour preferably creamy in text

4. Functional Christmas light Nails

You can added up colours to your Christmas with this design and it will give shining in dark mostly suit to night celebrations or functions  . Apply any light colour as your base colour add a radium colours and design like a hangings of bulbs it will give shining in  dark and you can add different colours of hangings bulbs.

5. Dressed UP NAILS

 Dressed up nail is nothing but to completely to fullfill the design with lightens in celebration of christmas. It is a worth of nails which is showing some specific theme during festive seasons. Add a glitter coat as a base on your nails which is light in colour then add a star shaped red colour of glitter design it using a star shaped blot paper of with brush put a some tone of your choice which is good and looks like festive glow on your nails.

6. Christmas sweater pattern

This is a pattern of Christmas sweater patter apply a red coating as a base coating design on it with a white colour of your choice. Design in middle latter design on four sides. By keeping some tape like that.

7. Pimp my Nails

Apply a ash colour coating with glitter as a base coat and make a design of your choice with the combination of red or white or you can design Santa use on nail during Christmas time.


These are type of nail arts usually prefers during Christmas time  add it on your nails and enjoy your Christmas celebration enlighten smiles on your faces.

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Christmas Nail Art

Christmas Nail Art


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