Outstanding Makeup Ideas

Makeup Ideas

As a woman , we all try to get that “ perfect face ” . We stand hours at end in front of the mirror to perfect our eyes, lips, cheeks and always worry that what if we don’t look that good..? Should this color suit me…? Or should I apply a little more blush to get his attraction? Or should I wear a neutral to the interview. Everyday is a busy schedule with makeup for us woman . But self confidence carries us all along , so it’s very important to look relaxed for any occasion and we should have a “go with the flow” type of makeup which makes it easy for even other people to interact with us in any occasion.

Messy Hair and A Light Base:

Makeup Ideas

For a relaxed makeup look , our goal should be a little smudged eyes and a little undone hair , which is perfectly normal these days.From runways to celebs at the red carpet these days sport “messy” hair styles , like as if they just got up from sleep , yet with subtle or bold makeup they create a sensuous style statement. So next time do a messed combing and if ur tieing your hair in a braid , leave strands of hairs hanging out here and there instead of a clean neat look.

Makeup Ideas

Limit and forgo the heavy cakey foundations.Go easy on blending with fingertips instead of makeup sponges.Apply no bronzer, just a bit of blush on ur apples blended well with finger tips instead of blush brush.

It’d remind u of the end of the night look ,like something when u return after a hot night’s clubbing , at 3 or 4 in the morning and have ur hair messed and the look smudged but u are “relaxed” since u’ve enjoyed to ur heart’s content all through the night.

Smudging is definitely in:

Makeup Ideas

It doesn’t always mean that creating the “done-undone” look means only use of neutral and glossy pale shades , make use of bold and bright colors in contrast with neutral lips and get the perfect-imperfect look with a “just-got-home”’ style. Apply liner on eyes , like u normally do , then with finger tips , smudge them a little bit towards the top and look extravagant and different from anyone else. Do not over do .

Faded Lips:

Makeup Ideas

Lips always expect a natural pink color. But for an undone look , apply bright pink or reddish colors , or neon shades whatever is your choice not on the whole lips ,instead on to just the center part and then roll your top and bottom lips so that they get evenly spread and fade at sides.

Get the lips perfectly undone with perfect lining but dewy appearance with gloss.

Color Touch:

Makeup Ideas

Choose a color touch area . This means that contrasting your face with a certain focal point which you’ll color and keep the other parts neutral. Remember relaxed makeup is something which will make you stand out in the crowd and you’ll be at ur natural best. If you choose bright colors or darker shades for eyes, keep your lips neutral , like use light pinks or mauves.

On the other hand if you choose darker shades like reds or dark pinks or maroons for your lips then go for neutral shades for eyes.