June 14, 2021

Nail Art Tutorial : Manicure

Nail Art Tutorial : Manicure

Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: Paint each nail with the polish of your choice. Add a good top coat and allow your nails to dry completely. If possible, give yourself a few hours of drying time before moving on. We started with RGB Too Red.

Step 2: Apply three pieces of Scotch tape to your dry nails. Apply the first piece of tape at the bottom of your nail so the corner points up toward the center. Overlap the other two pieces at the top of your nail to create the chevron shape in the center of the nail. Press down firmly on the edges to make sure you have a tight seal.

Step 3: Paint over the Scotch tape with a contrasting polish. We used China Glaze Frostbite, a vibrant blue.

Step 4: While the polish is still wet, slowly remove the tape to reveal your design. Once the second color is dry, apply a top coat. You can stop here with this fun two-toned mani or keep on going!

Step 5: Overlap two pieces of tape to section off a triangle at the base of each nail. Fill in the triangle with a contrasting color – we used Sally Hansen xTreme Wear in White On.

Step 6: Remove the tape to reveal your finished look. Add a top coat for shine and protection, and get ready to show off this fun, modern mani.

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