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rules and regulations examples for students

These freedoms of expression extend so far as the expression does not impinge on the rights of other members of the community or the orderly and essential operations of the College. These sections contain essential information about membership, practising arrangements and CPD, and regulatory and … If a student is presumed or confirmed to have COVID-19, or has been directly exposed to someone else who is presumed or confirmed to have COVID-19, the student will inform. It is also a violation to hang items from any part of fire safety equipment including conduits and sprinkler heads. Students will complete all required COVID-19 training, testing, and self-monitoring required by the College prior to returning to campus. The College will not tolerate retaliation. Hazing includes, but is not limited to, any behavior and/or acts of servitude that is designed or intended to humiliate, degrade, embarrass, harass, or ridicule an individual, or that which a reasonable person would deem harmful or potentially harmful to an individual’s physical, emotional, or psychological wellbeing, as an actual or perceived condition of new or continued affiliation with any organization, and/or team. Rules are made for the safety and better welfare of the students in school. R. Readmission (Examination Regulations, search under Topic: Readmission and Migration) Recording of lectures and other teaching sessions by students (PDF) Remission of fees (Examination Regulations… Bullying conduct is severe, persistent, or pervasive and has the effect of doing any of the following: Bullying is prohibited, and participating in such acts will result in disciplinary action. If a person has been subject to discrimination including harassment on the basis of a protected classification, as described above, the student should consult with the director of equal opportunity and engagement for guidance. Walkways under porches or archways and vertical surfaces may not be used, and such chalkings will be washed away. Submission of the same work in more than one course without prior approval is prohibited. The College expects each student to share in the safety and wellbeing of their fellow students and to seek out assistance from College officials (Public Safety, Resident Advisors, Student Affairs staff) and/or medical emergency services through 911, without fear of College disciplinary action for the consumption of alcohol and/or use of controlled substances. UWA Statute; Guild Regulations made under Statute 20 Regulations covering the administration and operation of the UWA Student Guild. Rules and Regulations For Students 2018-2019 . The unauthorized use of College property, including but not limited to College buildings, spaces and grounds; College documents and records; or College furnishings, equipment and materials, is a violation of College policy and is subject to disciplinary action. Participation in any of these activities may subject a student to fines and/or further disciplinary action. The identity of individuals who test positive will remain confidential during the contact-tracing process. This article talks about the differences between the two categories, why the distinction is so important, and the key challenges in developing good Rules and Regs training. Example Workshop Ground Rules (Principles: Guidelines for Participation) Reference Chapter 6 in Requirements by Collaboration by Ellen Gottesdiener, Addison-Wesley, 2002. When addressing violations of the College’s COVID-19 policy, the primary approach will be educational. Another is to promote good behavior among students and to maintain the good image of the school. Outdated posters must be promptly removed; anyone may remove outdated posters from public boards. Students will respect the physical space around others and actively work to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between oneself and any other person. 1 0 obj Elementary School Rules And Regulations. For more information, please see exam regulations, misconduct in an examination and exam smart technology policy. Rules & Regulations . State your rules in the positive (no "don'ts") and … If you have encountered an issue with the site, including concerns about accessibility due to a disability, please share your feedback with us. Additionally, students should agree to think before you act and to ask yourself, who might I be putting at risk? The Office of Student Engagement and other College offices will organize social events in compliance with College policies and public health directives and provide both synchronous and asynchronous programming. Posters may not be placed on light posts, trash cans, buildings, walls, floors, doors, windows in doors, walkways, bike racks, handrails, stairs, or trees, nor may they be placed on the assigned group bulletin boards in Parrish without permission from the group. 1 September 2003 Statutory guidance Looked-after children. Anyone who attempts to use bullying, intimidation, or stalking to retaliate against someone who reports an incident, brings a complaint, or participates in an investigation will be in violation of retaliation as described within this Handbook and will be subject to disciplinary action. The College expects students to comply with the directions of law enforcement officers or College officials acting in the performance of their duties. Priority is given to student organizations or community-wide events (e.g., Winter Formal, Large-Scale Event, etc.). The admission will be on basis of board examination percentage/admission cum scholarship test/Ingenious Quest. For example, policies on graduate student admission address the criteria for admission and the procedures for admission. Filter & Search. Intimidation is any verbal, written, or electronic threats of violence or other threatening behavior directed toward another person or group that reasonably leads the person(s) in the group to fear for their physical wellbeing. A student may not knowingly provide false information or engage in misrepresentation to any College office/official. Students are financially responsible for damages resulting from reckless conduct or violation of this policy. restrictive rules may set students with EBD up for failure. %PDF-1.7 As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 83,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. Quotations; Paraphrasing; Ideas and Facts; Footnotes and Bibliography; … Students will follow all directional signs and practice physical distancing within all buildings, classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and other College spaces. Title IX and College-Defined Sexual Misconduct Policy. Parrish Hall The ACCA Rulebook includes the Bye-laws, regulations and Code of Ethics and Conduct, which students and members must abide by. After School Rules And Regulations. Council Secretariat The University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NZ, T: +44 (0)1227 764000 Concrete Canoe Competition Webinar - Peer Review (January 19, 2021) View the recording … I never really meant to create any disturbance or creating any bad example for other students. 1. Mitigating Circumstances. Sample Club / Organization Constitution and By-Laws New and emerging student clubs can use this example when developing a constitution and bylaws specific to their club needs. Zoe. There are two main requirements for eligibility: 1. Library code. 2. Students will assist in the frequent sanitizing of high-touch surfaces and common-use areas after personal use, such as bathroom fixtures, light switches, doorknobs, kitchen appliances, and lounge areas. It is important for establishments to develop specific rules and policy examples that will allow them to have a smooth flow of operations without compromising the safety of the people that they work for or work with. Sub-Clauses. Home > Students > Rules & Regulations REGULATION FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL The Principal may frame and issue time to time disciplinary rules of a permanent or temporary character regulating the contact within the school or outside the school so far as such rules seem necessary to maintain to credit usefulness and reputation of the School. The College is committed to providing guidance so that students can learn to develop a responsible approach to social challenges, including whether to consume alcohol, how to do so in moderation, and how to comply with local, state, and federal laws governing alcohol consumption. Fitness to Study. The overarching priority of the College with respect to alcohol and drugs is to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of Swarthmore students and comply with all applicable laws. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Timothy J. Piazza Anti-hazing Law, Act 80 of 2018, College’s Title IX and College-Defined Sexual Misconduct Policy, https://www.swarthmore.edu/title-ix/title-ix-and-college-defined-sexual-misconduct-policy-procedures, Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility. !�q�B �=�T[q ����C�}G"9Ev�]_dI��gvf�Wʮ�~�\.=\^f�ޗ˟� Chalkings are permitted only on paved, outdoor walkways that are open to the rain. The Acceptable Use Policy under Academic Policies provides guidelines for use of College computer systems and networks. During the first weeks of the semester and the move-out period, staff are not available to hang student banners. Use up and down arrow keys to explore within a submenu. Observe your working hours faithfully. ACCA’s Rulebook, which contains the Bye-laws and Regulations, is available for reading online, or at ACCA offices. Fire drills are held on a regular basis. 500 College Avenue General Student Regulations. The rules may be informal and conveyed by example or they may be written rules that are strictly enforced. Admission for Non-degree Students . Retaliation against any person or group who makes a complaint, cooperates with an investigation, or participates in 
a resolution process is a violation of College policy. All A.R.Es. Therefore, the College has put in place a new set of policies and expectations, introduced as the Garnet Pledge, which is designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at Swarthmore College. READY, SET, CODE! Science Center outdoor blackboards are meant for dynamic use while members of the community are present. The health and wellbeing of the entire Swarthmore College community is all of our responsibility. endobj Complaints Procedure. and ANY PLATFORM (PC, web, tablet, robot, mobile, etc.). Academic freedom can flourish only in a community of scholars which recognizes that intellectual integrity, with its accompanying ri… Parents send their children to school in order for them to learn not only academic values, but also moral values. Rating: 5. <>/Metadata 4890 0 R/ViewerPreferences 4891 0 R>> stream The Office of Student Engagement and other College offices will organize both synchronous and asynchronous social events/activities. Students must comply with all instructions from Dining Services staff. The following school rules are based on common sense and good practice: The following is a summary and explanation of the rights, responsibilities, and rules governing student conduct at Swarthmore College. *No A.R.E. By voluntarily choosing to return to the Swarthmore College campus under these conditions, students commit to following the College’s protocols, procedures, and requirements described in this policy. Failure to vacate any College building during an active fire alarm, including drills is a violation of College policy, may result in disciplinary action. Students are to attend all academic programmes, co-curricular activities, school functions and other school related programmes. All student clubs/organizations will commit to using a universal online calendaring system for scheduling and organizing events. Questions about particular chalkings or postings should be directed to the Office of Student Engagement. Physical restraint, assault, or any other act of violence or use of physical force against any member of the community, or any act that threatens the use of physical force is forbidden. These freedoms of expression extend so far as expression does not impinge on the rights of other members of the community or the orderly and/or essential operations of the College. Banners,  chalkings, and posters are subject to reasonable requirements on their display and may be removed when a violation of College policy or the requirements described below occur. Any student with an open flame (e.g., candle, incense, etc.) Within a submenu, use escape to move to top level menu parent. These are fundamental norms and expectations of expression for Swarthmore College. Rating: 5. Non-residential students who host events with approved residential students may be subject to College disciplinary action. Hazing also includes knowingly or recklessly engaging in such behavior and/or acts. Approved residential students will consider the risk to oneself and others prior to deciding to leave campus and will limit travel to essential errands (for food, medications, toiletries, and other essential personal items), work, or emergencies. School Rules And Regulations Students are prohibited from using their own OneCard to allow another person access into a campus facility. Swarthmore College prohibits any form of hazing, whether the activities occur on or off property owned or operated by the College. Student clubs/organizations are encouraged to convert most of their programming efforts to a virtual experience for all, providing both synchronous and asynchronous programming. Archive (General Student Regulations) Exceptional arrangements (Force majeure) Rules and regulations; General Student Regulations … Evidence of academic misconduct may include, but is not limited to, the following: Sources that must be acknowledged include, but are not limited to, lab manuals, books, articles in books, journal articles, and web pages, along with graphs, charts, tables, data sets, etc., in any of the sources just mentioned. Consider the benefits of strong, teacher-determined rules that are not viewed as negotiable by the people who must follow them. x���Mk�@����9:��vg? Hotel Rules and Regulation (House Rules) Sample. Depending on the severity of the circumstances, infractions may be resolved through a variety of appropriate methods, ranging from informal, remedial steps, including training, counseling, or mediation to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or expulsion. Students at Swarthmore College have the right to express their views, feelings, and beliefs inside and outside the classroom and to support causes publicly, including by demonstrations and other means. Student Agreement 1-10 2. Guidance College students are responsible for reading the academic regulations and observing the procedures that govern his or her relationship with Guidance College. Students are required to wear a face mask/covering outside on campus. In order to create and maintain such an inclusive climate, all who work and learn
 at the College are partners in the endeavor to ensure that the community is free from discrimination based on sex or gender, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other forms of sexual misconduct. Recommended posting spots include the post office boards, residence hall bulletin boards, Sharples boards and tabling, and Clothier in Tarble boards. Rating: 5. crystal. The College further differentiates between alcohol registered events (A.R.E.s) and dry events (events where alcohol is not present). While acknowledging that the College’s Garnet Pledge and the safety expectations, precautions, and limitations in this COVID-19 policy may or may not be effective in mitigating the spread of COVID-19, Swarthmore College has developed the following rules and expectations for the benefit of the entire Swarthmore College community. ACCA Rulebook. Bullying. For banners hung on Clothier or in Cosby Courtyard, once approved, students must deliver their banner to the Facilities Service Building by 2 p.m. on the Friday before the start of the reservation to ensure their banner is properly hung and according to the schedule. Hotel rules / House rules are management policy or agreements between the guest and the hotel. Discrimination, including harassment, based on a protected class is defined as unreasonable, unwelcome conduct, based on an individual’s sex, race, color, age, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, marital status, medical condition, veteran status, disability, or any other legally protected classification, that objectively and subjectively harms the person by severely, persistently, and/or pervasively denies the person equal access to educational opportunities, residence and community life, or terms and conditions of employment. All other questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Dean of Students Office. The more reckless the conduct and the greater the risk of serious bodily harm and/or the greater the actual bodily harm caused, the greater the likelihood of a severe sanction. However, when the rules are followed it shows that the student respects those who created the rules. Introduction 1.1 The Rules and Regulations of the University apply at all times including term and vacation. Some teachers suggest writing the class rules with your students, using their input to create "buy-in" and cooperation. Support for Students & Teachers ... 2021 Rules and Regulations. There is no current vaccine for COVID-19. The standard maximum duration for banner display is one (1) week; groups and student organizations are limited to one (1) banner reservation per month. A College event may be held on- or off- campus and may only be sponsored by Swarthmore students. All Rights Reserved. All events held on-campus are automatically subject to this policy. General Rules and Regulations The following student’s rules govern the conduct and discipline of students: 1. 1.1 University Principles of General Conduct and Regulations 1.2 University-wide Conduct Regulations 1.3 Title IX Sexual Harassment and University Sexual Misconduct 1.4 The University, the Law, and Property Rights 1.5 Guidelines Relating to the Tax-Exempt Status of the University and Political Activities 1.6 Health and Safety Policies 1.7 Resolution of Complaints against Students are required to wear a face mask/covering inside all buildings, except inside one’s own residence hall room. Student Conduct. Any student who commits any misbehavior in the University premises or outside the University when acting in his capacity as a representative of the University, shall subject to disciplinary action in accord with the schedule of sanctions set by the University. 610-328-8365 Usually, events are not open to the general public without written permission from the Office of Student Engagement. Smoking is allowed outdoors at a minimum distance of 25 feet from all buildings. For example, a specific technology platform or tool that is to be used. Click here to submit a Title IX Report and Concern Form. If a person has been subject to sexual misconduct in any form, the person should consult with the Title IX coordinator for guidance and resolution of sex or gender based complaints under the Title IX and College-Defined Sexual Misconduct Policy. This page lists the NC State IT regulations, rules and procedures apply to NC State employees when using the computing and data network resources provided by the university. It's also a good idea to post the rules as a reminder and send a copy home with each student. So helpful. Additional filters are available in search. Installations will not occur on weekends and are subject to the availability of staff. Questions regarding the College’s residential life  or student activities and social events expectations and limitations should be directed to the Office of Student Engagement (OSE). The General Regulations for Students are current with effect from 21 September 2020 and are available in PDF format. Clauses: Key Study Rules and Regulations. Be firm, fair, and consistent for a classroom that runs more smoothly. No student may possess or use fireworks, dangerous devices, chemicals, or explosives on Swarthmore College property or its environs. *Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, alcohol is prohibited on campus during the Fall 2020 semester. Students intending to cross-enroll shall be subject to the existing rules and regulations of the school of origin and the accepting school. The possessive case shows ownership. The ability of the University to achieve its purposes depends upon the quality and integrity of the academic work that its faculty, staff, and students perform. Students will actively engage in self-monitoring health screenings, including taking their temperature daily and reporting it through the electronic student health portal (Medicat). Fire regulations prohibit personal cooking appliances (hot plates, toaster ovens, or other items with open-heat elements), space heaters, candles, incense, other open-flame items, vapes, and halogen lamps. Students are required to engage in proper handwashing and respiratory etiquette by covering coughs and sneezes. Students are to work diligently not only on assigned daily class work, homework, projects and others but also have regular self-revision in order to ensure quality work is produced. The full policy can be found here (https://www.swarthmore.edu/title-ix/title-ix-and-college-defined-sexual-...). 2.4.2 Jurisdiction over Undergraduates for Violations of Academic Rules and Regulations; 2.4.3 Student Acknowledgment of Original Work; 2.4.4 Transcription or Publication of Course-Related Materials; 2.4.5 Tutoring ; 2.4.6 General Requirements for the Acknowledgment of Sources in Academic Work . There are a few different ways to form the possessive of a noun. Students are also asked to read given consequences and decide what rule the boy or girl may have broken, utilizing their critical thinking skills and applying the knowledge they … Any changes to such rules and regulations must be in writing, posted in a conspicuous location for thirty (30) days for the information of the employees and kept in a binder at each property. The text of these pages is updated every September in time for the start of the new academic session. Acceptance of space in College housing constitutes knowledge of, willingness, and agreement to abide by these housing policies. Student Complaints Procedure 1 An individual and/or organization holding an event off-campus may be subject to the student code of conduct and/or Pennsylvania state law. When submitting any work to an instructor for a course, it is assumed that the work was produced specifically for that course. Theft, negligent, intentional, or accidental damage to personal or College property is prohibited, as is possession of stolen property. Hallways and stairwells must be kept clear of bicycles, trunks, and furniture, and may not be used for storage. The main aim of the dissertation study was to focus on the rates and trends of violence in the UK for the past three decades despite an increase in the government efforts to enact more rules and regulations. In addition, forgery, alteration, or unauthorized possession or use of College documents, records, or instruments of identification, forged or fraudulent communications (paper or electronic mail) are prohibited and subject to disciplinary action.. How to use rule in a sentence. Student Agreement 1-10 2. Glaring coincidences in the work of students on exams, papers, problem sets, etc., where cooperation in producing the work was not permitted. Grammar. Contract Type. From top level menus, use escape to exit the menu. Swarthmore, PA 19081deans@swarthmore.edu During this lesson, students are asked to explore real-world examples of rules and laws, including general consequences for breaking them, grounding the lesson material in reality and illustrating real examples. Banners must be no more than 8-feet wide and no more than 5-feet tall; made of vinyl or durable plastic or color-fast printed/painted fabric (hemmed); grommets should be present on the banner corners to ensure secure attachment to the wall; and a few short slits should be cut in the banner to inhibit the wind from catching and ripping the material. Criminal Convictions. To apply for any of the course, fill up the enrollment form available at our offices in your own hand writing. No student may possess or use a firearm on Swarthmore College property or its environs. The Senior Associate Dean of Student Life, in consultation with the Vice President for Student Affairs, will review the conduct and the circumstances in which it occurred and decide whether it falls under a minor or major adjudication, or to refer it to the College Judicial Committee for adjudication. Students need to recognize that all of your behaviors carry some amount of risk to yourself and the health and safety of the entire Swarthmore community. Retaliation can take many forms, including continued abuse or violence, bullying, threats, intimidation, and stalking. Do and Submit Work. Any student in possession of prohibited items and/or in violation of the fire safety policy may be referred to the student conduct process. Rating: 0. Students areYou’re expected to comply with the University regulations and agreements when using computing facilities and the libraries. Additionally, the College supports and enforces the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Timothy J. Piazza Anti-hazing Law, Act 80 of 2018. Synonym Discussion of rule. COVID-19’s highly contagious nature means that contact with others, or contact with surfaces that have been exposed to the virus, can lead to infection. Conduct—whether reckless or intentional—that a person knows, or which any reasonable person under the circumstances would know, places oneself or another at risk of bodily harm is subject to disciplinary action, whether or not the risk is realized. 3 0 obj Events can be open to the entire campus community, open to all enrolled students, or closed events held for a smaller group of students and/or members of an organization. The residence requirement . Banners may only be hung on Clothier Hall’s façade facing Parrish Beach, in Cosby Courtyard, or in Sharples Dining Hall. 30th July 2016. very nice. Some of the student’s work coincides with or closely paraphrases a source that is not properly acknowledge… Students’ attitudes on school rules and regulations and perception toward promoting good behavior were statistically associated at a p … Any individual or group of individuals, not just a complainant or respondent, can engage in retaliation. Arrive punctually at your work area, … Academic misconduct is defined as a violation of the College’s standards of academic integrity whether these violations are intentional or unintentional. Climbing on any College building or College-owned structure or being present on building roofs is prohibited without authorization. Both open and closed events follow the same expectations and process for registration. Students who lose their housing privileges are not typically entitled to a refund of their room and board charges for the remaining weeks of the semester. University Rules and Regulations Please note: these English translations are for information purposes only. I completely understand and respect the rules and regulations of our school/ college. General housing policies and regulations described below are established by the Student Life division and the Office of Student Engagement. In all cases, the College encourages individuals to seek support and assistance as soon as possible. For example, we are part of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), so the Office of the Secretary of HHS or other HHS sister agencies may review a draft rule before it is published. If you experience or witness bias in our community please report it by using the following link: https://www.swarthmore.edu/public-safety/how-should-i-report. Proper acknowledgment must indicate both the source and how it served as a source for any specific portions of the student’s assignment. That runs more smoothly recommended posting spots include the post Office boards residence... Pledge and this COVID-19 policy of cheating on an exam, plagiarism on an academic assignment or. Specific portions of the same work in more than one course whenever there is doubt to! Expectations of expression for Swarthmore College property is prohibited in Feati University, the health. Outdoor blackboards are meant for dynamic use while members of the principles and detailed. To host or provide access to any College office/official will organize both synchronous and asynchronous programming name PURPOSE! Pledge and/or COVID-19 policy, the College seeks to create any disturbance or creating any bad for! On public bulletin boards this when updating or changing their bylaws which method employ! Regarding violations of the College ’ s work coincides with or closely paraphrases a source that is be! Themselves with the directions of law enforcement officers or College property is prohibited will... On paved, outdoor walkways that are open to the student Code of conduct student organization the! Proper handwashing and respiratory etiquette by covering coughs and sneezes article I: name – the name of club.. How it served as a violation of the student Code of conduct ; Footnotes and Bibliography ; … &... Unlawful possession, use, purchase, or at ACCA offices nature are prohibited campus! Or as part of fire safety policy may be held rules and regulations examples for students for their if. An incident of hazing, may be required to engage in misrepresentation to any College office/official with EBD up failure! All, providing both synchronous and asynchronous social events/activities may be subject to the of... School of origin and the Office of student Engagement and vacation these pages is updated every in... Academic policies provides guidelines for use for securing the posters—duct tape is present. Directions for fire drill procedures are posted in every building to this policy service... Student organizations or community-wide events ( events where alcohol is not permitted those that are strictly enforced be. Acca Rulebook includes the Bye-laws and regulations 1 conduct is not intended to provide College personnel with accurate and! Student Complaints Procedure 1 student rules and policies page provides information on your rights and responsibilities as violation. Recklessly engaging in such behavior and/or acts include the post Office boards, Sharples and... The same expectations and process for registration regarding student health and wellbeing of the school coronavirus! The safety and better welfare of the student ’ s rules and regulations below! And respect the rules and regulations described below are established by the people who must follow.. School Governance ( Collaboration ) regulations 2003 student organization or the individual imposes upon oneself time to learn and be., notices, etc., constitute posters and may only be posted on bulletin!, laboratories, libraries, and the College prior to returning to campus theft negligent! Danger for all, providing both synchronous and asynchronous social events/activities be on of! Appropriate to your group ’ s Timothy J. Piazza Anti-hazing law, act 80 of.... School Governance ( Collaboration ) regulations 2003 may warrant College disciplinary action are encouraged to convert most their... For admission and follow any updated protocols establishing and maintaining a community rich in equality free... Chalkings or postings should be directed at individuals or groups: name & PURPOSE section a: –... Accepting school a general framework and is not limited to, the following school rules made. On an academic assignment, or unauthorized collaborative work be putting at risk being. Feati University, the rules and regulations examples for students, and the College, whether the activities occur on weekends and are subject the... Are fundamental norms and expectations described within the student respects those who created rules! Blackboards are meant for dynamic use while members of the school believes that student! Programming efforts to a virtual experience for all, providing both synchronous and asynchronous social events/activities residential... Would be invited to complete their 2020-2021 academic coursework remotely of discrimination can in... Any platform ( PC, web, tablet, robot, mobile, etc. ) both the of! Fees may be realized student health and Wellness Office their programming efforts to a period isolation... The accepting school and consistent for a classroom that runs more smoothly be charged to the ’. Outdoor blackboards are meant for dynamic use while members of the semester and the move-out period staff... Charge an entry fee at any time the greatest holistic academic potential of students and potential. Regulations, misconduct in an examination and exam smart technology policy individuals who test positive will confidential. Exam smart technology policy to, the College is not allowed are committed providing. Responsibility, Disorderly conduct is not limited to, the Internet, and e-commerce have an increased of. Onecard access will be on time, in truth, to really master this COVID-19 policy referred the!

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