May 13, 2021
Weight Loss 10kg in 90 days

Weight Loss 10kg in 90 days

Weight Loss 10kg in 90 days

Weight Loss 10kg in 90 days


1. Set your goals

  • Initially set a goal for three months period to drop 10 kg of weight in 3 months.
  • In the first month 4 kg, in second month 3.5 kg, and in third month2.5 kg.
  • By setting this goals you can reduce your weight more easily.
  • One thing you have to do is weight yourself and note down the weight, date, time, and repeat same activity twice a week.

2. Eat small meals

  • Eat snacks at 11.00-11.30am and also at 4.30-5.00pm, you can say it as mid morning snacks. you can take a cup of milk during snacks. Eat only one roti instead of two, a bowl of rice instead of large amount.
  • In this way you can eat in small amount. Eating of peanuts, almonds or walnuts are also good for diet.

3. Eat your meals the “western” way

  • Take a glass of salted nimbu paani before10 minutes of lunch or dinner. Before stating your meals eat salad. Then come to main course. Such that by following this you can control your appetite.

4 Reduce the grain in your diet

  • Reduce eating of grains or cereals in your diet such as , wheat, bread, poha or dalia.
  • Eat only continental food like grilled chicken or fish or paneer with stir-fried or roasted vegetables.

5. Understand what you’re eating

  • Make a list of food items that you ate for a week and count the calories that can get from that food.
  • Such that you can know that how much calories you are taking in your diet.

6. Add more “raw” food to your diet

  • Prepare your salad with cucumber and carrots with dressing olive oil or lemon juice or hung curd.
  • You can add almonds, orange segments, apple chunks, grapes or strawberries in your salad.
  • You can also take radish, zucchini, olives and tomatoes in to your salad.

7. Make 30 minutes of exercise nonnegotiable

  • Make a exercise such as walk for 30 minute for 5 days per week. If you couldn’t find time for walking then complete all your office or homely tasks by yourself, like walk and get your coffee yourself instead of asking the office boy.

8. Use a small plate

  • Eat in medium sized plates instead of eating in large plates.
  • Such that you can eat in small amount which is useful for your diet.

9. Eat dinner by 8pm every night

  • Eat you meals early as possible as you can. Such that it helps in digesting the food as soon as possible.
  • Such that you can eat your salad with your family.
  • Again if you feel hungry you can take nimbu paani or green tea.

10 Relax! Sleep deprivation

  • Do meditation for 5 minutes such that you can get sleep, and such that it can reduce your stress.
  • You have to sleep about 7 hours per night, if you sleep more or less you can’t lose your weight.


1. Make one meal a day

  • You have already made a grain free day in the first month but now you have to make a meal that should be a continental food for a day in a week.

2. Drink less

  • If you are adapted to drinking of soda, alcohol or wine so please just sacrifice it such that you can get better results in your diet.

3. Walk longer

  • In this step you have to walk for 50 minutes after your meal such that you can burn more fat.
  • Continue this method for 5 days per week.

4. Go meat-less one day

  • Make a vegetarian day for a week such that you can’t eat fat content food.
  • Give preference to starchy foods like potatoes…..
  • Eggs are also good for diet which can be eaten in a salad.


1. Write down every bite                                                       

  • Write down each and every bit that you eat while your diet such that you can review  it for every three days and observe what you are eating, such that you can manage your unwanted eating.

2. Go for liquids

  • Instead of eating a meal a day you can take liquid foods like bowl of soup and a bowl of curd or dahi.
  • In breakfast take dahi smoothie.
  • In lunch take lassi and a salad.


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