Toothpick Nail Art

Toothpick Nail Art Tutorial and How to Design Toothpick Nail Art – Nail Art Tutorials in Step by Step For More Designs @

Toothpick Nail Art

Design 1:  Dotting

Simply dip the end of a toothpick into your polish, then dot it on your nail. We’ve done a line of dots on top of the cloud pattern from earlier. You can use the pointy end of the toothpick for small dots, or cut the toothpick in half to get bigger dots. You can also try different objects – skewers, bobby pins, pens and pencils are all good.

Design 2: Drag Shape

You can make some amazing designs with a technique called drag marbling. First apply a thick coat of your base color on your nail. While it’s still wet, dab a bit of a contrasting color on your nail using a toothpick. Then, working quickly, drag designs through the wet polish. We’ve gone for an abstract flame/feather effect, but you can also make swirls and flowers, and many other designs, such as the swirled coffee art effect here.