June 14, 2021
Android Z

What do you think will happen after Android Z?

What do you think will happen after Android Z?

Android Z

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced Android M, the 13th major iteration of the OS that’s used by over 1 billion people monthly. While an Android M Developer Preview is already available to download, the new version of the operating system will not be properly released until later this year.

Recently, a Google official confirmed that the company is planning to roll out major Android releases on a yearly basis. This means that, after Android L (Lollipop) and Android M, Android N will arrive in 2017, Android O is going to be out in 2018, and, eventually, we’ll see Android Z in 2026.

As you probably already know, Google is giving each major version of Android a specific confectionery-themed name (Android M doesn’t have one, though it will get it later this year). But what will happen after Android Z is released? We made a poll asking you this question, and it turns out that over half of respondents (53.31%) believe that Google will find another naming scheme for the Android versions coming after Z. There are also many voters (21.66%) who think that Android itself will be renamed.

Sure enough, there’s a long way to go until Android Z is released (if it’s released), and a lot of things can change until then. What do you think will happen to Android in the next decade?


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