May 13, 2021
Small Changes I Made to Lose 80 Pounds

Small Changes I Made to Lose 80 Pounds

Small Changes I Made to Lose 80 Pounds

Small Changes I Made to Lose 80 Pounds

Before: 204 pounds

After: 124 pounds

My Lifestyle

In the 5th grade, my dad died, so I turned to food to cope. I can remember my exact McDonald’s order to this day: a double cheeseburger (ketchup only), supersize fries, a giant soda, and the cinnamon melt. I ate so much that between the 7th and 8th grade, I gained 50 pounds. Employees at McDonald’s used to greet me with, “We are so nice to see you back!” Now, I feel really embarrassed about that. College is where my weight boomed. I used to dance and play tennis back in my high school but quit both, which is only caused my weight to spike. Plus, I worked in my college admissions. My job forced me to travel for 3 months, and I ate terribly. If I did not get to eat during a day (which was a daily common occurrence), I’d stop at Steak and Shake, order enough food for the 2 meals, then go straight to the bed.

The Change

Around the time of my grandfather’s 95th birthday, I was shopping for a dress and could not find anything in stores and I had to order something online. I was embarrassed.

My  sister and I are very competitive, so when she said she wanted to run a St. Jude marathon, I wanted to join—if she could do it, I could do it. I started following the training of plan in Marathon Training for Dummies around the Christmas time 2009 to prepare myself for an April 2010 Nashville Country Music Marathon. It was really hard to get started—I had to walk for most of workouts. Unfortuantely, the race course got flooded, so we were only able to complete a half marathon—but I still did it!

Downloading MyFitnessPal onto my phone was a huge. Not only did I see my calorie intake, but I also realized that I was eating daily carbs and complex carbs no protein,or healthy fats. I thought I could just eat low-calorie’s foods, but that was not a answer to my problem. I dropped down to about 155 pounds by cleaning up my diet and the training for this half marathon.

But my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in late fall 2010, and I had to stop focusing on me to take care of her. My weight jumped right back up close to the 200 pounds. Then another day, I was started missing how eating right and exercising made me feel healthy. Almost everybody in my family has had cancer problem , and I wanted to take preventative measures against the disease. I only have one body, and this a best thing I could do for it.

I made myself go to the gym everyday—like, I bought really bright workout clothes that inspired me to go at 5 a.m. in the every morning It pulled me out of my bed. My best friend Timothy was also trying to lose his weight, so he motivated me to get up and out every day. We held each other accountable because losing weight is a really tough thing to do alone. I prefer to run outside—but I like doing interval workouts changing up the speed. I love hip-hop dance classes and weight lifting, too.

Taking care of my mother was a big responsibility to me, so I could do only eat 2 large meals a day—not anymore. I spread out my portions and eat 6 meals—including snacks—daily. I keep almonds ready at my desk and the cheese in our office fridge. Because I’m always busy and rarely have time for a sit-down lunch, I always keep a ingredients for easy-to-make meals on-hand, such as a  sandwich, grilled chicken breast, or soup. I roast veggie’s every weekend, heat them up, and eat them when I need to eat. People tease me because I love of Brussels sprouts.

The Reward

I have never been a fan of the clothes that zip or that button down completely because I dint never wear them—the button would pop off, or there’d be awkward bulge. It’s sounds silly, but it makes such a big difference’s. I also ran my first (and only) full marathon (at least so long!) in 2011. I sleep better, my skin looks better, and my car seatbelt doesn’t squeeze my body when I buckle it anymore.

Beverly’s Tips

Don’t fear weights. You won’t bulk up. Strength’s training is what made me smaller and stronger.

Always have food handy. I never know what’s going to be available at the dinner, or party,  event. I make to keep almonds in my car, desk, and purse at all times so I always have a good healthy option.

Find a friend for help. Timothy has his lost probably 90 pounds in a last few months. We’re really better at keeping each other motivated—like walking 10,000 steps every day. My family keeps a Facebook group message’s to the track what everyone is doing and help us do our best.


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