March 4, 2021
Step by Step Cherry Nail Design

Step by step Cherry Nail Design

Step by Step Cherry Nail Design

Step by Step Cherry Nail Design

Things required:

• Base coat
• White enamel
• Black paint and fine detail brush
• Green rhinestone
• Red glitter dust
• Glitter dust brush
• Dappen dish with enamel remover
• Top coat
• Orange stick

Step by Step Nail Design:

Step 1:

Apply base coat to all nails.

Step 2:

Apply two coats of white enamel to all nails (leave to dry).

Step 3:

Apply black paint with the fine detail brush to create the stalks (leave to dry).

Step 4:

Using the glitter brush, dip into the mixer and ensure a ball of the mixer forms at the tip of the brush. Load the glitter dust on the tip of the brush using a rolling action.

Step 5:

Apply the glitter to the area and then use the brush to flatten down the glitter so it does not protrude.

Step 6:

Remember to clean the glitter brush in the Dappen dish before dipping back
into the mixer or glitter.

Step 7:

Apply a dot of top coat, pick up the green rhinestone with a damp orange stick and place onto the nail (see picture for location).

Step 8:

Leave to dry and apply top coat.


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