May 9, 2021
Apple Drone

Would You Like This Apple Drone Concept?

Would You Like This Apple Drone Concept?

Apple Drone

Here’s what an Apple drone might look like

Numerous Organizations were looking for drones. An Apple Drone is a quadcopter which is a genuine innovative concept created by graphic designer Eric Huismann. This quadcopter had elegant white and black lines design over it. The Pictures of the Apple quadcopter which was posted on the websites look like similar to the apple products that are designed like appleā€™s promotional pictures. The drone is also slightly curved. This not only design technical and aesthetic reasons , but is also due to one of the core functions : the camera . In addition to design products at Apple are in fact also always try to offer added value. That flying a drone is fun and a very good time in the fresh air. But many Quadrocopter yet also have a camera at the bottom. This aerial photos are available, which can be viewed later.

This quacopter consists of four wings, which each wing end consists of a camera. With the help of apple quadcopter you can stream videos live. This Quadcopter will fly in the air and takes the videos. This also has inbuilt image stabilization at which images will get blurred when captured while it was moving in air.

But even photos can shoot Cams – and this is where comes the coup. For the Quadrocopter goes on in photo mode, so all four cameras intelligently networked together. The wide angle of each cam arises as a breathtaking panoramic photo that was never done as possible. So you have the entire landscape view – and a photo for the reminder. For example, on vacation, or from your own city such recordings are unforgettable.

Here networking comes into play . Because the video or photo shots can be thanks to a very far-reaching and stable connection between the iPhone , iPad or Mac and technically updated drone easily stream in real time on the iOS or OS X device. So you can see directly from the ground if the recordings are done and save it . As another option, the streaming is directly related to YouTube willing or drones sharing. This can also friends to access images and example, so partake of your holiday.

In the meantime, Google is trying to send solar powered drones into the sky to bring the internet connectivity to people around the world without any internet connection. The automatons will drift above particular districts and give network in the areas beneath.


  • Minimalist , modern design in white and black
  • Four Cameras with Photo and 4K video function
  • Real -time streaming of recordings on the iOS or OS X device
  • Streaming to YouTube and Drone sharing with friends
  • Panoramic shots


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