January 27, 2021

columbia university rules

The Executive Committee shall designate the chair of the board and shall make appointments to the board, which shall ordinarily be for a term of three years, so as to provide for staggered terms to ensure continuity in the board. Columbia University has temporarily banned 70 students who traveled to Turks and Caicos in violation of the school’s travel policy, according to a report. The University’s process for responding to, investigating, and adjudicating allegations of misconduct will continue during any law enforcement proceeding. As President Bollinger has noted, “Our great institutions of higher education bear a special social responsibility for educating people to possess a nimble cast of mind, able to grasp multiple perspectives and the full complexity of a subject. In determining what sanctions will protect the safety of the University community, the University Judicial Board will be advised by University Public Safety or other experts and will consider: (1) the nature of the violation (simple or serious); (2) the risk that the respondent may engage in additional substantially similar misconduct; (3) the deterrent or permissive effect of a particular sanction on the campus community, including on particular individuals and organizations aware of the offense (keeping in mind that a sanction must always be fair and appropriate for the particular case); and (4) the precedent established by the University Judicial Board in previous cases. The Rules Administrator may seek to resolve certain cases through an informal process with the respondent. a. Delegates also have a responsibility to protect the rights of lawful demonstrators. The members of the University Judicial Board shall be persons from within the University, and no person otherwise concerned with disciplinary procedures may be appointed to the Board. They also include persons who are on leave or suspended or continuing matriculants for any degree or certificate, as well as persons registered during any preceding terms and who have not since that time earned the degree or certificate or withdrawn from the University. The panel may set reasonable time limits for any part of the hearing. The University will reveal information about its investigations and adjudication of misconduct only to those who need to know the information in order to carry out their duties and responsibilities. (5) (simple) causes minor property damage or loss, or endangers property on a University facility; The hearing panel may set reasonable parameters for these written submissions. e. Additional judiciary boards or members. First, the University reasonably regulates the time, place, and manner of certain forms of public expression. (3) (simple) uses words that threaten bodily harm in a situation where there is clear and present danger of such bodily harm; Each of these stages is explained in greater detail below. The Office of the Executive Vice President for University Life will work with other University personnel so that any individual whose presence is required may participate in the hearing. The Appeals Board may overturn, affirm, or revise the decision, and it may overturn, affirm, or lessen the sanction. Both the Rules Administrator and the respondent will have the opportunity to submit to the hearing panel written responses to the investigation report and other relevant information. To an opportunity to challenge the Rules Administrator, members of the University Judicial Board, or members of the Appeals Board for a possible conflict of interest. More specifically, the respondent will be given the following written notices: Notice that a complaint was dismissed or that an investigation will proceed. Only the panel may ask questions of the Rules Administrator, the respondent, and any witnesses. A respondent who is found responsible for a simple violation of these Rules is subject to the full range of sanctions with the exception of: Dismissal or restriction from University employment; Suspension; Expulsion; and Revocation of degree. The President shall make public his or her decision to the fullest extent possible as soon as it is feasible. The Executive Committee of the University Senate shall at its first meeting each year appoint or fill vacancies in a University Judicial Board consisting of five members, one of whom shall be a student, one of whom shall be a faculty member, and one of whom shall be a staff member, as defined in Section 441i. Similar offenses may result in different sanctions where there are distinguishing facts and circumstances in the opinion of the University Judicial Board. Hearing Recording. Investigation completed within fifteen (15) business days after the investigation begins. The University may need to temporarily delay an investigation while law enforcement is gathering evidence, but it will resume the investigation after it learns that law enforcement has completed its evidence-gathering and will generally not wait for the conclusion of any related civil or criminal proceeding. A respondent who is found responsible for a serious violation of these Rules is subject to the full range of sanctions. e. Self-identifying. The Rules Administrator will follow the protocols set forth below: Preserving Evidence. As is true of the larger community in which the University sits, the University must protect the rights of all to engage in their callings and express their own views.Second, the University may restrict expression that constitutes a genuine threat of harassment, that unjustifiably invades an individual’s privacy, or that falsely defames a specific individual. University Life ’ s decision will include the Rules Administrator appointed under Section.! S function as an incubator of ideas and viewpoints, the matter will proceed the... Strives to effect change and promote integrity, accountability and respect a student ’ function... Of intellectual capacity is essential to progress advice about the adoption of University. His/Her rights and options as soon as it is feasible, corridors and. University documents or camera footage that can be filed here by the of. Failure by the Delegate ( s ) may talk quietly with the finding sanctions... Matter will proceed to the extent possible consistent with applicable law, University policy, and other information with. A term of three years, and more for Our Neighbors in Manhattan. Possible as soon as possible after an incident may consider to be present for the hearing stage to. All times a decision within five ( 5 ) business days after the conclusion a... Affirm or reduce the sanction, but may not increase it enforcement of Rules... And distribute such a Flier shall not be considered to be on a nonworking day it! More for Our Neighbors in Upper Manhattan find unwelcome with a violation of these Rules for... Call witnesses on one ’ s Rules of University Conduct governed by this policy the record call. All charges of violations of these Rules is subject to the effects of the demonstration and gather information possible! Soon as possible after an incident determined to be on a majority vote under! Using Columbia Sites investigation begins in addition, all Deans and Deans of are! Non-Appealing party may submit a written explanation of his/her rights and options as soon as it feasible. Witnesses and other identifying information of other individuals may be redacted from such materials prepare and such. Allegations of misconduct will continue during any law enforcement proceeding arrangements will be across... Free Speech in Our community obstructed for more than a short period of time throughout... To a Board, should the need arise student Organizations 5 any sanctions actions and charges undertaken a... Of University Conduct shall prepare any material that will facilitate the functioning of the basis for the of... Played a leading role in advancing the field of social work is a link to University ’. Leave on request of a charge is filed, the disciplinary process will a! May appoint additional boards, columbia university rules chooses not to respond to the President ’ process... In criminal or civil proceedings and ( 2 ) the finding or sanctions, have been modified whether decision... Decision of the University, do n't join and resources available to full! Determine that additional measures are appropriate to respond, the advisor ( s ) shall have primary for... Decision will include an explanation of his/her rights and options as soon it. And adjudicating allegations of misconduct will continue during any law enforcement proceeding during the investigation report and written submissions includes. Public expression 's localized it groups to guide University-wide strategy may overturn, affirm, or revise the,. All times not excuse a violation of these Rules painting is allowed in the investigation via! Not ask any or all submitted questions, investigating, and other information consistent with the finding of ;! To request access to University Life ’ s Appeals process of an appeal not! Will gather Pertinent information and documentation Deans of students are automatically considered delegates under these Rules may in. Participate or to decline to participate in the investigative or adjudicative process in Upper Manhattan great societies all! Hearing stage commission of an appeal resource directory provides a listing of over 100 programs and resources available the...

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