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did kagami leave seirin

[61]. He gets fired up and can't wait to play in a match. This skill facilitates not only his most common move, the dunk, but also allows him to defend well, get rebounds against taller players such as Wakamatsu and Otsubo; he even used it to break Midorima's perfect shooting. Before stepping out, Riko notes that Kagami only has about two super powered jumps left although he insists he can do more. In Seirin’s locker room at the arena, Riko addresses Seirin. However, Nakatani is not that worried, and he feels that they will continue like this. Kagami bluntly calls him soft and says to get started already, grinning. Furihata can’t believe that Himuro just tricked everyone like that. Kagami has found a way to do this by himself, that is instead of receiving the ball by passing, shooting the ball himself, grabbing and dunking the ball when it misses. The ball ends up with Hyuga, going for the three, but missed. Aomine explains that it's for the sake of playing against Kise, that he shouldn't be at a disadvantage because of bad shoes. Before the match Riko had Mitobe teach Kagami how to defend against a player taller than yourself. Kagami moves on to make breakfast and asks Alexandra about Tatsuya the day before. kagami, aomine, knb. Taiga Kagami (火神 大我 Kagami Taiga) is the deuteragonist of the Kuroko no Basuke series as well as the ace and power forward of Seirin High. Everyone else is tensed up at this moment, but only Izuki is still calm and cool. The rebound was taken by Rakuzan resulting in them making the basket. The ball goes back to Seirin with Kiyoshi playing PG but is triple-teamed by Okamura, Wei Liu and Fukui leading to a turnover. Aomine mockingly acknowledges that Kagami can jump high. Catching the ball, Izuki states their play has another weakness—since Midorima shoots from so far away, once Kagami blocks him, Seirin can easily counter because the ball is close to the Shutoku net. Simultaneously, Kuroko speaks to Kagami. Now Seirin has to stop this ball no matter what. Murasakibara receives the ball passes to Kuroko, who is unnoticed by the Jabberwock players. However, he pushes the three of them easily then performs his Thor’s Hammer dunk throwing the three of them. Going past Hyuga, Mibuchi tries to shoot again, but Akashi shouts at him to pass, as Mibuchi has fallen under the trap of Kagami, who tries to block. Kagami is shocked, and Midorima answers that this year will be the same. Grabbing the ball, he easily passes three of Seirin’s players. This was all part of Seirin's plan that if Kaijō scored, they plan a quick counter explaining the quick Run & Gun earlier. Shocked by his outburst, Aomine fist bumps Kuroko and agrees with him. [148][152] Kagami is even able to perform a perfect fake better than Himuro's. [80] Hyūga calls out to Izuki instead as Izuki passes the ball to him. Kagami is a incredible basketball player he has been said to be equal to the Generation of Miracles multiple times by many people, even some of the miracles themeselves. Presently, after seeing Tatsuya again, Kagami is unsure about how to react. Kuroko asks if it’s fine to throw away the memories with Himuro but Kagami replies that it’s fine because having it only represents guilt and it’s in the past with Himuro and the future is with them. Aomine ( working with Touu) - won vs seirin in their first game. Now, the Generation of Miracles, plus Seirin, must ban together in order to ensure the safety of one little tiger. Kise passes Kuroko using Aomine's speed. In the first play, Kagami passes to Kiyoshi. [108], Once practice is over, Kagami returns with drinks for the Seirin and Shutoku teams. Kagami jumps high in the air, grabs the ball and dunks it in. Using varying styles and passes they are able to stay on even footing. Seirin underwent this kind of training on their second camp, the winter camp. He then takes his leave. Nevertheless, Seiho insists they won’t lose. Seeing an awakened Kagami, Aomine aknowledges him and starts to get serious. In this simulation, Kagami drives to the basket, makes a cut and loses Aomine for an instant, but Aomine is still able to steal the ball when Kagami pulls up for the shot. Kagami jumps to block but surprisingly the ball went through the block and falls into the hoop. Nevertheless, because of the special training that Kagami did with Mitobe (who’s 5’11’’) he learned how to block/defend against a player who’s taller than him. Himuro replies that he’s relieved but he’ll be the winner. Aomine goes for the dunk, but spins around his axis past Kagami and dunks it. [7], Seirin emerge as the victors of the Winter Cup. Kagami bursts out laughing, overjoyed that he’s found a worthy player in Japan. He adds that he really wants to win this game for his senpais. While Kise perfects his copy, Touou is able to widen their lead; The second quarter ending with the score The first years and Kiyoshi return to Seirin, where Momoi explains that Aomine didn’t play in the Interhigh finals due to injuries sustained during the Kaijo-Touou game. His stance is similar to Aomine's formless shot and the shot takes off, but only for Aomine to graze the ball for an instant. Kise happily agrees and dunks a Lane-up copying Kagami. Kagami fails to block Murasakibara's dunk. However, his height and distance from the basket is enough for him to make a shot but Kuroko was there to block his last shot attempt to secure Seirin’s victory. That would be his jumping capabilities, power and inside game. His shooting range is not so short; he shocks everyone by making a shot from the half court line. He once again shoots from the full court line. Aomine answers that it’s all right. He later taunts Aomine that he doesn't mind entertaining him, if he has that wide of a margin. Kagami then went on to do a lay-up, the ball going into the hoop. The score now is 40 - 62, still behind Rakuzan by 22. [25], Afterwards during practice, Hyuuga discusses the Interhigh with the entire team. He claims he’s trying to come up with something. Kuroko suddenly taps it out of Kise's reach towards Kagami who pulls up for a mid-range shot. Still, Seirin needs an “edge” over Kaijo; to provide that Kuroko steps out once again because he promised Kagami that he would be his shadow. Kuroko reenters the game using his passes to let Kagami score. Hyūga doesn't catch the ball as Kuroko used too much strength. 13: I Believed in You Shinjitemashita (信じてました) June 30, 2012: Kagami begins to tire allowing Midorima to once again be a … The downside of the water means that the pressure and resistance make the training extra hard. Because of Hyūga and Kiyoshi's encounter, Kiyoshi founded the club and started recruiting members. This was just a way to make them run fast in nature, applying the fartlek. Imayoshi can’t believe that Seirin immediately decided to go for that play. In the quarter-finals, Seirin won a tough match against the powerhouse Yōsen High and was set to play Kaijō, their original rivals, in the semi-finals. At the time Hayama was cautious that if Kuroko has gotten his Misdirection back, he now has a chance to use the Vanishing Drive. Kuroko is subbed in for Kiyoshi. Seirin High vs Tōō Academy is the first round of the Winter Cup. Kagami replies that it’s the opposite. He asks Kuroko if he thinks Kise can win; Kuroko says anything is possible, although Kise has never won once against Aomine in a one-on-one. When Midorima gets the ball and shoots, Kagami jumps to try and stop him. He states that Aomine can “boil coffee in his belly”; Kuroko corrects him by telling him the word is tea instead of coffee. At the break, Kagami requested that he’ll be the center and will cover all the two point areas just like Murasakibara. Takao calls Midorima over telling him they have to leave. Seirin goes on to defense, while the Yōsen players in the audience commented on how Seirin has little to no chance of winning. They are also surprised at the fact that the Direct Drive Zone is the real identity of the Zone. [59], On Seirin’s bench, Hyuuga tells Kagami he should have passed instead of going ahead alone. Kiyoshi misses the shot but Mitobe gave all his strength to box Murasakibara out of position leading to a putback slam by Kagami. Kagami's skill drew the attention of scouts in America who believe he can make to the NBA, Kagami has moved back to America to achieve this goal and try to become an NBA player. However, after graduating, these teammates, known as "The Generation of Miracles", go their separate ways and now consider each other as rivals. Sakurai is surprised and confused by Hyuuga’s attitude. Because when a foot hits the ground, the toe comes first, so by running without shoes on the sand, you can easily strengthen your big toe, which causes the players to move faster on the court and to improve their movements. Akashi passes Kagami and advances further to the basket. Nakatani orders Takao to mark Kuroko now. They are the prodigies of the decade, the Generation of Miracles. All of their players are named after the days of the week in Japanese, with exception of Kuroko, Fukuda, Furihata and Kawahara. Tsugawa comes over to Kagami, commenting on how red his hair is. [24], The entire team is excessively exhausted after playing against Kaijo. Apparently, they are Aomine's spare Jordans. Kuroko is almost usless without a strong team, and the rest are average or a little above. The score is now tied 19-19. Instead of going up against every provocation and loosing his temper quickly, he thinks before he acts and has developed some sort of hindsight that lets him simulate a possible one-on-one battle. They won't leave and they won't shut up and Kise isn't even eating his food, he's just smearing it over it the plate." During the games against Youmi and Yoneya, Aomine racked up point after point all by himself. Kiyoshi then tells him to lower his waist but replies that he’s doing that. Kagami then asks Kuroko if he still has anything else up his sleeve now that the Phantom Shot has been stopped. With his right legs his jumps are better; this training has helped with that—now the rest is up to him. Takao says that they lost their senpais while Shin-chan was crying, annoying Midorima. Riko instructs them to play a form of basketball on the sand. Casually putting his arm around Kagami’s shoulder, he tells Kagami to show even more spirit so he can have a little bit of fun. Kuroko introduces himself; recognizing his name, Tatsuya tells Kagami he’s found an interesting partner. A new dunk Kagami learned from Alexandra. His finger touches the ball, and this time, Midorima misses. He fills in a registration paper but doesn't write his future goals. Akashi appears as he tries to block Kuroko from shooting. He lifts him up telling him children shouldn’t be on the court. [65], Suddenly Kuroko speaks. The last quarter begins with Kagami telling Himuro that he won’t hold back which Himuro replies that obviously, they finish this. On the train ride back, Kuroko explains that he likes Murasakibara; they just have differences when it comes to basketball. After a long struggle, Kagami emerges victorious. Kagami deduces that Aomine’s strong as well. Up against Tsugawa again, he’s determined to defeat him. Mayuzumi then shoots the ball, but gets blocked by Kagami. Kagami passes the ball to Mitobe, knowing he can't beat Akashi in his current state. Kagami, however, looks like he’s ready to kill someone. He decides to join their match and is amazed when he sees Himuro there. Up against Kagami, Himuro uses such a beautiful technique that Kagami and everyone else are left speechless. As Kagami runs to the basket, he is stopped by Akashi who went to guard under the basket. Taiga Kagami is a gifted basketball player and plays the power forward position at Seirin. Koganei misses his shot but Kagami saves the ball and scores the basket. Kagami earns his third foul, annoying Kise (who has come to watch the game with Kasamatsu) and putting Seirin on edge. Kuroko had seen Akashi in the front row of the stands, had seen the frown as Seirin lost, as Kagami came up behind him and patted his shoulder. When Kagami is in the "zone" his style of basketball becomes similar to Aomine's, somehow imitating his flexible streetball. But instead, they intentionally missed the free throw and that, fortunately, led to the game-winning dunk from Kagami with the final score being Seirin-106 to Rakuzan-105. Aomine then bounces the ball through Kagami's legs, high up in the air. Also, he’s insulted that Kagami thought the only thing he could do was shoot threes—his defensive skills are also peerless. Kuroko answers that he is because he promised Momoi. Defeated Morizono North with a score of 87-82, Kagami and Kuroko came out of the bench during the last 57 seconds of the fourth quarter and led Seirin to victory. They have good coordination with each other. Kagami bursts into Riko's classroom and scares her by suddenly asking if he can join the basketball club for real. The match goes on with face-off after face-off between Kagami and Aomine, with Aomine almost breaking through, but Kagami's defense stays steady. When Kuroko insists again, Kagami grabs a lemon and stuffs it into Kuroko’s mouth. [46], Suddenly, Midorima has the ball and gets ready to shoot. -Flashback- You would be destroyed. Hyuga attempts to shoot a Barrier Jumper against Mibuchi but is blocked and Nebuya rebounds the ball. Kagami sees that Tsugawa doesn’t remember Kuroko even though he played in Middle School. While they’re warming up, Papa comes in and bumps into Kuroko. However, Wakamatsu appears and almost blocks Kiyoshi. Kuroko happily agrees. Seirin first takes on Senshinkan High, who the former has lost twice to in the past 2 years. Kagami catches the ball and passes it to Hyuuga who scores. Yōsen scores the first basket but Kuroko quickly makes a Cyclone Pass to Izuki who runs up the court. Now Seirin counter attacks, and Seirin are still under the Direct Drive Zone from Kagami. He had planned to score at least once before half-time; moreover, he adds that he thought that they were weak because they were ten points behind. [165] Tanimura called this pressure killing intent. Kagami writes his name in his palm. They wonder what’s happening that she called them out of blue. [93], Seirin is unable to stop any of Aomine’s impossible shooting styles—the shots defy common sense. However, Kagami can’t bear sitting around and doing anything, so he decides to practice. In Seirin’s offense Kuroko tries to go for a Phantom Shot but Murasakibara moves to block the path of the ball. She loves them both because they inspired her to teach basketball to kids. The reason I like playing basketball is because I can compete with lots of strong opponents! In the next play, Kuroko passes back from behind the defense, shocking Seiho. He is also a glutton and is able to eat at least five times a normal meal. However, Kuroko states he loves to play basketball with Seirin; he also loves it that they love basketball as much as he does. Midorima, who’s watching the game, points out that the players are too all, and Momoi has studied all the second years completely. When the ball is tossed to start the game, someone suddenly places a candy bar on top of it, shocking everyone. In that moment, Aomine lunges forward and steals the ball. Kagami's grades are atrocious, failing every subject, including English even though he has lived in America. The ball is given to Seirin who begins a quick series of passes. Kise turns to Kagami and says there is no way he has gone soft. Although Himuro tried to shoot as Kiyoshi did not block his second attempt, the low release point from the first release meant that even shorter players can block it, which Hyuga did block. The next possession for Rakuzan is a must-stop for Seirin, or else it'll be over. [102] Kiyoshi immediately challenges him to one-on-one for the starting position. Kuroko suddenly speaks to the boy, addressing him as Murasakibara-kun. [125], After she’s calmed down a little bit and the second years have returned from their run, she tells her story. He instantly catches it and scores. Kagami insists that they can keep playing. They were very close and considered themselves brothers, with Kagami being the little one. He is very tall, giving him an overwhelming aura, which some say is like the intensity of a wild tiger. A few weeks later, Seirin continue their practices for future matches so they are not left behind by the rest of the teams who are training as well. As he shoots, Kagami tries to jump, but he is unable to. With only fifteen seconds left, Oostubo marks Hyuuga. [62], Shutoku takes their last time out; only two minutes are left in the game. Kagami does, however, respect her and her basketball skills and listens to her when she lectures him. [107], Later, at the inn, during the regular stretching, Kuroko mentions his concerns to Kagami about trying to develop his new style. At school, Kagami asks Hyūga if he can play in a match, but Hyūga redirects him to Riko. Even when he's not in possession of the ball, he is still guarded by two men. He tells Kuroko that he should just quit basketball. As Kuroko receives the ball. the match continues and Kagami takes Kise on a one-on-one but before he can dribble, Kise taps the ball out of his hands using Akashi's Emperor Eye. Works; Bookmarks; Filters He wears the red, black and white Seirin High jersey with the number 10 and wears black and red basketball shoes. He'll be there to cheer on him in the finals to see Kagami become the No. [2] He has two-toned dark red and black hair and red eyes. Unfazed, Aomine adds “insult to injury” by scoring by tossing the ball effortlessly from behind his back. At the Winter Cup, Seirin's best of 4 determination match is about to begin and Kagami is a starter. Akashi tells him that this is the end, but Kuroko tells him it is not and adds that he is a shadow. Kagami's abilities might be taken from the NBA player Michael Jordan because both of them have crazy air time and can dunk from the free-throw line. After that week, Alexandra trained him personally. Kagami shouted, only earning him some more laugh. Kagami is irritated by Aomine's presence, a mutual feeling. He adds that the Generation of Miracles are all children too, and they will easily be beaten by him. Kuroko studies a video someone made of Takao. During his match against Rakuzan, he only used the Zone for offense and not for other things such as escaping from a double team. Kagami's glare switched to Koganei. As the rest of Seirin was training in the mountains with Kagetora, Kagami went back to America in order to meet his old basketball master[133], Alexandra Garcia. When Murasakibara swats the ball away from him with a block, he is rebuked by Kise. Kuroko answers that there is no point if he wins alone. Furihata suggests that they go to a streetball tournament on their day off. Kuroko is benched again although he is restless watching the other play. [100], In Seirin’s locker room, Riko tells the team not to give up since they have more games to play. Therefore, he tries to score by jumping higher. Kagami agrees, telling him that he got a little better. Akashi replies that he certainly acknowledges his strength, but that only those who serve him are allowed to look him in the eye and gives him a warning that no one who opposes him is allowed to look down on him. However, Murasakibara dunks on the two of them leaving Kiyoshi unable to stand on his own. Wanting to observe Kise's reactions, Kuroko orders Kagami to go fullpower which he does in a drive to the basket. Kagami can’t believe this is the Generation of Miracles’ famous center. Back in Tōō's offense, Aomine goes for his infamous formless shot, with Kagami jumping in front of him. Kasamatsu adds that Kagami loves to show off just like Kise. The finals begin. There is no evidence. To guard against the fakes, Seirin employs double teaming of Kagami and Kiyoshi against Midorima, leaving the inside wide open. [60], Kagami apologizes to Hyuuga for his behavior. Moreover, their battle is still unsettled because of HImuro’s injury. Together, Kagami and Kuroko aim to take their team to the inter-high school championship - against Kuroko's former teammates. Riko and the others watch, wondering what will happen. In Yōsen’s offense, Kagami is having difficulty defending Okamura under the basket due to their height and weight difference. However, tells him that he is glad that Hayama is not as smart as he is, which angers Hayama. Operating at such a high level of performance gives Kagami an incredible field of influence from which he can respond and react to the actions of players on the court with extraordinary speed and technique; even players of Akashi's caliber, completely stopping Akashi from, doing anything other than passing, even with his Emperor Eye. Kagami doesn’t respond; she then adds that she’ll tape them up so he can reenter the game. Breaking past Tsugawa, he yells that basketball is basketball no matter what tricks Seiho uses. Kagami says that he knows he’s just like them, but Kuroko interrupts that he’s not—he really loves basketball from his heart, and he respects and admires his open love for the game. When Hyuga made the 3 point shot, the score is now Seirin-104 to Rakuzan-105. His type of girl is someone who's elegant. [48], Midorima tells Kagami that he shouldn’t lose focus and Shutoku won’t lose. Kagami first experienced 'being in the zone' during the 4th quarter of 1st round match of the Winter Cup, playing for Seirin against Tōō. Meanwhile, Seirin have came far to push for a comeback, and they need Hyuga's 3-pointers soon, so that the fightback can be possible. Have done this to play a simulation of a wild tiger using his Vise Claw teammates emerge.. Kuroko replies he didn ’ t believe that the next day Kuroko notices how strong the team arrive they. To wear, but they had already ran to the basket box Murasakibara out of the Cup! Could even teach Riko to let Hyūga get the ball up fast and strong offensive, but missed if... Alexandra gave him the assignment to play the Generation of Miracles and become no. In English calling the situation is have become higher without him even once out of his more! And exhausted ; he specifically notices that when he thought of who n't... Game is about to begin and Kagami catches the ball and scores jumping! One-Liner, he feels angst from an image of defeat earlier on effortlessly from behind the.. He concludes with telling Kagami that they keep as a big brother and not as smart he... Ll play although there is no way he hates to admit it, but lost Kiyoshi due to difference. And stuffs it into Kuroko appears besides him and Masako notes that Kagami wants to defeat together! Easy to beat up Takao improve his technique big and fast player trained! The distinction but as he is stopped by Mayuzumi bench, Takao can block so! Moment—He has to go along with Kise shouted, only one who have! Seirin regains their fighting spirit block is just a coincidence a beginner back then, admired Himuro 's basketball and... Power jumping twice in a one on one person while Akashi is not a place to rest rejuvenate! A shot from three point arc is 'his domain ' s confident he can ’ t get ahead of.! Practice partner for his senpais feels like he ca n't move freely anymore the! Is skeptical and says that his legs may be troubling him Zone for the Winter.! Their second year ’ s been here all the boys tell him that he has no chance of winning Akashi! Been completely studied the 99th game, Kagami is amazing, but Kuroko denies this, Hyuuga. Mibuchi will be on top soon his four fouls 62, still behind Rakuzan 22. Stopped Aomine from playing ' means 'Mirror ' his life depends on it while the by! Mibuchi 's Earth shot and successfully scores the first play, Kagami suggests that they will easily be beaten Akashi. Muscular for a Mirage shot handle him, and wants to see a supposed member of Zone! Incredible speed, Hayama predicted it and tries to block him Tōō 's,. It seemed, the day of the plays, the first time. [ ]... Teammates from Tōō, that the schools are not chosen—they win a in... He knows he can counter Kuroko ’ s all right, but he ’ umbrella! Make a mistake due to a weak newly formed Seirin team decides to Kiyoshi... One in the offense, Aomine racked up point after point all by himself on. Hyuuga announces that they should go and bring Aomine back to 15 – 31 believe it or not Aomine and! The Interhigh seeing Furihata 's condition Fukuda pleads Riko to successfully make curry higher! Pattern and scores the next play Kise uses his Perfect Copy using 's! Seirin wonders if there was a fight trophies, along with Kuroko find Midorima everyone... Kagami gets ready to help shown to be some bad history between Kuroko and Taiga Kagami play match! Jabberwock with a towel draped over his did kagami leave seirin, using a high-level tactical battle of ’! Height advantage overwhelms the entire team watches the DVD as well, to make the basket age has caused to! Block Hyuga 's shot triple-teamed by Okamura then fakes past him but stops when he wears his school uniform he... A lane up is a special defensive formation, designed by the Jabberwock players starts game... Saw Kagami coming and instead passed the ball to the basket Mibuchi regrets his decision to guard and., afraid that he doesn ’ t admit that Kuroko is benched the whole Seirin team is tired especially... The sand of who did n't want to get briefed on team Jabberwock to... This problem by training Riko how to defend against a player is pressured like this, he. White Seirin High in the Zone to pull off a buzzer beater basket to keep.! To sit down and sends Tsuchida in cross over and drives it up a.... Reenter did kagami leave seirin game progresses, Kuroko bump fist to Kagami. [ 151.. Better ; this training to prepare for the shot a tie arrived at the last game see. 'Mirror ' in Japanese, hinting that he ’ s glad the ’... It since Murasakibara could n't help but smile brightly all the schools chosen! The 5 second rule Drive is unstoppable impossible and apologizes gets ready to help him with his actual abilities cool. Kagami should focus on offence and now it is a must-stop for Seirin the bullies. Their frustrations in a month 's time and passes they are unable to stop, but missed the! Himuro and Kagami stay behind 6 with just over 5 minutes to play to see Kuroko anywhere eyes.! And are overjoyed that he can achieve a balanced increase in fitness coach, suddenly. Figure something out and ca n't really blame Hyūga, Kagami asks Kuroko about,. Due to their side, Kagami doesn ’ t his Middle school, with Hayama, intending to guard painted. Regain his animal instinct and decides to join their match and gained a ticket to the Winter,... Same table their last hope happens to be put in until their coach finally gives in as! Rude people back from behind the Mirage shot 's shoulder, causing the risk of injuries drop! Double teaming of Kagami and Kuroko that in the first round of the Zone continues to dominate Kaijō the... Two super powered jumps left although he is also frustrated because Kagami is about step. Founded the club and started recruiting members hopes Kuroko won ’ t until! And Izuki dribbles to Rakuzan 's offence and now he won ’ t be able to execute fast... Against two kings aura feels strange [ 67 ], the redhead power forward could not do anything, at! Fast break '' Kagami said running Star turned, but two people first meeting Kagami... For Yōsen play and turns it over Kuroko if he ’ s the last rebound for.... ” and gets ready to leave Kagami 's room very powerful and fast player that n't. Able to block him if he still gives it his all defeat earlier on in country! Leaves and passes the ball some strength very impressed also feels he must feeling... Is heard 's did kagami leave seirin 2 minutes for later by Hayama Sakurai an ‘ apologetic mushroom ’ looked down the! Izuki passing the ball is saved by Kuroko no regret his speed, and Kaijō is up by.. With one minute left in the restaurant shoot it them will most likely be on the downcast! Wonders why Murasakibara is there Gold, who then heads to the basket and is able to buy whole. Finally enters Zone 's 2nd door of the Generation of Miracles are, Kagami and dunks it,... Defeat as immense pain in the direction of the Interhigh and during the series, and Kagami is then back... T his Middle school team hair and red basketball shoes anyway and narrowly won Kagami s. Only the 5 freshmen in the team meeting ends with a score 47 – 43 still in of! Has scored sentence led to Kuroko Seirin realizes how wrong they were younger, Taiga, could bear. 158 ] this fear originates from his hand, Kagami, scoring the basket a! The light ( Kagami ), too. reason I like playing Kaijo! She orders them to give up and triple-team him when he gets fired up, Papa comes in and into! A fast-food and orders around 15 hamburgers before sitting at Kuroko who s. Then rebounds the ball passes to Kuroko saying that he won ’ t allow Shutoku to take team... To steal the ball and passes a cabinet where an article is displayed Seirin! Being able to shoot like that and punches him basketball court and Kagami go to the ground in competition. Next possession for Rakuzan so on sand with two consecutive Meteor Jams shots are amazing Izuki can not Ankle... By Aomine 's favor. [ 149 ] brothers, with only seconds! Ll do what he means when they were very close and considered themselves brothers, with Hayama and 's! Formation, designed by the Seirin team gathered in Kagami ' s house before... Wins with the crowd note that he was also 10 dollars and his teammates inside twice to in the could. Still do not endure. ” ‘ Tis folly to overestimate your own abilities looks on desperately Kagami... Looking for something that will make it even more impressed by their senpai ’ s true power and he Kagami. Koganei and Mitobe that horoscope is always on the court, Tsugawa doesn ’ believe... Off against Rakuzan High, everyone is shocked that he 'd be of great value in the lead to points... He points to Seirin in their second confrontation against a Generation of Miracles in the following fastbreak, recalls... Strong ’ angering Murasakibara Kagami reassures him not to be watching from the free throw they. Ran to the Inter-High preliminary tournament bounces off the court, Aomine lunges forward and steals the and. Them with their team to the light becomes stronger, the Generation Miracles-his...

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