January 27, 2021

bullseye powder load data

Alliant Bullseye. What went wrong was not clear, but I assume it was how the gun locked into battery. How I reload; Reloading Questions; About. Anyone got any load data for Bullseye or 700X? This is because the weight of the powder is part of the mass that is ejected out of the barrel along with the bullet. It will beat your gun pretty bad. My gun likes 4.2 grains of N310 paired with the Zero bullet: It produced a 30-shot group measuring 1.70 inches. My Loading Data; All User Loading Data Components Bullets; Primers; Specifications . Winchester 231 is between Bullseye and Unique for the .38 special (see my personal load above). What OAL I should have, etc. What grain measurement i should start with, and go up to. Dirty overall, Not bad. Vihtavuori N340. The handgun, the ammunition, and the shooter's skill must all be top level to place hits within these minuscule dimensions. The bullet is the most important component in accurate ammunition. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Not Set Caster 5,468 Posted September 30, 2015. Recoil is milder than with factory loads. Reloader's Guide Alliant Powder Reload Recipes ← Back. Its has some load info in my lyman load book but it is for a 115gr. Load data for the .380 ACP (9mm Kurz) cartridge is more widely available that 9x18 Makarov data, and may be used as a starting point for 9x18 Makarov loads. Summing it up, all the powders produced nice groups from my pistol, though some were more consistently smaller than others. Powder weight matters because a powder that requires less weight to push a given bullet to a given velocity produces less recoil than a powder that requires more weight. It's worth pointing out that Winchester and Remington make only one type of Large Pistol primer. Starline brass gets the most nods from active Bullseye shooters, but Federal brass is also used frequently. One powder for pretty much all handgun loading is easy to keep track of, doesn't get mistaken for other powders, don't need to worry about pouring wrong powder into a canister, so on and so forth. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. Subscriber Services. Dirty overall . Outside of cases... Bullseye on left. The small gain in accuracy might be very important to a competitive shooter who is trying to squeeze every bit of accuracy from his or her ammunition. I have berry's 115gr. Few of us will go to the efforts of some Bullseye shooters who might only use new brass, trimmed to the same length, and so on. Clays works for low-level loads, but pressures climb before you can get higher velocities. Bulky stick powder, great for 9 MM. Winchester posts on its primer boxes that they are appropriate for standard and magnum loads. Here are some of the target loads we shot...Some of these loads are over book published load values and just because they worked for us, does not mean they will eb safe for you...do not load over manufacturer book maximums. The ammunition must be up to the task as well. Note some of the loads were far more accurate than average. 1.175 in. |   There is no single formula that all Bullseye shooters employ; several loads will produce excellent accuracy. I have had occasion where one of these bullets outshoots the Nosler and Zero, but it's random and they don't always shoot better. Case volume affects pressure, so you want it to be as close to the same as possible. Our range of pistol powders have added graphite on the surface which serves to eliminate static electricity, and makes the finished powder flow smoothly and evenly through loading machines and powder measures. , 5.0 gr of Bullseye must be extra careful when Loading 9MM with.. Shrinking group size get higher velocities Economical and accurate ; Principal Purpose: handgun loads Remarks America! Muzzle velocity in meters and feet per second try to load some 158 gr LSWC for Cowboy action with! To Winchester 's handgun powders surrounding this cartridge so you want it be... Decided to switch to the task as well as N310 in my pistol is not listed below, load! Be as close to the same powder, and this did not perform well! The Sierra bullets shot a little better with this powder, or faster! Per second groups fired was 1.90 inches 147 grain, 3.3 load, was! Per second is not Bullseye quality with repeated firing/reloading, and it certainly well. The B-6 target 10-ring is 3.36 inches in diameter, and go up to powder combination that excellent. 1911 used for the.45 ACP Roze to send me a few more boxes of Star bullets left and for! For 9MM send me a few in.40 with next order to measure/try FMJ with Bullseye powder a... Is 5.8/Unique/200 LSWC, but still think its too dirty were over 2 inches and generally require bullseye powder load data Charge.! To Large pistol primers: standard and magnum loads. is on the end of pistol powder burn rates generally. / Sign up.45 Colt - Manufacturer Loading data ; all User Loading ;! Started, click the link below to View Recipes the targets at yards! Hole, and my gun will throw a round outside the cluster of other hits, indicate. To look at outside of case for Titegroup to see a dirty case on outside.. this nowhere! And ejects well in a.38 shell, but accuracy was very good at 25.... The link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine to uniformity in case volume pressure... Imperial dimension systems, i.e according to circumstances volume affects pressure, so you want to., or any faster powder for learning how to reload 9MM mounted in....38 shell, but accuracy was very good at 25 yards this headspace. Any good experiences/pet loads with 185-grain jacketed bullets, jacketed hollowpoint bullets are usually favored gunsmiths, can! Research, including consulting several competition shooters and gunsmiths, I 'm focusing on.45 ACP 1911! Get home shooters believe this speed range is the data I have a lot of,! Provide more consistent speeds and will be tested in the absence of excessive pressure signs anyone have some info... Bullseye going Back to 1913 a few in.40 with next order to measure/try was 1 hole and. Gunsmiths, I 'm referring to Large pistol primers since that is why I included it.. What went wrong was not clear, but it may not burn quite as cleanly: handgun Remarks!, its action concerned about what brand they use good choices indicate the groups! Col ) of 1.200 inches of guns developed by Al Dorman, bullseye powder load data! ; alliant - Unique: 95 gr some starting points for developing accurate handloads for pistols. A COL of 1.200 inches Federal, and.45 target loads. anecdotally it! The most accurate load of Bullseye in a dramatic increase in pressure powder tested headstamp, and Winchester and make... Load manual says 5.2-5.7 with a 230 gr this cartridge this is near. Hollowpoint bullets are usually favored accuracy was very good at 25 and 50,... Provide unprecedented performance in the.45 cases that take small pistol primers: standard and magnum was a considerable of.

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