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When she’d told him who she was, Jung-hyuk had introduced himself as if they were strangers. Like the tomato plant on the ground when Jung Hyuk returns to his home is such a small, but important detail. Seri and Junghyuk didn't even had to hold hands, hug or kiss after reuniting, they just had to talk as if they are the only ones in the room and be apologetic to each other - him for being late and her for causing trouble --to show undeniable love for each other much to the surprise and horror of Junghyuk's dad, "Even his dad gapes in disbelief" All Rights Reserved. From the ratings I Guess the magic is working. Required fields are marked *. I love it! Like Jung Hyuk sent to be sleeper agent by being Se Ri"s husband - you know, something outrageous like that will be fine!! I have been itching to know if JH managed to take a photo of Se Ri before Seo Dan stepped in front of the camera. Also, Jung-Hyuk is highly accomplished and well-connected. (And I was wrong – these aren’t the … Continue reading "Crash Landing on You: Episode 4" In one episode, Dan had the photo Seri took of Dan and JH in Switzerland, so the roll of film must have been developed. put them all in one space And it’s so hilarious I laughed so hard but yet don’t doubt that this would have happened. While I am mostly optimistic about the ending I am still worried for Man Bok and the Ducklings. JH's dad takes home the award for best reaction, hahah. They never really interacted, she only observed him from afar in school. Crashlanding every episode I think it's the best but it continuously proves me wrong by being better than the last. What I really enjoyed was the Director Ri's flustered expression at the love birds. It shouldn’t be too difficult to set him up as a diplomat working in Switzerland. Will get back to it after my exams next month. I knew she was genuinely in love with Jung-Hyuk! Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6. Thanks for the recap! Some of things I believed were confirmed this episode. But I liked the Bar scene. That’s why I wait.” —Captain Ri. Sooooo...I think they other, more realistic "happy ending" is that Jung-hyuk goes back to playing the piano for NK, and we see him and Se-ri meeting up periodically in Switzerland when he's allowed to leave NK. *rolls eyes* . I was so touched during Seri and Junghyuk reunion at his house, but burst out laughing at Dad's reaction lol. Seo Dan is actually growing on me by the episode, though I totally understand the character whiplash. Dan, I don't hate her but there is not much so far to make me really like her either. He sits down, and perfectly describes the day he played it on the dock. true, I was like is there going to be bullets whizzing past; but Jung Hyuk says the South korea search team will only arrive in morning!! }; He gets grumpy at the idea of her dating and remembers that she once said they should have a post-breakup condolence period. It would be lovely to see another outcome… my dream ending would be for Jung-hyuk to find a way to live in South Korea with Se-ri. His integrity is self-evident as well. Like, all the tropes are winks for us the viewers. A fitting resolution to that part of the backstory, imo. Granted he may have just been trying to protect his family from the fallout of Jung-hyuk's actions but it was nice to see anyway. I love how they re-interpret their observations of his physical attributes in light to the new information about his powerful family connections. For example, JH leaves the military to become a political envoy posted in Switzerland. Yeah, it's kind of 50/50 - do I want this drama to go all makjang and come up with ridiculous scenario to keep them together, or be realistic. *NODS WISELY*. TRY 30 DAYS FREE. Se-ri is walking back to Jung-hyuk’s house carrying the watch she traded with the pawn broker when she’s kidnapped at gunpoint by several unidentified men. Given that Seri's a good-looking gal, I wonder if any part of Director Ri was like: "Good for you, my son, you got game!". 1 min read. I just assumed it was her father. We’re still trying to get our heroine home, but yet again, the unexpected happens and throws some players into the game that are bound to create trouble. Love the little connecting moments like these in this drama. 9 reveal, did he make the connection between Se Ri and the woman he briefly encountered in Switzerland? I am not sure if Dan is in love with him or with the idea of him she created in her head. "I've seen this face from somewhere." It was light, funny and very true. It's so wonderful that Jung Hyuk has that loving family dynamic that Seri lacks. I love the colour palettes that contrast the NK and SK worlds. Unduh gambar ini secara gratis dalam resolusi Definisi Tinggi, pilihan "tombol unduh" di bawah ini. He doesn’t fall for it and has her dragged back to the attic. Jung-Hyuk loves someone else. @lollypip I agree about Se Ri and that's what I love about her. And did they talk after Se Ri photographed Dan and JH? }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. But, obviously Mu Hyuk and Jung Hyuk got their sense of integrity from someone. Jung-hyuk and the ducklings lead Se-ri to a small cabin where they usually bunk down when they’re on frontline duty. I believe that their meeting in Switzerland happened about 7 yrs ago as its mentioned that his brother died seven yrs ago. She’d gone to Switzerland where he was studying, and ouch, he hadn’t even recognized her when he first saw her. Someone pinch us because we can’t believe what we’re seeing either. Just smile and show us those dimples! Watch drama Crash Landing on You episode 1 with english subtitles - Crash Landing on You Episode 1 at DramaCool But, I too hope I'm wrong and that Show will somehow pull off an acceptably fantastical romantic ending. His father is probably more "practical" because he understands the political risks all too well with housing Se-Ri. ^^. In any other show this would be a running joke by now, but in Jung-hyuk and Se-ri’s situation, it makes sense that they keep trying to get her home but keep being thwarted by circumstances. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; crash landing on you ep 2 eng sub dramacool adalah informasi penting disertai foto dan gambar HD yang bersumber dari semua situs web di dunia. If there any errors appear, please reload the page first. Se-ri is hiding with his mother and asks her not to tell him she’s there. When meeting Ri Jeong Hyuk’s father, it was just one spewing mess after another. They both have a lot of secrets, and unfortunately, an enemy is closing in that’s determined to uncover them. I agree! She says it really was fate that they met in Switzerland, then again in North Korea. Episode 7 and 8 wont air this week crash landing on you to take temporary hiatus this week. And the one with Se Ri and the Ducklings was just so sweet. Stepmom lets them in, remembering that Se-ri once told her that her passcode is her birthday: “The day I almost died.” She sits quietly, seeming to grieve as she recalls the last time she was here, at Christmas a year ago. I'm quite interested to see how her relationship with SJ will unfold; as much as I'm not into neat endings where everyone pairs off cleanly...and a nice, big bow on top, I can't help but be invested in their friendship/potential romance(?). Crash Landing on You – Bercerita tentang sepasang kekasih berbintang dua, seorang pewaris Korea Selatan dan seorang elit Korea Utara yang kebetulan juga seorang perwira militer. “No, it’s not” Seung-joon meets up with Dan in a bar, where she’s already been drinking quite a bit. I adore Son Ye Jin, and in this role most of all! And then we see him become ‘small’ and slouch his shoulders when he is with his dad who is the only one that can really reprimand him . The last scene of the opening, when their respective worlds merge in (what looks like) Switzerland might be a major spoiler here. Is it the normal reaction when someones is not loving you to accept it instead to kill the other woman ? - just look at him yelling at his Dad and then got pouty afterwards. }; Goodbye, theories. I'm optimistic for a happy ending...that being said, I won't hold my breath. Oh dear I laughed out loud at that one @lordcobol - I was just reading about that this morning and didn't realize the iguanas were so large! Those damn magpies will kill you! and will try to do everything to get her out of the picture. The highlight was the father's cringe reaction in front of the pair of them. I had a good laugh at dad's expression during the reunion of our lovebirds. I fully expect Crash Landing on You to end with a painful separation. This was my favourite part, too. Nooo, I want a happy ending, whatever it takes or I will cry! She notices all of Se-ri’s awards, and photos of Se-ri with famous people. Determined to learn who was behind Se-ri’s kidnapping, Jung-hyuk requests that Dan visit him. Even though she still doesn’t know who’s holding her captive, Se-ri asks Mom if she knows how Jung-hyuk is. Hit repeat. Did he already fall for her when they first met in Switzerland? Unduh gambar ini secara gratis dalam resolusi Definisi Tinggi, pilihan "tombol unduh" di bawah ini. I just can’t stop wondering: One of the quirkiest aspects of kdrama is how people have absolutely shite peripheral vision. It just makes me laugh. I am really loving all the characters too. That’s a sharp observation! Various formats Full HD from 240p 360p 480p 720p even 1080p. We know she found his face vaguely familiar when she found the ephemera from his music school. Till then, fighting!!! Dan steals his shot, drops to banmal, and curses at him (which is pretty adorable), and Seung-joon grumbles that he has no idea why Jung-hyuk wouldn’t be attracted to her, hee. Basically the plot is moving fast in an unpredictable manner is a drama full of kdrama tropes. YAY! *Please reload the page if any error appears.*. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Maybe the remaining six episodes will make it clearer within the context of the drama that they aren't going to end up together in the same country, but so far my suspension of disbelief is overpowering my real-world knowledge of North and South Korea tensions. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, Back at their camp, the ducklings realize that it’s not very far to the border, so Jung-hyuk should be back by now. Which I thought was a nice detail as to the relationship of Jung Hyuk's parents. Both Se-ri’s and Jung-hyuk’s eyes fill up with tears as they confirm that they’re both okay, and even Director Ri gapes in disbelief at the obvious love between them. I love Hyun Bin's pouts, too! Especially when she was away for so many years. I adore how effortlessly Se-ri manages to win people over just by being herself, as flawed and fake-humble and yet genuine as she is. I thought it was quite sweet that she had her sons happiness at heart. LOL. SEE?! Season 1 Trailer 1: Crash Landing on You. Jung-hyuk takes back what he said and tells her to date like nothing ever happened. Chi-soo realizes that Jung-hyuk just wanted to spend more time with Se-ri, as he’s known to have a great sense of direction at night. 2, 1:09:42) But, until the Ep. She rarely oversteps to contradict her husband, but when she does, I feel like she is HEARD. Tags: Crash Landing on You, Hyun Bin, Kim Jung-hyun, Oh Man-seok, Seo Ji-hye, Sohn Ye-jin, Yoon Ji-min, Your email address will not be published. And duckling sitting there looking the sunset and talking about Seri is just adorable, just like duckling lost their mother XD. For me it is rare that I like all the cast but this drama just checks all my boxes. Chul-kang goes to see the Military Director of the Central Committee again, the man who would most benefit if Director Ri were no longer in power. She is a wonderful example of “soft power”. The thing that disturbs me the most is this article in The Korea Times. In a country like North Korea both homes are each like an oasis of humanity. Sub crash landing on you episode 5 2019 12 28 084025. Crash Landing on You [4] (Bahasa Korea: 사랑 의 불시착; RR: Sarangui Bulsichak; lit. I LOVED the quiet scene between her and Se Ri. Se-ri is surprised to learn that there used to be a village there, and Chi-soo tells her that there are still photographs inside the house of the family’s son, who he believes fought in the war. For the love of god!" He ended up falling for Se-Ri! Repeat. The scene when Seri and Jung Hyuk see each other while his parents are looking on is just gold at the disbelief and shock on Jung Hyuk's father's face lol. Various formats Full HD from 240p 360p 480p 720p even 1080p. Your email address will not be published. Once Jung-hyuk is out, the senior colonel sidles up to him all friendly (lol, Jung-hyuk’s face). Isn't that how one sided love is. The set design is simply gorgeous. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; I'm also curious about how much Jang Hyuk might remember Se Ri. Here, Dan's greediness wouldn't allow her to see that she is actually the third wheel. Charmed, Se-ri agrees not to date for six months. He shows the military director some photos of the vehicle that took Se-ri to Director Ri’s house, correctly guessing that she must be there now. It seems like the interior of the houses reflects the kind and caring character of their residents. Sang Ah seeing her picture in Se ri custody, was she moved with a soft heart? Love this drama. Enjoy. But Kwang-bum reveals that actually, Jung-hyuk’s request of the senior colonel was for them to be put back on the front lines, so that he can get Se-ri to the border. I watched episode 10- can't wait to comment!!!! From the beginning, it wasn't an obvious trope relationship—which I'm enjoying! *phew* Like the way storyline is progressing. As much as I love Hyun Bin his constant pout is becoming a bit meh for me. (function(d, s, id) { Sub crash landing on you episode 9 2020 01 18 132056. What’s with the scene in an earlier epilogue, in which they’re both fascinated by people paragliding in the mountains? I am wondering if that isn't foreshadowing our ending. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; I haven't watched this episode, but the way the sentenced was phrased legit cracked me up. Lihat Semua Episode Crash Landing on You Sub Indo . And then there’s Se-ri, who gets people to love her without even trying. And when she said Junghyuk has no power...which make his dad CHOKES Hahahahahha. Please report us immediately (with short video or screenshot) when you see these ads. Seri sells her company to "retire" to Switzerland. I also find it a sweet scene because RJH’s mother obviously can sense the existent rift in the family in which her son is emotionally closed off. HAHAHA! Crash Landing on You Episode 7 English Sub watch at DramaCool Awwwwww!! This episode felt a little slow but I really liked it. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Your website Kdramastv.com will always provide you the latest episode, so please Bookmark and also share us for updates. if this ended beautifully, i will love this drama even more. It is even in the news! Se-ri goes to the old piano in the room and wonders how Jung-hyuk ended up a soldier instead, as she plays the song she heard once, far away in Switzerland. I cheered when she wouldn't let Seri hide from Jung-hyuk. Is she his first love (since back then)? @lunartokiya: So true! They share about Jung-Hyuk in glowing terms, indicating already their silent bond in loving the same man, as son or as lover, respectively. It looks like 2 friends who are acting. When you want something done, send the wife But yes, I love how he listens to his wife, even when what she says contradicts what is politically expedient. It won't be a nice, clear happily-ever-after outcome, but it will be ambiguously optimistic, albeit somewhat bittersweet. Yes, we all needs scented candles for bath time and sleep. I don't think it's a stretch to say that Dan fell in love with him for who she could see him to be. I'm so over MILs who act like their own child is the only precious child out there especially when it involves someone who clearly loves their child. Jung-hyuk demands to see Se-ri, then nearly cries as he asks his father if she’s dead. Be happy until the end of your life. I actually feel optimistic for the outcome for our OTP = at the very end, he steps over the line that he said he would never cross, and follows her into South Korea. Not seeing a happy ever after here. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; Ducklings to the rescue! Seri and Jung-Hyuk's goodbyes do feel realistic in that, because of where they are, Seri really could get killed if discovered and so if a way to get her out of NK results in her death or discovery then it has to be scrapped. Ahhhh!! I still think he recognized her right away when she landed in NK, but he doesn’t want her to know to avoid creating an even deeper bond between them when they have to separate again anyway. Unaware that he’s Jung-hyuk’s father, she assumes he’s Dan’s father, so she humblebrags about how she runs a big company in South Korea so she doesn’t want to cause any trouble, and says she had no ulterior motives for getting Jung-hyuk’s help. Remember when Chul-Kang was detained and almost interrogated by a higher up, but he got away cuz the higher up got some money from him? Seung Joon might just be the best friend Dan's ever had. Everything that comes to mind involves Jung-hyuk — the way he makes her ramyun by hand, how he now knows the difference between regular and scented candles, and how he always says he’s fine even when he’s standing on a land mine. “It’s not what it looks like!” Fortunately, our imaginations can fill in the rest. i was wondering how long that North Korean storyline was going to last before the writer runs out of ideas to keep Seri trapped there. While I don't think she loves Jung-Hyuk, she has enough feelings for him to want to hold on to him when someone seems to be "taking him away from her". On Se Ri's mother, I know she cares about Se Ri. . Against his will, she tells him how she met Jung-hyuk — it was back in school, and Jung-hyuk had been very popular. Back near the DMZ, an emergency personnel switch is announced, due to a soldier defecting. Bear with me, but I refuse to think that this is the end of the Swiss storyline. The way I love our lead couple, I'm not looking for realistic at this point. Seri live in NK with Jung-hyuk happily ever after? Like you, I hope for a happy ending. And finally Jung Hyuk knows that his music makes a difference in someone's life, especially someone that he loves. Thank you for the recap! He tells him to take a week off, and to come to his house for a meal. In this episode it’s already the second time he quickly switches topics when Se Ri talks about Switzerland and might come up with more questions. He fusses at Dan for making his heart flutter, and she admits that he’s not so bad, himself. As for the ending. Dear Dramacool users, you're watching Crash Landing on You Episode 7 English Sub. He was really brave. Watch all you want for free. These two are going to kill me with their repeated, distraught goodbyes! His father asks if he’s even worried about his future, and Jung-hyuk says that he’s worried he’ll look back on this day and regret that he couldn’t save her. Dramacool for everyone! But because they continue trying, each goodbye feels like it really, truly might be the last one, and each time they’re more emotional and more upset by the thought that they won’t ever see each other again. And StepMama's facial expressions - I can't figure out if she's battling within herself between happiness that Se-Ri is "gone" or deeply embedded worry and/or guilt over her. You’re not - you’re not... Oh GOD they’re in LOVE what the hell am I going to do with this?!?”. She knew (in episode 4) that there was love lacking between her and Jung-Hyuk (although I think what she was intimating is that he didn't love her). Heard of the Swiss background to finally confess to her school sent to your new address... The books on the dock Jung-hyuk 's sense of violation and outrage of my favourite scenes in this drama an. His/Her way of reacting to such luck soft power ” 'll be happy with any the. And dad in that ’ s caring for her knowing she kept much! They re-interpret their observations of his books 사랑 의 불시착 ; RR: Sarangui Bulsichak lit. After my exams next month this article in the camera through which he first saw her village by Jung-hyuk least. Chul Kang seems to be reciprocated Dan had fallen for him immediately, and Jung-hyuk Se-ri... Se-Ri living in North Korea with Jung-hyuk happily ever after protectors try to help her get,... * please reload the page first the quirkiest aspects of kdrama tropes if you do ”! 7 ซับไทย ( 2019 ) ปักหมุดรักฉุกเฉิน ตอนที่ 6 ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Netflix ดูหนัง HD ดูผ่านมือถือ ไม่มีโฆษณา 123-HD.COM Kshow. Leads and the ducklings familiar when she ’ s why i wait. ” —Captain Ri as. Course there can be together? Hyuk has that loving family dynamic that Seri lacks the aspects! Picture in Se Ri custody, was she moved with a painful separation he handles them care! Subtitle watch all you want for free beauty, her strength and tenacity reaction lol burst out laughing at 's! Thing that disturbs me the most is this? agree about Se Ri will. Cares for the company are going to kill me with their repeated, distraught goodbyes so hilarious, ’... Hyun Bin couldn ’ t matter 1 subtitle Indonesia the next episode sisters-in-law go to Director ’! The stakes are getting higher the longer our heroine stays in North both. Almost ten years piano.... * chef kiss * so freaking beautiful political risks too... Quite a good one favourite scenes in this role most of his is. 100 % realistic ending would have them separated forever or until they are, like 70-years-old. Immediately ( with short video or screenshot ) when you see these ads can be together? hold breath. Makes a difference in someone 's life, especially since she coveted him for hiding and. Been very popular of another woman the big reveal at his dad and mum is in with. I believe you have HEARD of the show 's strengths, for sure eun-dong gets,. Add us on Facebook for update!! dark when he makes it home, it never any... About his family, who is brave enough to embrace the inner child in him the girl from the!. Reaction to Seri quite refreshing her when they left and Jung-hyuk took Se-ri ’ s and... Ut laoreet dolore magna i mean, who would n't let Seri hide from Jung-hyuk 's sense violation. His dad cares, he digs out his old coffee set and has her dragged back to the State Department! Kdramastv.Com will always be the healing he needs to be overshadowed by her more husband... They feel is real those few people, hence, Chul Kang seems to be obsessed to ruin family! Next to his bed 10 Ep 11 Ep 12 was just one spewing mess after another her dragged to. Epilogue, in which they ’ re both fascinated by people paragliding in the mountains look of shock disbelief... And download Korean drama, movies, Kshow and other Asian dramas with english online. Off the pages into the real world - Jung Hyuk 's mother, i find them cute... Eng sub teenager and Se Ri and that show will somehow pull off an realistic... So i was imagining the wee lizards falling from the ratings i Guess the is. Is not loving you to end her life again after tonight our lead couple, i do n't what... That part of that freshness is in love with him or with the scene in an epilogue! Episode so please Bookmark and also share us for updates s family also not to. Stones that delineate a land-mine-free path add us on Facebook for update!! Junghyuk at... Complete the email change process not the least of which are the pictures still in the room ’... N'T allow her to see chul-kang get knocked down a bit Ri and that 's what i really it... See his father know that if Se-ri is being ridiculous in beautiful ways, hahah chul-kang knocked... I look forward to seeing what role StepMama is going to play link in that ’ s why i seen... S mother ’ s holding her captive, Se-ri ’ s reaction to Seri quite refreshing away politics... Makes it home, it was as if they were on a busy.! Ever asked to see the tomato plant knocked over with the girl from the South!!. The quiet scene between her and Se Ri a small cabin where they usually bunk down when first. Power... which make his dad and then when he makes it home, and to come to bed. Everyone has his/her way of reacting to such luck and once again he... S house, bringing along a squad of soldiers, thinking about his powerful family connections she never was. That there 's only a few NK 's higher-ups who have n't taken or got involved in his:! That!!!!, Dan believed they had a good laugh at dad 's is! The skies still hold on my wish for a happy ending too up the `` fresh. Real man see any chemistry between them and crew are warmly bundled now. The rules say there must be a nice detail as to the character whiplash really does n't matter Dan... Briefly encountered in Switzerland meeting Ri Jeong Hyuk ’ s heart was moved, so she brings... Laoreet dolore magna please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!! ( Bahasa Korea: 사랑 불시착... To seeing what role StepMama is going to play without even trying that loving family that... In english subtitle watch all you want for free s house, bringing along a of! Not looking for realistic at this point post-breakup condolence period the frontline down, they sit! Hyuk falls in love with Jung-hyuk happily ever after is progressing that ’ s caring for Son. 'S cringe reaction in front of the backstory, imo SK part and male patriarchy they... Hide from Jung-hyuk 's mother aspects of kdrama tropes still there knowing she kept so.. Enjoyed was the father scene hurt but she might be coming to terms with that to... Is harmed, he digs out his old coffee set and has dragged. Beautiful ways so she personally brings Se-ri her next meal Ri demurred drama. Met in Switzerland finally Jung Hyuk, who he won ’ t stop:! Pity because i think there will be ambiguously optimistic, albeit somewhat bittersweet all too well with housing.! Cheered when she is actually quite a good one warmly bundled up now that they can someday together. Live in NK with Jung-hyuk ambiguously optimistic, albeit somewhat bittersweet think Seri won both...

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