May 6, 2021
Reasons to Stop Washing Your Hair

Reasons to Stop Washing Your Hair

Reasons to Stop Washing Your Hair

Reasons to Stop Washing Your Hair

Everyone naturally likes to wash their hair to have a fresh look, fabulous perfumed smell on their hair and a best impression of their hair-appearance.  But mostly everyone is suffering from hair loss, now-a-days because of the pollution, their eating habits, chemical substances they use to clean hair, and the techniques like straightening and other curly looks for which over heat is used to keep hair in the definite fashion.  Even products that are released to stop hair fall and problems do also causing problems because maintaining a healthy hair growth is not as easy as to spell it.  Even conditioners which are used to maintain moisture in hair and scalp are also causing hair fall because of the type of ingredients that are used in them.

Going through all these headaches some people thought of not using any chemicals and it is better to stop doing shampoo.  Scalp consists of sebaceous glands under the skin, which indeed secrete sebum, which is an oily like substance that will nourish our hair and keeps it shiny.  Not only thinking all this, but also some of them started of thinking of that instead of spending so much money on shampoos and conditioners that will cause hair loss, it is better to stop using them and also save money.  Such people show different some reasons to stop shampooing.  They are as follows:

To Save Money

Better not to spend money which do cause us loss and nothing more than that.  This is because once you shampoo your hair which indeed not only ruins your hair but also at the same time it requires lot of money to make them look gorgeous by having some hair styles. All this will end into a waste of money which is of no use.

Not To Have A Frizzy Look

Once you wash your hair, you can easily identify how it looks like.  It looks dry and rough and totally a frizzy look which makes you look awkward.  So, instead of that, better to stop washing your hair.  As the sebum that is released from the glands will automatically make your hair look shining and healthy and even the ends, will be washed away because of washing.

Over Heating Hair

After head bath nobody likes to have a wet hair that will have water dropping from its ends, which totally makes feel uncomfortable, so everyone tries to dry their hair with hair driers and then stylists to have some rare and better looking hair styles.  Applying so much heat on the hair will automatically cause hair whitening, hair loss, and hair management. So, better not to wash your hair.

Color Fading

This is the main cause because everyone likes to have their favorite hair colors to be applied to their hair.  But each time you shampoo after applying the hair dye, your die goes on fading, which later totally looks awkward.

Save Time

May be this is a little bit unimportant but some people are there who even think that they could save time by skipping the shampoo episode of their hair.  Instead of that they are trying to prefer to wash hair with water 2-3 times a week, which will save their time and also their money and also the strain to take head bath.

Earth Savior

This will be the least reason of this, but may be we could consider this because the use of driers and stylists will cause more electricity and sort of chemical gases will be released from them which cause harm to environment, and also saving water by not washing hair.

Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals that are used in shampoos and conditioners will definitely cause harm to your hair and better to avoid these chemical usage on our scalp that will make our scalp dry and that indeed causes dandruff which will automatically turn into the same problems. So try to avoid all these chemicals on your sensitive scalps and avoid washing your hair.


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