May 12, 2021
Top 10 Basic Steps to Colour Your Grey Hair

Top 10 Basic Steps to Colour Your Grey Hair

Top 10 Basic Steps to Colour Your Grey Hair

These days with lot of colouring options available for hair, people have the opportunity to try out various colours. Most of the women tend to get to salons to check out the new hairstyles, fashion trends and try out them. Colouring hair is one among them. With wide variety of colours available from leading brands, you just have to choose which one looks good one on you. Every woman wants a strong, beautiful and shiny hair. In recent days, grey and silver are becoming a popular option. Changing naturally dark hair to light colour is not an easy task but still not impossible. It does look amazing in the light colour and if you are planning to try this, then we list you below steps which can help you turn your hair white.

Top 10 Basic Steps to Colour Your Grey Hair

One of the easiest options is go to a trusted salon and discuss with them your choice of colour and hairstyle as they have the best equipment to bring out the best. If you are trying to do it your self see below:


In order to bleach you hair to white, you will need the below-

  • Bleach powder which is available in packets and tubs. If you are planning to bleach your hair more than once they you can opt for tubs.
  • Crème developer to lighten your hair. This is available in different volumes ranging from 20 to 40. Select a higher volume so that it is better for hair
  • You will need a hair toner which is required to turn your hair white/silver.
  • Your regular shampoo that makes your hair soft and bouncy
  • Mixing bowl, plastic wraps, brush, clips and fresh towels.

Setting the colour:

  • Understand the instructions given on the bleach packet/tub and start preparing the mix. Use mixing bowl and brush for the preparing.
  • Apply the beach using the brush on hair. Make sure you don’t hurry and all the hair is covered. Use mirror to ensure that all the part is covered. Be patient while do are doing as it will take time to apply all the parts of the hair.
  • Once completed, cover your hair with a wrap until a period of 30 minutes as the bleach needs to be settled in your hair. During this process you might feel itchy when the bleach starts to work. Don’t touch your hair and be patient until you start to see your hair turning blonde.
  • Rinse your hair to remove the bleach in about 50 minutes of apply else your hair starts falling off.
  • Once the bleach is removed, wash your hair gently using cold water. Use shampoo to remove the follicles. You can now see your hair become blonde, if you notice it is turning yellow then it’s time to tone your hair.
  • Mix the hair toner following the procedure given on the packet. If needed you can add a bit of red corrector in the mix.
  • Start applying the toner with focus of the roots of the hair which normally has dark shade.
  • After applying, cover your hair with the shower cap for about 30 minutes.
  • Rinse the toner with the cold water. Apply shampoo and conditioner to finish off the procedure.
  • Now you can see having a smooth soft white hair.


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