May 6, 2021
Nail Art How To

Nail Art How To : Step by Step

Nail Art How To : Step by Step

Nail Art How To

Here Multicolored nail art step by step description to design your nails its simple to fallow and easy to design check for what polish you need …..

Nail Art How To Do

You’ll Need:

  1. Base coat
  2. Transparent tape
  3. White nail polish
  4. Yellow nail polish
  5. Black nail polish
  6. Orange nail polish

Step 1: paint

File your nails into the desired shape, push back your cuticles and apply a base coat. Next, from pinky to pointer finger, lay down pieces of transparent tape at an angle, alternating angles so sometimes, the paint is on the top corner and sometimes it’s on the bottom corner.

Step 2:

Push down the tape along your cuticle and sides of your nail to make sure it’s flush against your nail. Use the tip of a dotter tool. That way the paint won’t seep onto your finger or other parts of your nail. I used The Body Shop Nail Pen here.

Step 3:

Place strips of tape at an angle on your thumb. Use scissors to cut them super thin.

Step 4:

Coat each nail a different Halloween color. I started with a yellow shade and orange on my middle finger, white shade on my ring finger, and black on my pinky. Allow the polish to dry almost completely and then remove the tape.

Step 5:

Polish your thumb with all the colors. Let it dry almost 100% and then peel off the tape.

Step 6:

Finally finish with a topcoat.


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